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Jython Servlets Tutorial

Installing OLPC Software on a PC as a bootable partition 

Let me include a link to a couple of my favorite articles:

On my disillusionment with teaching in India Farewell to academics: Lessons learnt from three years in teaching

I was happy that a newly relaunched magazine Teacher Plus used it in their Volume 1 issue 1 in a slightly condensed form. 

Education costs money. We need innovative ways to fund students instead of trying to keep the education costs low. I wrote it about 4 years ago. I still think that it is a great idea to follow.  The third innovation of Michael Robertson 

This, Learning from Alternate Role Models, is the first article I published in a Goa newspaper soon after listening to Richard Stallman in Goa.  As India is becoming wealthier, I keep hoping that we will have similar role models from our own environment.