How to install Mcafee Mobile Security on Android?

Whenever we discuss device security; McAfee is one of the most common security applications suggested by men and women. McAfee provides excellent security on a PC in addition to a mobile device. McAfee enter code for mobile security provides the best security attributes to protect your own Android device.

Here are the steps to install McAfee on an Android device:

·         Open your device

·         Go to Google Play store

·         Form and hunting for McAfee

·         You will receive McAfee Mobile Security

·         Click the install button

·         After the installation process is completed, open McAfee Mobile Security

·         Browse to the device location or make a backup copy

·         Add your email address to complete the McAfee registration process

·         Click the following button

·         Now create your McAfee accounts

·         Create a 6-digit password

·         Return to the McAfee dashboard

·         Click the orange ring at the top of this screen

·         Select a security question

·         Enter your password

·         Choose two questions and provide their answers

·         Click Save

·         Click Activate uninstall protection

·         Click Finish

Don't forget to activate your McAfee accounts along with the McAfee product key. This key can help you get a real McAfee antivirus program. After activating the McAfee program, you can easily get all the functions of the McAfee anti-virus.

If you don't have the Google Play store on your device, follow these steps to install McAfee Mobile Security:

·         Go to settings

·         Click Security

·         Select unknown sources

·         Go to the web browser and search for the mobile a version of the official site

·         McAfee Mobile Security

·         Your phone will be automatically detected

·         Go to You don't have a program stored on your device? Download your program here

·         The package will be downloaded to your own camera

·         When the download is complete, click it to configure

·         After the installation is complete, visit McAfee Mobile Security

·         Browse to the device location or make a backup copy

·         Enter your email address to which you want to register McAfee

·         Click the following button

·         Create your account

·         Create a 6-digit password

·         Now start the McAfee dash

·         Click the orange ring in the upper right corner of the dashboard

·         Set your security questions

·         Click Activate uninstall protection

·         Click Activate

·         Use the Finish button

If you already have McAfee installed on your device and need to attach your own Android camera, follow these steps:

·         Go to the device where you installed McAfee

·         Go to my account

·         You will receive (+) and a card

·         Click the and tab to enable the new Android camera

·         Select a photo of your phone or tablet and click Send Link

·         Ask for the operating system type, click Android

·         Select McAfee LiveSafe-Mobile Security

·         Use the following

·         Choose how to get the download connection

·         Click the link and check your device

·         Use the Download button and it will redirect the user to the store

·         Use the Install button

·         Now complete the configuration and activation procedure

Anti-theft attribute

If someone tries to open the phone and neglect three times. McAfee Mobile Security will grab his photo and send it to the email address provided.