My face
I am a Software Engineer at the Cambridge Dell EMC Dojo. Prior to that I was a Research Scientist at Feature Labs where I worked on the open source project Featuretools.

You can also check mgithub page for a nice cross section of my interests, or the programming page on the sidebar.

I'm interested in algebraic groups over finite fields of positive characteristic. I completed mPh.D. in 2017 under George McNinch at Tufts University in Medford, MA.

My thesis work involves constructing unipotent groups by group extensions, and then finding representations of nice groups which contain those extensions. If you have questions related to the representations of unipotent algebraic groups over perfect fields, I'm always happy to hear them at my personal email below.

gmail: seth.j.rothschild
protonmail: seth.j.rothschild

My github page is a nice cross section of my interests. More information can be found here.

For information about my past courses see the teaching page.

Curriculum Vitae
Resume [Updated December 2017]
PDF Version [Updated September 2016]
HTML Version [Updated September 2016]

PDF Version [Updated April 31 2017]