Šesti oblik & Scribble School invite you to A PRACTICAL 2 day-course designed for facilitators, educators, marketeers, advertisers, artists, presenters and leaders to gain the confidence to powerfully use graphic practice to capture conversations and share thinking in their professional context. 
Nick delivered this workshop in Zagreb in 2015. with success and this is a new opportunity to welcome him in Zagreb!

About your host, Nick Payne

Nick Payne is a Graphic Facilitator who spent the last ten years using live graphics as a tool for facilitation, education & presentation. He started Scribble School with the aim of emancipating the visual learner, unleash the latent graphic practitioner in us all and since 2009 he has hosted Power of the Pen workshops in Stockholm, Rotterdam, Brussels, Bilbao, Honolulu and Bucharest. You can check a Nick’s personal portfolio of graphic harvesting here.

He’ll take you, progressively and constructively, through this process so that by the end you will feel confident to start using graphics to enhance your own meetings, presentations, classes or seminars. This is not a tips and tricks workshop (though there will be some). It is not a drawing workshop – the ability to draw is not necessary nor, sometimes, even helpful.

Top reasons to attend
Achieve a practical and functional use of graphic practice that will improve your presentations, meetings or training sessions.
Experience a constant sense of personal progression and learning, during and after the workshop, that you will find enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding.
Appreciate through direct experience, the critical factors that will enable you to get the most from graphics in PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE.

Important facts to consider

  • Even today, gathering people together remains a key means of generating organizational thinking and/or disseminating knowledge, yet the nature of these gatherings has hardly changed in decades.
  • Most people (roughly 70%) are primarily visual thinkers and learners.
  • 75% of each and every human’s sensory processing capacity is devoted solely to vision. It must be fed otherwise we find ways to feed it (dreaming and doodling, for instance)
  • People love to see things created before their eyes!

These facts alone should indicate that we could make more effective use of our time together by introducing relevant and meaningful live graphics into organizational gatherings. If you agree, the Power of the Pen workshop is your first best step to making the change.


I loved the new dimension Nick’s workshop opened for me, I suddenly realised how impactful can a visual message be. More than the workshop itself, Nick’s comments on the way you structure your ideas, the impact of the message and the empathy with the receiver, have been really valuable. While you could imagine that such a workshop has more to do with design skills, I can testify that it has too little to do with this, but rather with a different way of structuring and presenting your ideas. I look forward to attending Nick’s workshop again! - Madalina Uceanu – Career Advisor

Nick Payne’s “Power of the Pen” is quite the best opportunity to make your first daring steps in scribbling with impact. This workshop is totally experiential. You will discover that drawing can be at (anyone’s) hand if you use a visual language, through the right symbols and colors. I totally recommend it from personal experience to those of you who want to start drawing in their notebooks, at training sessions or during strategy meetings. Beware: pencils come alive!Paul Dumitru – Graphic Recorder

Date and Place

Workshop will take place on 16-17.February 2017, 9:00 - 17:00, in Zagreb. 
Location: Room"Stage" Impact Hub Zagreb, Vlaška 70E

The Fees and Registration

The fees for the two days of the event are (including stationery, coffee breaks & light lunch):

a) Early bird price for registrations and payments until 25.1. 2017.
315 EUR + VAT 

b) General price
350 EUR + VAT

 (for domestic payment corresponding value in HRK on the day of offer defined by mean exchange rate of Croatian National Bank)

The fee includes all needed material and pens for participants, light lunch and two refreshments on both training days.

There is a limit of 25 places so register as soon as possible. We will accept registration until 12th February. 
To register please  fill in registration form

Upon registration you will receive offer with payment details. An invoice will be issued and sent to you upon your payment. 

Workshop is delivered in English language.