These are the poor tortured souls who run the server (PA forum name in parentheses).

introp42 (introp)
He's a secret to everyone.  HMFIC and wizard behind the curtain.

Twixxo (Twixxo)
Love bot, bringer of red roses and Minister of Random Fun.

greypoet (Grey)
Angry loner and keeper of this site.  Also had a thing for flaming squid.

Hofsta (Hofsta)
The captain of Frostheim and admin in charge of server events.

Muddeh (ruddeh)
The newest admin!  

NukaGrenade (nuka)
Head admin, all around nice person, and now does the server updating and installing of plugins ect.

Former Admins

These brave souls have done their time and moved on, they may be gone but are not forgotten.

Note: This list isn't comprehensive 'cause I can't remember things well.

apricotmuffins (apricotmuffins)
Maker of arts and Minecraft technical genius.

Hung around Ispawnbul.

Show runner early in the server's history.

The first.