Server IP

Vent Info:
port: 3968
password: karenxzizek

Q: What version of Minecraft is your server running?
A: We are currently running 2 maps:
        1.7.4 - Spawnsylvania (instructions to downgrade)
        1.8 - Victor's Bounty

Q: What type of server is this and are multiple maps run?
A: The server is a survival one, with a few slight modifications to vanilla. We have 1 map running at the moment: Spawnsylvania.
There are occasionally other temporary maps up for testing, building things for server events, etc.

Q: How do I join the server?
A: PM Nuka, Introp, GreyPoet, or Muddeh on the PA forums and we will get you whitelisted - the IP address is at the top of this page. Make sure to include your Minecraft username!

Q: How does getting to the nether work?
A: Currently the nether can be gotten to by making a normal obsidian nether portal as in SSP. However, due to awfulness about how portals are created when going the other way, the server rule is: do not spam portals, and do not create portals in the nether.  (That is, it's okay to create an Overworld -> Nether portal, but once you're there just use the ones automatically created going that direction.  Don't make any new portals, because they'll likely spawn a portal in the middle of something important back on the Overworld.)

Q: Who are the admins and who runs the server?
A: Admins

Q: Are there any commands?
A: Yes, quite a few handy ones. Below is a short list of commands and there functions. If someone asks you how to use a command in game, put like a period in front of it, so the game doesn't actually preform the command.
  • /who: Allows you to see everyone on the server, very handy to see if someone is on or not.
  • /pos: Returns your position on the map in x, y, z and direction you're facing. Only pay attention to the whole numbers. X and Z numbers are your direction coords, and Y is elevation. You can also press F3 to see the x, y, z coords but remember this: with the command you typed in your elevation number is where your feet are while with F3 it's where your head is.
  • /time: Tells you the current time. 
  • /me: This command is just for fun and you can make it look like you are performing an action (ex. "/me laughs" turns into "*ultimak laughs")
Q: This is an awesome server, can I donate?
A: Yes, please!  Just click on this link for more info!

Q: What do I get for donating?
A: The server stays up a little longer and our gratitude.  There are NO in game benefits for donating.

Q: What are the donations used for?
A: 100% of the donations is used to cover hosting costs.

Q: How much does it cost per month to run the server?
A: About $90.  This may seem like a lot but we have very stringent requirements for server uptime and performance that just can't be met by the cheaper hosting services.