Jython Servlets Tutorial

I prefer experimenting with Python only. It is tedious to program in any other language.

 Since I needed to work with Java and J2EE, I decided to learn to write servlets using Jython. I got started using a blog entry by Sean McGrath and a sample chapter from Server-Side Web Programming with Jython

I used the tutorial included with Tomcat as the reference and wrote the corresponding code in Jython.

A zipped version of the tutorial files is available here: JythonServlets.tgz

 Instructions for using:

  • Untar the file in Tomcat's webapps directory. It will create a folder - jython-servlets
  • Copy the jython.jar file in jython/lib.
  • Copy the Lib directory from jython distribution in jython/lib
  • Start Tomcat server
  • Open http://localhost:8080/jython-servlets