Over the years, I've been informally teaching myself how to program. This year, I've studied to take the AP Computer Science exam, using JAVA. I also know HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I also know basic C++ and Flash.

Here are some examples of the work that I have done:

  • Scientific Calculator - I made this when i was learning how to program with Math functions.
  • Point-and-Shoot - This is a game I made using Flash. Its pretty simple but still kind of fun. The name basically explains the content of the game.
  • Pong - This is the classic arcade game implemented by a JAVA applet. I was learning about threads when i made this.
  • 3D Simulation - This is kind of cool.  I was teaching myself about 3D projection. This program lets you move a box around the screen 3-dimensionally.  Use the arrow keys to move and the z button to make it jump into the air.