Roku Link Activate Enter Code


Roku link activate enter code - Roku is an extremely powerful machine that has made a considerable name for itself. It leads in all aspects – affordability, ease of use and even content offered on the player. Additionally, the device encompasses many smart functionalities that are seldom available on others.

Smart TV interfaces and streaming service applications are con-temporarily in-built into practically every appliance available in the market today. While there may be plenty of older TV sets available, the later televisions include the HDMI port that comprises compatibility with the player.

What is Roku link activate enter code?

Roku activation link is the link that you have to use to verify the activation code or the Roku link code of your Roku device. Only when the codes match, your Roku account will be activated and can access the content on your Roku device.

You need roku account, link code to complete roku setup and activation.

Where do I find the link code on my Roku TV?

You will find the link code as the roku activation code on your TV screen. Your activation code will be a mix of numbers and alphabets. You can find the link code on your Roku TV by using the following steps,

    • Once you power ON your devices and done with the initial setup like choosing your language, date, region, etc. you have to establish an internet connection on your Roku device.
    • You can connect your Roku device with an Ethernet cable or better to a wireless network.
    • Type in the right password and establish the connection. After the connection is established, your device will look for any software updates.
    • Once done with that, you will be taken to a screen where you can see the activation code that will be displayed right at your screen in block letters.
    • This is your activation code or the link code for the Roku device.

Roku Setup and Installation from

    1. Unbox your Roku TV device
    2. Connect to wireless or wired network connection which is mandatory for Roku Tv streaming
    3. Connect your Roku TV through a power cable and power on
    4. Switch on your Roku TV, you will see Roku’s logo on TV
    5. Next using your remote you have to navigate through the instruction prompts
    6. Choose your country and language
    7. Follow the screen prompt instructions and ensure that your Roku software is an updated one
    8. You will see an activation code on TV screen.
    9. Activate your Roku TV using and enjoy watching your favorite Roku channels.

Create Roku account with account

    1. Go to your PC, laptop, Smartphone or tablet and open the Roku signup page. Create a new account by entering the general details like first name, last name, email, password, date of birth and gender
    2. Select the checkbox agreeing to the terms and conditions. Click the checkbox, “I am not a Robot” and enter the captcha to make assure the system that you are not a robot
    3. Go to the next section and it will ask if you want your PIN before you make your purchase. Set up any four-digit pin of your choice and click on continue and your Roku account is setup
    4. Thereupon go to and enter the alpha-numeric Roku activation code that you noted down and click submit. In the next section you will be asked if you have a Roku account, click on, “Yes, I already have one” and sign in using the account credentials you just created
    5. Complete the payment details with Credit card or paypal.

Roku Activation - The easiest method

    1. Visit in web browser
    2. Roku link activate enter code displayed on TV screen
    3. Sign in to Roku account
    4. Roku is activated. Add channels and enjoy streaming!