My Github page can be found here. If you do data science in python, you'll likely be interested in my package henchman which provides easy methods to generate bokeh plots among other things. I've also worked extensively on Featuretools, which generates features automatically from raw data and adjacency-graphs which organizes necessary redistricting information.
henchman timeseries

Emacs users may or may not be interested in scanning through my configuration which is fairly readable. Included there is a substantial conditional hydra for keyboard navigation as well as a few "common sense" modifications which might be of interest to new users. Of use to math graduate students at Tufts is my LaTeX Thesis and Presentation template.

When I have the time, I like to contribute on Stack Exchange and on the math subreddits. Feel free to ping me on the appropriate site if it's possible I might know the answer to a question you have.