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Hell's Arsenal

Keystones: Keystones are the source of power to any obsidian hell-spawned object that appeared.  They are blocks of different materials that, when all are destroyed, render the object inoperable so that it turns to sand.  Types seen so far are gold, iron, lapis, diamond, netherrack, and mossy cobblestone.  Objects powered by diamond shoot lightning storms, netherrack shoots fireballs, iron shoots lightning that rearranges the landscape, lapis freezes people in ice, and mossy cobble shoots lightning that plants charged creepers.

Portals: Portals are the most common type of hell-spawned object.  The typical portal is a rectangle in obsidian which can either appear from the ground or a wall or grow from the ground.  They can be single rectangles with keystones only or multiple portals surrounded by complex obsidian ornamentation with multiple keystones.  

                            Inactive Portal                                                Active Portal

Tower: Tower are straight shafts of obsidian, capped by a keystone.  They may or may not have ornamentation around their top.

Tower variations include:
-Lightning: Shoots lightning in a straight line. Capped by a diamond keystone.
-Meteor: Fires fireballs. Capped by flaming netherrack keystone.
-Web: Fires lightning and creates web where it hits, trapping players and repeatedly striking them. Capped by a lapis keystone.
-Iron: Fires lightning in addition to removing terrain where it strikes. Capped by an iron keystone.
-Endersplosion: The most deadly tower, firing lethal, large radius explosions. Capped by an ender crystal which can be destroyed by shooting it with an arrow. 

Spires: Spires are rare but terrible objects that grow from the ground or simply appear in the distance.  They are massive constructs of obsidian reaching to the clouds, but still with keystones on their top to power them.  An additional hazard to those trying to climb them to reach the keystones is lava that often spews from the top.  

Meteors: Fireballs from the sky, not having a source in pillars or giants.  They fall densely and with great destruction, so it is best to get out of their way or seek shelter when they fall. 

Giants: They appear to be like ordinary zombies, but immune to sunlight.  Oh, and several stories tall.  Also they usually spit fireballs.  They can be defeated by sheer volume of arrows or attackers chopping away at the feet, and diamonds or occasionally enchanted items fall from them when they are defeated.


Orbital Death Ray: Uncommon but fatal, the orbital death ray is signaled by a nether portal beacon shooting into the sky with lots of lightning present. A few seconds after the beacon appears, a large hole is blown into the ground, sometimes reaching all the way down to bedrock. This is usually used to destroy forts.

A Timeline of Battles [Needs Updating]


The Desert Battles of Fort Lavadale
The first tower

The Siege of Frostheim


The First Attacks: The Jumping Pillar, Assault on Iron Hollows, and the Battle of the Northwest Desert

Random Attacks and Assassination Attempts

[I think there were some other ones but someone let me know]

The Battle of the Village
The Hellspawn
attacked an abandoned native village past West Road, due to the cultist lair beneath it.  In the end, Inquisitor FerretX decided it would be easier to simply wipe the entire area off the map and detonated the village, leaving a scabland that remains to this day.

Battle of Swampguard
[Needs eyewitness accounts]

Battle of Hawk Mountain

The Battle of Weldon/The First Battle of the Quarry
Mayor Utsanomiko of Weldon (neighbor to the Sand Quarry) was completing a very important message to the world when a portal appeared in the desert nearby.  It was a small attack and quickly contained and defeated, and the message was restored. 

The Second Battle of the Quarry
[Work in progress]

Battle of Blackhall
[Eyewitnesses and participants: please give me a description when you can.]

The Third Battle of the Quarry

The third battle began as did the second: with Mayabird minding her own business in the quarry.  This time, she was performing reclamation on part of the barren quarried moonscape when a giant launched fireballs at her.  She called out for help and then, with the aid of Utsanomiko (who was the first to arrive) took the giant down.  She was soon also joined by Inquisitor Carrington, CathodeRayTube, decomposey, and Angora.  Another giant and two more pillars (accompanied by zombie pigmen) appeared, each of which was taken down.  After the last pillar, though, glowstone was spotted in a crevice nearby.  As glowstone had never been seen in previous battles, it was investigated. 

Its removal revealed a ravine, corrupted to resemble the Nether itself!  The walls and floors were lined with netherrack, and zombie pigmen roamed freely; lava flows here and there set alight the columns of the abandoned mine the ravine transected, and glowstone deposits dotted the ceiling.  The first obstacle was a cave spider spawner, and at the bottom were two portals with iron keystones.  They were destroyed, and then the warriors set about collecting from the deposits of valuables all along the wall and ceiling - diamonds, lapis, gold, iron.  They were probably left as part of the trap of which the portals were also a part: lava soon began to cascade from the entrance high above.  Fortunately, the Dark One could not help but gloat, and so the hardened warriors were forewarned and did not even get singed.  After that, the netherrack all turned to sand, just as the obsidian portals do when their power is drained. 

It was noted after the battle that crosses of torches had been noticed in that area of the quarry previously, but no one had paid them any heed.  Were they connected to the attacks, planted by cultists for dread purposes?  How long had the corrupted cavern been there?   The forces of Hell are always adapting, finding new ways to cause mayhem, but this new advancement is particularly worrisome.

Second Assault on Iron Hollows

Battle of Narnia

The Second Wave of Attack
Perhaps due to the power of the holiday season, the invasions halted for an extended period of time, long enough for people to start to become complacent.  But of course, the battles began anew.

Battle of the Hagia Sophia
Curator WuShock was busy at the build site of the Church's mission to the new west when portals began to appear in the nearby desert.  An extensive battle raged across the sands, but the Frost Legion emerged victorious.

Battle of the Frontier Forest and Suggestive Tower
Mayabird was out in the new west, working on the Frontier Road, when she noticed lightning in the clear sky across the Barrier Bay.  She was joined by Bluedude and JPScrazy in the uncharted forests, and the three of them alone faced the invasion.  One fort was overtaken by soulsand corruption (and it was noted for the first time that living trees were being consumed as well) and a new one had to be built, but still they persevered.  Towards the end of the battle, a tower grew out of Barrier Bay.  This tower was different from others that had appeared before, being a tall shaft with a large knob at the top.  In addition, the dirt and stone ladders that were constructed to summit the tower became corrupted and then burned away to nothing, becoming an additional hazard.  Still, it was taken down like all the rest.  

It was noted after the battle that though the tower turned to sand, most of the corruption in the woods turned back into dirt.  A marker was placed as a memorial to the battle.

Battle at Laikka's Place
Not very long after the Frontier Forest, the tundra around Laikka's place became a battleground. 

Battle of the Dragon's Head Tower
In the woods beyond Welden

Battle of Snowfell

Duke 2.0 was scouting new areas of Iceland for settlement when he saw lightning and a portal.  He was joined by Mayabird, mohnsolo, and ThatJerkRMED.  Again at this battle, a summoning platform appeared and helpful snow golems spawned to fight the hellspawn along with the legion.  After fighting the usual array of giants and portal formations among the ice and snow, two menacing towers appeared, but both floated above the ground - something not seen before.  Still, they were taken down.  A marker was placed at the battleground and a memorial set up for the fallen snow golems.

Battle of Woolhalla and the Nether City

Battle above the Mountains

Second Battle of Woolhalla

Battle of Ingram's Island
This battle featured a new type of sea-based portal.

Battle at the End of the Road

Second Battle of the Hagia Sophia

Battle of the Artificial Coast
In this battle, the forces of Hell made use of the 1 block thin artificial coast that had been created, making combat tricky.