Well, who would have thought it, Phase Six of my life, didn't think I'd get this far.
So why Phase Six, well Phase 1 was until I was 11, then came Phase 2 until I left secondary school, apprenticeship and work was Phase 3, marriage to Kathleen Phase 4,
Phase 5 was my life and marriage with Pauline and NOW -- PHASE SIX.  She (Pauline) does not want to live with me anymore.  I was told this on 24th April 2012.

Here's the progress of getting old and downsizing in a big way.


After much heart rending and though I have decided to return to the UK.  My selected vibrant European City is Liverpool.

Moving from a 300m2 house into a 50m2 apartment is going to be some job.   I cannot get a mortage at a reasonable monthly payback thanks to my age and mainly the over-cautiousness of UK lenders in this financial downturn, not my words you understand.   So it is to be renting.

There's not a lot of space in a studios so one beds look a nice options but of course they are more expensive.  I have looked at a few and have gone off converted old houses but new build and converted warehouses etc look and feel good.

My hands, breathing, enthusiasm and energy are now slowing me down so I don't want to take-on another building project.  It has to be new, clean and ready to move in.

I have an apartment in the city centre, hard floors, balcony, gas central heating, modern, unique kitchen design, easy to clean, surrounded by shops, cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants, gallerys, music venues and friendly people ... yes!

No baggage

If I cannot get all my belongings to the UK in the back of a Renault Kangoo van and still see easily out of the back window then I have got too much.

Maybe that's too much, I have got myself used to living in a small room this laste few weeks and I don't need so many things.

So maybe forget the lot and just do shopping at the new destination, clothes as well.

Seems a better idea, I don't drive so someone would have to transport my belongings.   If I don't have any then I am not dependent on anyone.

The trip from France to the UK was not uneventful, the Paris traffic did its best to slow us down.

I have a few things still to bring over but for the most part I have what I need.



It's hard getting rid of 60 years of life.  I'm not a materialist although I love the things I have and I have a lot of them.  They have got to go.

It's hard and each day it gets harder.  At least I have cleared myself mentally to get rid of everything, no choices to be made whether things stay or go, they go.

It's hard.  I need help and the house is really not fit to sell so work has to be done there.

When my dad died, mum moved to a smaller house, we declutterd and downsized then.  She eventually went to a nursing home, more decluttering and downsizing.  It's not as though I'm a stranger to it.

But it's hard.

I had everything I ever wanted, wife whom I love very much, country house, a parcel of land, pets.  Now it's all gone.