Set free Sammy !


Thank you Gulf News and all other media, for taking up the 

cause of Sammy.


Download the "Sammy wants to go" song (MP3 - 2.3MB)

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This is just an amateur, but sincere attempt at getting the 

word out about Sammy. Tell your friends about Sammy, 

ask them to write letters to Gulf News and drum up more 

support. We need to get Sammy back to her home!

- Sreenath Somanath


About Sammy

Sammy is a 13-foot long female whale 

shark who is being held in a giant fish 

tank at a resort in Dubai. She was captured off the waters of Dubai, earlier this year in August. She 

belongs in the deep waters, not in a tank. Is this how we treat tourists to Dubai???



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Note: The song/ringtone available for download is a home recording, if any studio wants to engage in a non-profit 

 recording venture for the same song, you're most welcome, please contact me.


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