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Reverend James H Gossard, Founder & Consultant   r                                             Deanna Cox, Admin Coordinator

Member of Set My Way Free Minstries Group


Set My Way Free Ministries, Incorporated, provides technical support to pro se litigants preparing post conviction remedies, appeals, and additional services as outlined below.  In addition, Set My Way Free Ministries, provides Internet services, which includes setting up prisoner web sites. Prices may vary depending upon your needs.

When writing again, you should clearly state what you’re requesting, that is,  be specific!  When you consider our information, and you have specific needs which are not shown here, please correspond directly with me at our reply address. You are encouraged to visit our web site for further information.  When writing back, please utilize the reply mailing address.


These services include case law retrieval, current state and federal court decision retrieval. Docket Reports for State and Federal Case Law , Supreme Court Rulings, BOP Policy Statements (including extra good time credit) Court Rules and Procedures, Outline Briefly Changes in State and Federal Statutes, Transcripts, Weekly Case Summary Reports from all Circuits, and Pleading Forms and formats:

 Document retrieval services require a minimum deposit of $155.00 for services to be rendered. These fees cover cost of looking up requested materials, labor, mailing and handling fees. The requestor will be given proper accountability for these services, and an invoice will be generated for any additional fees necessary in performing this requested services.

When writing, specify that you desire these services only, or make them known as part of your overall requests. Since we are non-lawyers, we can’t provide legal guidance nor give legal advice. We can provide reading materials on general legal subjects, but the reader must draw their own conclusions of law! This includes research for various questions, the prisoner may present. However, research is simply that, we can't advise you on legal matters, or provide representation. 


We provide these services to inmates who are preceding pro se; i.e., they are filing their own post conviction work. To be pro se, you must be undertaking your own work, acting as your own legal counsel.

You may send us copies of your completed post conviction pleading, appeal application, or other motion or legal pleading. We will review them, computerize them, and change wording if necessary. We will  return your work with sufficient copies for filing, along with a cover sheet to the respective court.

If you are filing in the Federal Courts, states Supreme Court, we will assist you in proper preparation in keeping with the court rules and procedures. You, as the prisoner must be responsible for assuring that you get your work to us providing sufficient time for completion and return. We can provide overnight shipment, however, you must provide a street address, and ensure the prison will allow return to you in this manner.

The minimum deposit for these services is $150.00. This will cover our review of your pleadings, computerizing, time and labor involved. Special mailing arrangements must be prepaid. If the work is more than you have indicated in your letter, we will invoice you for the additional work, and expect prompt payment. Please be advised as non-lawyers, we cannot provide legal advice, or write your writs, motions and petitions for you. You must do your own work; we only make it more presentable to the Courts!

Note:             If we are unable to effectively assist you, your initial deposit will be refunded to you, less any actual review or assistance provided

Specialized Services

A final integral part of our programs is to provide prisoners services, which the prisoner may not find in prison or from family members. Frequently, prisoners require assistance in finding trial transcripts, expert witnesses for upcoming court testimony, DNA testing services, setting up prisoner web sights to start preparation for a legal defense fund, finding and securing quality legal representation.

Along with providing web set up, starting a defense fund, many times prisoners seek media attention for their unjust plights. We will assist prisoners in preparing a press release and seeking media attention to their plight, which may also assist in setting up their respective legal defense funds. Note: Set My Way Free, will not serve or nor act as trustees for any funds which the prisoner may secure towards his legal needs. These responsibilities are totally for the respective prisoner or a family member.


Ministerial Services

One of the main reasons for beginning these ministries was to help and support the individual during a very stressful and most difficult time in their life processes. We have volunteers who will write and provide one-on-one mentoring if these services are necessary.

We have pen pal programs, Bible programs and references to many prisoner programs, which prisoners can take advantage. You can reachus at the address shown above, where you can request these services!

We now have a bookstore, from which writers can purchase religious books, some legal books, or reading books. We act as an intermediate, taking orders, sending them to our suppliers, who then mail directly to the requestor. If you desire these services, you must provide your prison mailing requirements when making your orders.  We charge a small handling fee and the actual cost of the requested book.


Mailing Address:

Our old mailing address was PO Box 415, Jacksonville, Florida 32201. Since 2009, we reorganized our operations, and now we receive all ministry mail at 221 North Hogan Street, No. 141, Jacksonville, Fl 32202. If you or any of your friends are using the old mailing address, please begin using the present address.



Method of payment          Checks or, money orders.

Forward Payment made payable to My Small Business. My Small Business is our business provider this is our Administrative Support Service Company.

(You will receive a receipt for any money forwarded to our services.) (In many cases, you will receive a written summary of where the money will be spent or was spent.)


How to Reach Us:

You may write to us at the reply address shown above and underlined. We encourage those with e-mail convenience to contract us using our e-mail address. The email address is: setmywayfree87@gmail.com.  Remember, we do not provide legal advice, nor are we attorneys.

 May God richly bless and keep you!

Sincerely yours,

 James Gossard

Minister and Set My Way Free Founder

Postscript:      We send this letter of greeting to all prisoners or family members who contact us  services. While, as a ministry there are many services we provide such as support to prisoners fighting for their freedom; bookstore, pen pal programs, and ministry services, we do not provide paralegal, per say services, legal advise, or representation. We do provide support services for finding an attorney, witnesses, case law, and numerous others. We can't read your legal papers and give advice. Please study over our support and our websites. After Reading our materials, we want to hear from you again, so we can help you!

James Gossard

Rev. James Gossard

Note: Please read my blogs at jmesgossard@wordpress.com. There are some very good readings there. We hope that you will contact us if we can assist you with any of the services we have demonstrated here. May God Richly Bless and keep you!