Servos is a small graphic village in Arcadia Perloponnese Greece.

The altitude in the central square is 1075 m., so  the village is one of the very mountainous  in Arcadia.  

It is a  picturesque traditional Arcadian village, situated on a mountainous  landscape with fresh water springs and offers an imposing sight to every visitor. The stone houses that are amphitheatrically built on a slight slope create the impression of a stone-built work of art. 

Servos, like Lagadia, is the homeland of skilled craftsmen and artisans who had an excellent knowledge of the art of stone and for generations built houses, churches and schools all over Arcadia, Messinia and the rest of Greece. In this way their reputation was spread everywhere. A strong proof of their talent and fame is the view of the village houses.

An interesting building is the stone-built Elementary School unfortunately closed for lack of students following the fate of all villages on the mountainous Arcadia. The size of the building is a proof that Servos some decades ago was an alive village with hundreds of children.

Today the village has a few permanent inhabitants  and is mainly used as the place of summer vacations and short excursions.  

The most considerable churches are the stone-built  Koimisis tis Theotokou

with the artistic belfry made of carved stone which is equipped with a clock, in the middle of the village, Zoodoxou Pigis  true elegance with the characteristic octagonal dome and Agia Paraskevi.

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