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The Project
Develop and provide professional development to address the needs of teachers of students taking the APTA to utilize formative assessments that align with the Common Core Essential Elements in their instruction and to prepare students for an online summative assessment in 2015.

The Process Thus Far
I.   Needs assessment through online survey of registered APTA teachers Winter 2009
II.  Advisory Committee formed from WVDE staff, RESA, teachers in the field and county SE directors 
III.  Plan submitted Summer 2009, county SE directors notified of the plan including recommended technology for the best practices classroom for students of the 1%
IV.  County technology directors notified of recommended technology for the best practices classroom for students of the 1%
V. T1 Teacher Leaders (TOT) Training
VI.  Teacher leaders conduct Round 1 and Round 2 on-going regional trainings beginning June 2010
VII.  Participant survey results  (RESA 3 Survey Results attached here)
For more information, contact:
Valerie Wilson, coordinator of instructional technology, Office of Special Programs, WVDE
Melissa Gholson, coordinator, Office of Assessment, Accountability and Research, WVDE