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To find a restaurant on this list, use your computer's search command (Command/Apple F on Mac or Control+F on PC). It's case sensitive, so capitalize the names. Otherwise, older restaurants are hard to find because – if it’s not open today - it will be alphabetized by the most recent restaurant to occupy that address. Or, download the list
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Regions are named so that Boulderites should recognize the area and are distinguished by streets that border them. See "Map of Boulder (with areas)" page for larger map.

The first business on each line is the one currently in that location, followed by those that came before it. The is alphabetized by the most recent restaurant/bar to occupy a location (which will be in bold text).
Example: Restaurant Name – address. (2004 - current); Restaurant Name [Pizza]  (?-2003); Restaurant Name (years?);

In order to save space, I only added brief descriptions of the cuisine if you can’t get a clue by the name.

I restricted these to locations most people would consider to be in Boulder, although there are many fine venues just beyond that in Gold Hill, Niwot, etc. I’ve also restricted this to places the general public can go into and get something to eat or drink on the spot as opposed to wholesale, catering, private, hotel restaurants that only/primarily serve their guests, etc.

Boulder's first restaurantsThe Colorado House, on the northwest corner of Pearl and 13th Street was built in 1863 by Daniel Pound…As near as historians can tell, this hotel housed Boulder’s first restaurant…Historical records about early Boulder eateries are very sketchy, but we do know that in addition to the Colorado House, two restaurants occupied sites on Pearl Street. They were operated by a T.S. Merrick and a James Cole. And a street directory records that a Mrs. Charles Doman and a Louis Ruffier managed eating establishments on the 1200 block of Pearl in 1883…By 1926 a Boulder County phone directory listed 18 restaurants in Boulder.” — Hope Steffens-Nett, the Daily Camera 7/1/98.

Pearl Street Mall

Pearl Street between 11th & 15th


? - 14th and Pearl (years?); A La Cart [cart] (1975-1976?)

Design within Reach - 2053 Broadway (? - today); Gap-for-Kids – (years?); Aristocrat – (years? Open until at least 1987…closed in the late ‘80s – early ‘90s.)

Ben & Jerry's - 1203 Pearl St. (? - today); Gindi's Pita-Ria (years?); Penguin’s (years?);

? - 15th and Pearl (years?); Bill’s Place [Bill’s Billiards?] (1940s?)

Smith Klein Art Gallery - 1116 Pearl St (years?); Blue Note [night club/music venue] (years?);  Tom Horns (years?);

Boulder RX – 1146 Pearl St. downstairs below Hagen Dazs (years?); Bobo China (years?);

? - 1110 Pearl Street. (years?); Bohemian Cafe (This restaurant wasn't listed in any Boulder Directory from 1966-1979);

Skechers At Applause - 1123 Pearl . Goldmine Vintage (years?); Boulder Bakery (years?);

Boulder Bowls [cart] – 1300 block of Pearl (2012 - current)

Vacant – (June 2014 – current); Boulder Cafe - 1247 Pearl St. (? – closing June 2014); National State Bank (years?); 2-story brick building built (~1882); Colorado House [BOULDER’S FIRST RESTAURANT] (1863- 1881). See the beginning of this list for more info.

? - On 13th across from the Courthouse (years); Boulder Munchery (years?);

? [torn down/rebuilt?] – 1532 Pearl St. (years?); Campbell's Cafe [next to Broken drum] (years? At least in 1977)

Offices – 1234 Pearl Street (years?); Charcoal Chef (1961-1968); Cook’s Restaurant (1900s)

Cheesecake Factory, The - 1401 Pearl St. (opened sometime between 1997-2000 - today); Sawaddee Thai Cuisine (years?) Down comforter store? ? (years?);  Kobe-an (1979-1992)

Vacant or new building? – somewhere on the 1400 block of Pearl (?-current); Colorado Cafe (1950s);

?– Half of 1308 Pearl St. (years?); The Columbine Café, then Fred’s Columbine Cafe [Fred (of Fred’s) took it over from the previous owner in the mid 50's along with the card shop next door and tore down the wall in between.]

El Loro Jewelry & Clog Co. – 1416 Pearl St. (years?);  Dixie Creme Donuts (years?);

Falafel King - 1314 Pearl St. (1979 - today);

Fast Eddie's World Famous Chicago Hot Dogs (cart) - 1300 Pearl St. (early 80s? - today);

Fior di Latte- 1433 Pearl St. (2015 – current); Maiberry [Greek-style frozen yogurt] (? – 2014?);

Freddie's Hot Dogs (cart) - 1100 Pearl St. (by 1981 - today);

Billabong Store [now considered 1101 Pear]– 1103 Pearl Street (?-current); Friendly Tavern (1940s, Tom Eldridge of Tom’s Tavern bought it in 1959 as his first tavern business.)

? - on the mall next door to Old Chicago (years?); Gerard’s Bakery (at least 1977);

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream (cart) - 1400 Pearl St. (? - today);

Earthwood Gallery – 1412 Pearl St. (years?); Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant [owned by George Poon] (years?);

? - 1428 Pearl St. [2nd Floor] (years?); Good Earth Nightclub [owned by Freddi & Henchi (1970s); 

Hapa Sushi Grill & Sake Bar - 1117 Pearl St. (? - today); New York Deli (years?)

Illegal Pete's [burritos] - 1447 Pearl St. (? - today); Jalapeno (years?); Golden Mountain [Chinese](years?);  Heartland Café (years?);  Caffé Circolo (years? At least in 1977); Before the new building was built around the late ‘70s: 1435 Pearl St. (years?); Wayne’s Café (1928-1940/43? when it moved next door to 1445 Pearl St. (1940/43-1965);

Japango [Japanese/sushi]- 1136 Pearl St. (? - today); Brandt’s [Provincial French – was downstairs] (years? At least in 1977); The Wizard Magic Shop (1974-?);

Ku Cha House of Tea - 1141 Pearl St. (2011? moving from 13th - ?); Paper Doll (years?);

Lighthouse Bookstore - 1201 Pearl Street (years?); The Acropolis [first dinner theatre in Boulder] It is also shown at 1136 Pearl in an old directory per Karen. (years?); The Acropolis then moved to the baseline shopping center.

Kasa Japenese Grill & Bar - 1468 Pearl Street, Suite 110. (? - today); Was a furniture store before Kasa.

Kilwin’s [candy and ice cream] - 1430 Pearl Street. (2014 – current); Trattoria on Pearl [Italian] (? - 2014); Little Russian Café (years?)

Lazy Dog Sports Bar and Grill - 1346 Pearl Street. (? - today); Was Rocky Mountain Records and Tapes before Lazy Dog (years?); Kresges? (years?);

Lindsay's Boulder Deli at Haagen Dazs - 1148 Pearl St. (? - today); Valentine Hardware (years? At least in 1968);

? - corner of 11th & Pearl on the back side of the building facing the alley (years?) Magdalena's (1960-64);

Mario Ices (cart) - 1300 Pearl St. (? - today);

? – Somewhere on the Pearl St. Mall, near where The Page was (years?); The Midwest Café (1940s);

Pompadours Salon – 1320 Pearl St. (years?); Torn down (years:?); Mrs. Frasier’s Restaurant (1892, was also a boarding house. Meals were 25¢, per Daily Camera 7/1/98.);

Demolished? – Little building in an alley by Spruce & Broadway (?-today); Mr. Lee’s (1983 - less than a year?);

Wenger (Swiss Army Knifes) – 1122 Pearl (years?); New Age Foods and Hannah’s upstairs [cheap natural lunches] (1960s-1970s?); Imperial Tea and Health foods (years?)

Nitro Club [strip club] - 1124 Pearl St (years?); Bassment Night Club, The (years?)

Oak at Fourteenth (upscale twists on American classics-oak woodfired grill) - 1400 Pearl St. (2010-?); 14th Street Bar & Grill - (? - 2010); The Blue In (years?); Morgul Bismark [Brick oven pizza] (1985-?); Café Express (years? Around 1982-1985); Last Hurrah (around 1977-82);

Old Chicago [pizza] - 1102 Pearl St. (1976 or 77 - today); Walt and Hank's (years?)

Organic Sandwich Company - 1500 Pearl Street (2015- current); Decorasian [furniture/décor] (years?); Broken Drum Tavern, The [The building was torn down and new one built] (years?);

OZO Coffee Company - 1015 Pearl St. (Opening 2011-today);

Pearl Street Grill [healthy foods/hamburger cart] - 1100 Pearl St. (? - today);

Pearl Street Pub and Cellar - 1108 Pearl Street. (? - today); Flap’s (years?); Quinn’s [bar] (years?); Bunga’s Cellar (years including 1977 and 1978);

Pizza Colore - 1336 Pearl Street. (? - today);

Free People boutique (years?); - 1200 Pearl St., Suite 110. Powell's Sweet Shoppe (? – around 2012); Subway Sandwiches (years?); Crème and Crepes (years? At least in 1977);

Riffs Urban Fare - 1115 Pearl St. (2011 - today); BookEnd Espresso Cafe (? – April 2011);

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - 1300 Pearl St. (? - today);

Above Into the Wind - 1410 Pearl Street (years?); Rocky Mountain Joe's Café [famous for breakfast] (years?); Good Taste Crepe Shop (years?);

Salvaggio's Italian Deli – (Kiosk) 1397 Pearl Street. (? - today); Was a flower shop before Salvaggio’s? (years?); Rocky Mountain Ice Cream (years?);

Sforno Trattoria Romana - 1308 Pearl St. (opening in 2014); Roma (was called Antica Roma (? - 2014); Fred's [Fred Shelton used to play guitar and sing] (1968 – 1985);

? – Somewhere on the 2nd floor of Pearl Street (years?); Sherry’s Cafeteria (1950s);

Starbucks Coffee - 1433 Pearl St. (? - today);

? – 1100 block of Pearl St. Near the old Pasta Jay’s house. (years?); Steve's Ice Cream (years?);

Subway Sandwiches - 1468 Pearl St. (? - today);

Sundown Saloon - 1136 Pearl St. (earlier than 1978 - today); (years?); The Wall Street Jazz Cellar (mid 70s – early 80s) [South side of Pearl St, below street level, just west of Broadway, near Japango, under the original Mike's Camera that eventually became a leather shop]; A pool hall(?) (years?); The Acropolis [Greekfood] (1970s?);  Magdalena's (1964-1972);

Sunshine Shave Ice (cart) - 1200 Pearl St. (? - today);

Wells Fargo Bank/Atrium walkway -  1242 Pearl St. (years?); Talyor’s (years?);

? - 1400 block of Pearl St Mall (years?); Taverna Terzakes (someone else thought it was Taverna Athena) [owned by Drake of Talmey Drake polling company] (late 1970s); Bayou Seafood (1979 - 1981);

? - on W. Pearl, downstairs, south side, maybe 8th or so. Terrasini’s [health food store] (years?):

West Flanders Brewing Co (2012-current); BJs Pizza Grill and Brewery - 1125 Pearl St. (? – closing in 2012); Something else? I thought this might have been Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza, but someone thought that was at  (years?); Pearl’s (1980 - ?); Monkey Bar (1979 - 1979) 

Not sure? - 1942 Broadway [I also found 1200 Pearl as the address] (years?); What's Up Food & Booze  - Second floor of the Broadway Building at Broadway and Pearl where round turret is. (At least 1977-78 to 1984-1986);

Woody Creek Bakery & Cafe - 1207 Pearl St. (2011? - today); Paradise Bakery & Cafe  (? – 2011?); Panera Bakery (years?); Alley Catz (years?); Potters [American/bar] (1970s/80s?): Poker William's (years?); Potter’s Drug (years?);

American Apparel – 1130 Pearl St. (years?); Wisconsin Brathaus (years including 1977 and 1978); China Garden (years?);

Earthwood Gallery - 1412 Pearl (years?); Yeng King (years? At least in 1977);


Off the Mall

Off the Pearl Street mall bordered by 9th/20th/Pine/Canyon


Demolished (~2009) - 1965 15th Street; 15 Degrees (? – 2009?); Diva (years?); Fairchild’s Furniture (years?);

15th Street Coffee - 1727 15th St. (? - today);

? 1528 Spruce (years?); Aisin Goro…The Eggroll Parlor [yes, that’s how it was spelled] (years? Including 1977);

Aji [Latin American]- 1601 Pearl St. (? - today); Down to Earth (years? At least in 1977) Organic produce; Mobil station (early 1960s);

Amante Coffee - 1035 Walnut St. (? - today); Pressto Sandwiches (years?)

Amu Sake Bar and Restaurant - 1221 Spruce St. (? - today); Was the teppanyaki-style steakhouse section of Sushi Zanmai before Amu.

Aperitivo [Part of Pizzeria Locale?]- 1730 Pearl Street (years?);

Arabesque [Mediterranean] - 1634 Walnut St. (2010 - today)

Arcana [Southern] - 909 Walnut St. (2016 - current); Unpaved parking lot between buildings (always);

Atlas Purveyors [coffee, tea] - 1505 Pearl St. (? - today);

Attic Bar & Bistro, The - 949 Walnut St. (? - today); Hunan Garden (years?); Molly's Back Room (1981 - ?); Maxwell G’s (years including 1978); Scornavacco's Washington Gardens. [Italian] (years?); Original manufacturing plant for Hanson Ski Boots (~1970?-torn down for remodel);

Belvedere Belgian Chocolate Shop - 15th Street & Broadway with winery (years?);

Oak restaurant expanded into this space for private dining room (2011-today); (2011-today); Belvedere Belgian Chocolate Shop - 1936 14th St. (?-2011)

Black Cat [New American bistro/local/fresh] - 1964 13th St. (? - today);

Boulder House [nightclub] - 1109 Walnut St. (2015 –current); Absinthe House [European bistro and nightclub] (Aug 2010 – today – closing in 2015?); Vacant (Nov. 2009 – Aug 2010); Foundry, The [nightclub] (1996-2009); The Marquee Club [nightclub/music venue] (years?); Regency movie theater (years?)

Bramble & Hare [café, gastropub, craft cocktails, walk-up window] – 1970 13th Street –(2012 - current); Was clothing boutique, a nail salon, and for many years before, Promenade’s le Bead Shop.

Bohemian Biergarten [Beer garden with European bistro fare] - 2017 13th St. (2013-current); Vacant (Feb 2012 – today); Shug's Low Country Cuisine [Southern, BBQ, Gospel brunch] (2011 – Feb 2012); Vacant (2009-2010); b. Side Lounge [music venue] (2009-2009); Trilogy Wine Bar (?-2009?); Bangkok Cuisine (years?); La Estrallita [building had different configuration back then and used 2115 address] (1980s);

Boulder Baked [desserts] - 1911 Broadway. (? - today);

Boulder ChopHouse & Tavern - 921 Walnut St. (? - today); Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza (years?); J.J. McCabes [was at 945 Walnut, but building was rebuilt] (years?);

Torn down? - 1437 Arapahoe Avenue  (years); Boulder Creek Market (years?)

Boulder Creek Market [gourmet sandwiches] - 1801 13th St. Shooters (? - today); Reef Piano Bar (years?) (? - today); Prima Ristorante  Boulder(years?); Antica Roma’s other restaurant? (years?)

Boulder Dushanbe Tea House - 1770 13th St. (? - today); Was built to be the tea house.

Boulder Theater [nightclub/music venue] - 2032 14th St. (? - today);

Brasserie Ten Ten [French] - 1011 Walnut St. (? - today); Dandelion (years?)

Brewing Market Coffee - 1918 13th St. (? - today);

Brooklyn Pizza- 1647 Arapahoe Ave. (2015 – current); Cafe Che (2014-2015); Jalino's Pizza (1986 – Closed early 2014 supposedly temporarily for remodel, but no permit, stopped building and still empty as of June 2014); This was a meat processing company prior to Jalino’s. (? – 1980s?)

Pharmaca – 1647 Pearl St. (years?); I’m just guessing this is where Burgess was as it was “at 17th and Pearl” and it makes a good story to still be a pharmacy: Burgess Drug Store, The [Had a soda fountain] (around 1903?);

? - 2060 Broadway Street (years?); Cafe Siena (years?)

Private dining room for Frasca  – next to 1738 Pearl St. (coming in 2014); Caffe Frasca (March 2011 - 2014);

Parking lot across from the Municipal Building on Canyon - 1843 Broadway (1978-today); Carnival Café. Broadway between Canyon and Pearl. (1974-1978) Carnival Restaurant (1972 - ?); Family Table Restaurant. (? - 1972);

Catacombs, The [bar/music] [see Hotel Boulderado]

Centro Latin American Kitchen & Refreshment Palace - 950 Pearl St. (? - today); Rhumba (years?); Abo’s (years?); Bagel Bakery (years? At least till 1993);

Chipotle Mexican Grill - 919 Pearl St. (? - today); Asian/Himalayan hole in the wall (years?);

Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub & Restaurant - 1922 13th St. (? - today); The James, (1978 - ?):

Corner Bar & Cafe – [See Hotel Boulderado]

Cup, The - Espresso Cafe - 1521 Pearl St. (? - today);

Cured [cheese/salumi/wine] and Boxcar Coffee share the space - 1825 Pearl (2011-today); Feather thy Nest [furnishings] (?-2010); Crystal Vegetarian Market [deli] (years?); Boulder Co-op? [natural food store] (years?); Wild Oats Vegetarian Market (years?); The original health foods store? (years?)

Cured West [Gourmet café and grocery] - 2019 10th St. (2015 – current)

? - on Canyon, near 11th. (years?); Der WeinerSchnitzel (years?); IHop (at least 1972?);

Dish [gourmet sandwiches/prepared foods]- 1918 Pearl St. (? - today);

Domino's Pizza - 1002 Walnut Street. (? - today);

The Savvy Hen – 1908 Pearl St. (~2013 - 2015); Don's Cheese and Sausage Mart (1963-1979, moved to 2720 Baseline); [This is the original location – found in 1977 phone book. I also show another close address and wonder if they are one in the same. “Moved to Canyon just east of Liquor Mart in A-frame.” I thought it was in a stand-alone building? maybe near Liquor Mart on Canyon. I seem to remember it was in the Liquor Mart parking lot? Maybe it was that place that used to be a music store and a camping equipment repair store?] (early 70s and at least through 1977); Don’s also moved at or near where Dot’s is now on 28th.  John Lund Hotel (1877 - ?).

Retail shops on Pearl side, residences on alley side (West End Wines - formerly West End Library, and Spruce Confections) - 799 Pearl Street (years?); – Dot's Diner [Was an old gas station that was demolished and new buildings built] (1974-?):  Bess and Tess Restaurant [Bess and her husband Tess ran the restaurant]. (years?);

Vacant – The window at 1968 13th Street (2011-today?); Dubbin's Grubbery (? - today); A Jamaican place? (years?); Ventana Latina [empenadas] (years?)

the Food Lab [hands-on cooking classes and demos]- 1825 Pearl St. (opening 2015 – current)

Foolish Craig's Cafe [crepes, sandwiches, breakfast etc.] - 1611 Pearl St. (? - today);

? – Somewhere on Pearl west of the Daily Camera (years?); Frank Hemburger's

Frasca Food & Wine [Fruili Italian] - 1738 Pearl St. (? - today); Envie [wine bar] (years?); Daily Bread [bakery] (years?);

? - just South of Pearl on Broadway (years?); Fondue Stube (years?);

Ghost, The [BBQ]- 2028 14th St., in the Boulder Theater (2015-current); George's Food and Drink (? - 2015); Lounge at the Boulder Theater (years?) Note:  George was the name of the ghost that haunted the Boulder Theater. Thus a few of the names.

Green Rush Café [Organic Japanese] - 2018 Broadway (2015-current); Vacant (2013 – current); A Cafe Boulder (Arlene’s Bistro and Craperie) (2013 – 2013); Crepes A La Cart (2008 - today); Double Eagle (closed as restaurant long ago but George Koutsoubos but ran his catering service out of the building – or left it vacant – till 2008. Interesting back story about a basement explosion, injury, lawsuit allowing him to stay in the building at no/low cost. Was a restaurant in the 1970s at least till 1977)

Great Awakening [Coffee shop]- 1715 15th St. (? - today);

Retail?; Gondolier [Italian] - Broadway and Marine near Arapahoe - this was the original location. (1960 - 1980)

? - 2000 Broadway (years?); Harvest Express (years?)

New Hope Natural Media offices - 2010 14th St. (2011 – today); Himalayas Restaurant (? - 2011); Sobriety Sarsaparilla and Sandwich Shoppe [24 hour sandwich and Ice Cream Shoppe] (years?); ? (years?); Yankee Lady [arcade/pool] (years?) this may have also been down here in a space that got combined with Himalayas? Someone just said it was east of the courthouse in the basement and someone else remembered a “burger spot” that was down by the Himalayas spot, and they may be one in the same? Someone also said that the original Fox Theater was here before the building burned down?

Hotel Boulderado (Houses several restaurant/bar spaces) - 2115 13th St. (Opened 1909, the longest continuously open restaurant in Boulder. With the exception of a brief closure during World War 2, it has been open every day since the hotel’s opening.) [I may have some of the locations of each restaurant name in the wrong parts of the hotel]

13th Street facade: Spruce Restaurant [Farm and Fish] (2014 – today); Q’s – (Late ‘90s - 2014); Teddy Roosevelts (1990s); T. Newcombs (years?); Split into Winston's and The Porch (1979-?); Fleur De Lis [French] (years including 1978 - 1979); Prosperity Garden (1972-1978); Boulderado Empire Room [Malaysian/Javanese/Asian] (1969-1972); Fred's Steakhouse (1962-1968); Boulderado Coffee shop (late 1950s - 1962); Boulderado Café (1951-late 1950s); Cactus Room (post-WW2-early 1950s); Original dining room (1909-WW2).

Spruce St. façade: Corner Bar & Cafe - 2115 13th St. (? - today); Was a women’s boutique for a time. (years?); Used to be the location of the Boulder Western Union office as well as a barbershop (years?); Wayne's Café [maybe not as it was at 1400 block of Pearl] (years?);

Basement: License No. 1 (2014 – current); Catacombs, The [nightclub/music venue/just bar-restaurant] (March 1969-2014 with a break in the middle when it was called other things) Franco’s Pastaria (1980 - 1983) it’s the oldest bar in the city limits and was the first establishment that served food to receive a liquor license in 1969.

Upstairs Mezzanine: Mezzanine Lounge [jazz] (1967 or 77 -1980s).

Upstairs room:  private parties now (1980s to present) Q’s (mid-1990s); Steak Porch (1980 - ?); Eggroll Parlor? (1977 - 1980)

Lobby Area:  Le Bar,in the Boulderaldo,in back of check-in desk (? – 1983) [it was the greatest secret spot for many years...bartended there for years,entertaining the likes of David Crosby,Jimmy Page,Robert Plant,Jack Nicholson, William Burroughs, Alan Ginsberg..etc,etc..Is now Sid's office.]

? - Broadway just north of Pearl (years?); Imperial Tea and Coffee (Imperial Tea dna ?) [original location] (1940s);

? - Near Top Hat janitorial around 1729 Pearl (years?); International Café [breakfast/lunch joint, somehow associated with Rudi's Bakery]

Ford & Ford CPA – 2129 13th St. (years?); Indo-Ceylon (years including 1978);

Jaipur - 1800 Broadway. (2013-current); Bombay Bistro (? – 2013?); New building.

Jax Fish House - 928 Pearl St. (? - today); The Small Wonder Cafe (years?);

Jill's at St. Julien Hotel - 900 Walnut St. [American bistro] (? - today); Several busineses were on different parts of the property prior to being torn down and the hotel being built:  NE Corner of Canyon & 9th: The People’s Parking Lot. (forever).

Johnny's Cigar Bar - One Boulder Plaza, 1801 13th Street, Suite. (? - today);

Kitchen, The [community bistro] - 1039 Pearl Street. (? - today); Stagehouse Books (years?); Triana [was at 1039 Pearl, but I don’t remember it being where The Kitchen was??? I thought it was in some building that got torn down?] (years?)

Kitchen [Next Door], The - 1035 Pearl St.  (2011-Today); Abos [pizza]; (2010-2010) Circle (2009 – 2010); Seven (? - 2009); Seven on Pearl (different name) (years?); Timbuktu [clothing] (years?);

? – Somewhere on 15th across from the courthouse (per owner, Kimmie) although I suspect she meant 13th as 15th doesn’t face the courthouse Kobe-an (it was here very shortly before moving to 1401 Pearl.

? –2015 13th Street (2011?-current); Ku Cha House of Tea (? – 2011?);

L'Atelier [French] - 1739 Pearl Street . (? - today); Attuso's of Brooklyn (years?); PachaMamas (years?) French Peasant [run by gourmet Sufis] (years?); The building originally housed the Motor Vehicle Bureau, where you got your driver's license.

Laughing Goat Coffehouse - 1709 Pearl Street. (? - today); Bullfrogs Pub and Grill (years?); Twisted Vine (years?); Rio Grande (years?); T.C.’s Restaurant (years?)

Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant - 2010 16th Street. (? - today); Goodman’s Deli (years? At least in 1977);

License No. 1 – See Hotel Boulderado

Life is Sweet – 2027 Broadway (opening 2011); Clothing store. (years?);

Lucile's Creole Cafe - 2124 14th St. (? - today);

Lyfe Kitchen [Farm to counter] - 1600 Pearl St. (2012 – current); Gondolier on Pearl [Italian] (2007 - 2012); BD’s Mongolian Barbeque (dates?)

Boulder Shambhala Center – the basement of 1345 Spruce Street (years?); Magdalena's Famous Holland Restaurant [Dutch restaurant and bakery] (1958-60);

Mateo [French provencal] - 1837 Pearl St. (? - today); Le Rocher [French] (years?); Creative Bakery & Café [natural foods] (years?); Magdalena's (1986-89);

Mediterranean (The Med) - 1002 Walnut. (? - today); Garcia’s of Scottsdale (at least 1984-1987?); Pedro Verde’s (years?)

? - 1871 Pearl Street (years?); Mij Bani (years?)

? - Across from Jax (years?); Mike’s Pub [only the old-timers will know this one?] (years?)

Vacant - 1738 Pearl Street (2010-Today); Mellow Mushroom [pizza] (years?); Gondolier (2001 - 2007); Harvest Restaurant & Bakery Earth [natural foods] (years?); Good Earth [natural foods] (1977-?)

Moongate Asian Bistro - 1628 Pearl Street. (? - today); Moshi Moshi Bowl (years?)

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery - 1535 Pearl Street. (? - today);              

Mustard's Last Stand [hot dogs] - 1719 Broadway. (around 1978 - today); Fondue Champones [may have been further north on Broadway?] (years?); Bush's Drive In (1944 - least 1955); Happy Jack's Oasis in new building. (1940-1944); True's Barrel [building torn down] (? - 1940); True's Thirst Shop (1930-?):

? - 2043 Broadway. ( ?-?); Oliv You & Me [olive oil, sandwiches, coffee] - (? – Closing May 2011);

Vacant? –1050 Walnut St, Boulder (years?); Orchid Pavilion Chinese Restaurant          

Pasta Jay's - 1001 Pearl St. (? - today); Pour La France (at least by 1993 - years?) Peking (years including 1978);

Retail (? - today); Pasta Jay’s – little house (1988-?); Johhny Pirates [pitas] (years?) – I think these were in adjacent cottages (Boettcher Cottages (Shonweiler Bldg replaced them).

Vacant - 1035 Pearl Street? Behind Tahona?.(2012-current); Pearl Street Steak Room (2011-Today);

Full Cycle bicycle store - 1795 Pearl Street (NW corner). (2006-today); Penny Lane [coffee house] (1994-2005); Indian restaurant in the back for a while; Voula's (years?); The Atlantic Pearl operated before a weekend remodel into My Brother's Place as a pool hall college hang out.  The neighborhood revolted and their liquor license was not renewed at the end of the year and JB and crew moved to Arapahoe.

? - SW corner of 18th and Pearl (years?);

Penny Lane [coffee house] (1981-1984);

Piece, Love & Chocolate – 805 Pearl St. chocolate boutique and bakery (2011 – today);

Pizzeria Locale (Frasca) – 1730 Pearl St. (2011 - today);

PMG (Pour ma gueule) [wine bar and restaurant]- 2018 10th Street (2014-today) Beehive (2012 - 2014); Saxy's Cafe (? – 2012); Cutting Edge Hair Salon (years?)

Press Play [arcade bar] - 1005 Pearl St. (2012-current); Round Midnight [nightclub] (? - today);

Wells Fargo – 1420 Canyon (years); World Savings (years?);  Red Barn (1970s-early 1980s?);

Torn down to build The Arete, a 5-story building - 1095 Canyon. (?-today); Republic of Boulder [brewery?] (years?); Oasis [brewery] (years?); Elephant Bar (years?); Canyon Inn – and Isadora's Disco at night (years? At least in 1977); [This spot burned several times] May have been My Sweet Lass and/or Zeke’s at one point?

Vacant - 1801 13th Street. (2012-current); Rib House, The [barbecue]  (? - today);

Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant (The Rio) - 1101 Walnut St. (? - today); Piccolo's (years?); Burke’s (years? At least in 1983); Tico’s [Mexican] (1980-?);

Rocket Fiz Boulder [Soda pop and candy shop specializing in hard to find items] - 1441 Pearl St. (2012 – current)’ Pennyweights (years? Closed?): 1441 Bean & Spirit Factory (1980s?); Boar’s Head Inn (years including 1977 and 1978);

Twig Salon and Spa – 1831 Pearl St. (years?); Rudi’s [original location] (years included 1978);

Rueben's Burger Bistro - 1800 Broadway (2010-current); Vacant (2009-today); Scotch Corner Pub (?-2009); L'Absinthe (years?)

Salt the Bistro - 1047 Pearl Street (2009- today); Tom's Tavern [famous for burgers and along with the Boulderado’s Catacombs, had one of the first businesses with a liquor licence after 1967 repeal of city’s liquor ban] (1959-2009); Laundromat [belonged to Tom] (years?); Funeral home (years?);

?  – 1400 block of Pearl. (years?); Sawadee Restaurant [Thai] (years?)

New buildings/addresses - 1025 Pearl St. [Office building that was torn down and now holds Kitchen Next Door and  Tahona]. Shannon’s Restaurant and Lounge and Shannon’s Rooming House [bar] (years?); Keller’s (years?);

Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place [Emich Triplets] (Dec 2011-today) - 2027 13th St.; Las Oasis – [Brewery, Tequila Distillery]  (Around April 2011 – October 2011); Boulder Draft House (?-2011); Redfish [Cajun/Creole] (years?); [At this point, the building was gutted and redesigned as there were several spaces down the original hall] La Estrellita (years?); Sunshine Cafe (years?); The Boulder Munchery, AKA The Cheese Gallery (years?);

Vacant? – 1375 Walnut St.(years); Sidney's Cappuccino and Art Bar (years?)

Smooch Frozen Yogurt & Mochi - 1926 14th St. (Feb 2011-today) – Same owners, just rebranded from Cefiore Italian Frozen Yogurt  (? – Feb 2011);

Snooze - 1617 Pearl Street (2011-today);

? – east side of Broadway just north of Pearl on the alley (years?); The Spud Nut (years?);

Spruce Restaurant [American] – [See Hotel Boulderado]

Styr Nightclub - 1915 Broadway, Boulder (years?)

Sushi Tora - 2014 10th St. (? - today);

Sushi Zanmai / Sake Zanmai - 1221 Spruce. (? - today);

T|ACO Boulder - 1175 Walnut St. (2012-current) Boulder Organic Pizza (? - 2012); Yuko Asia Japanese Cuisine  (? - 2010?) Yaki Maki (years?); Pan Asia Fusion (years?)

Tahona Tequila Bistro - 1035 Pearl Street. (? - today); A jewelry/import store (years?)

Ted’s Montana Grill - 1701 Pearl St (2010 - today); Sunflower Fine Organic Cuisine (? - 2009); Rio Grande (years?);

Tee & Cakes [cupcakes] - 1932 14th Street. (? - today); Nature's Nectar (years?)

Thrive [vegan] - 1509 Arapahoe Ave. (2015 – current); Pita Pit (? - 2013); DP Dough (years?); Taco John’s (years?); Taco Bravo (at least in 1978, years?);

Tonic Herban Lounge [oxygen bar, smoothies] - 2011 10th St. (? - today);

Trident Booksellers and Cafe - 940 Pearl Street. (? - today);

New apartment Building - 1155 Canyon Blvd. Trios Grille Wine Bar and Home Gallerie (years?); Two Bitts [New American] (years?); Treats (years-I think this building was torn down?)

Two Spoons [gelato/soups] - 1021 Pearl Street. (? - today);

Unseen Bean, The [coffee shop] - 2052 Broadway. (? - today);

Via Perla (March 2016-current) – 915 Pearl Stl. [Italian, owned by Med/Brasserie Ten Ten folks]; Tesla showroom (2012?); Marisol Imports, Mexican furniture store (?)

Walnut Brewery - 1123 Walnut Street. (? - today); The Famous Pacific Fish Company (years?);

Walrus Saloon [bar/pool hall] - 1911 11th St. (1973 - today);

West End Tavern [Comfort food] - 926 Pearl Street. (1987 - today);

Wild Standard - 1043 Pearl St. (2014 – current); ino (2012-2014); - Juanita's Mexican Food - (1982 - 2011); Saunders Glass and Paint (1940 – 1982); Plumbing store (1890 – 1922); 1043-47 Pearl was built prior to 1883 and was two equally-sized spaces split by a (still existing) staircase to the upper story. At that time it was used as a skating rink (prior to 1883 - ?);

Wonder Press [Juice, smoothies]- 946 Pearl St. (opening 2015 – current); Wok Eat (2014 – 2015); Vacant (2012 – current); World Café (2012-2012); Cuvee The (2010 - today); Blending Cellar Wine & Tapas Bar, The - 946 Pearl St. (? - 2010);

World of Beer [500 bottled beers, 50 rotating taps, food] - 921 Pearl St. (opening 2016 – current); Vacant (2014 – 2016); Bacaro Venetian Taverna - 921 Pearl St. (? – March 5, 2014); Narayan's Nepal Restaurant (years)

Yellow Deli, The [open 24hr, Sun noon-Fri 3pm] - 908 Pearl St. (2011 - today); Heidi's Brooklyn Deli - (2008-2009?)

Zeal Eatery – 1710 Pearl St. (2013-current);  H Burger (2012-2013); Pinyon, The [Artisanal mountain man food ] (2010-4/9 2012); Bimbamboo [Asian Bistro] (? – 2010); Camille’s Sidewalk Café (years?)

Zoe Ma Ma [fast casual Asian] - 2010 10th Street. (2010 - today); Spud Brothers [baked potatoes] (years?)



Greater Downtown

Beyond Pearl Street area, bordered by the mountains/Folsom (24th)/Alpine/Arapaho


8 Port Coffee & Tea - 1727 15th Street. (? - today);

15th Street Coffee – 2010 15th St (years?); A pizza place? A Jamaican restaurant? A bakery owned by two women?

Alfalfas (April 2010 - today) - 1651 Broadway (2010? - ?); Whole Foods Market [natural food market] (?-2010); Alfalfa’s [natural food market] (? - today);

? 1250 Spruce (years?); Allen’s Alley Coney Island [Detroit Coney dogs] (1975 or 1976 - ?);

Backcountry Pizza and Tap House (Opening fall 2010) - 2319 Arapahoe Ave; Dolan’s [seafood] (?-2010); Cantina del Mar [apparently, the guys from this first took over Pelican Pete’s, keeping the name before changing it] (years?); Pelican Petes [seafood] (years?)

Hospital Parking Garage– 2631 N. Broadway (years?); Berardi & Son’s (years? building torn down);

Boulder Running Company - 2775 Pearl Street (years?); Beatnik’s Bagels (years?)

? - 1731 15th St (years?); Boulder Cheese Company [owned by Saxon Brown] (years?):

Cold Stone Creamery - 2412 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today);

Rocky Mt. Anglers - 1904 Arapahoe (? - today): Cornucopia [market?] (years?)

Demolished (2012); Vacant – Building west of Back Country Pizza (?-2012); Dairy Queen

Vacant - 826 Pearl St. (?-Today); Delhi Darbar (? - today);

Fiesta (Was Fiesta Mexitalian Restaurant but took second part off sign)- 2350 Arapahoe Ave. (2010-today); Rincon Del Sol (?-2010); Turley’s (1996-?); Rookies Sports (3 yrs); Folsom Grill (3yrs); Josephina’s Café and Pizzaria  (1985-1987); Goldini’s (1978-1984); Timber Tavern (1938-1978) Timber Town Tavern (1935-1938)

Flippin’ Burgers? [by Snarfs] (to be built 2013?); Demolished. (2012-today) - 2000 Arapahoe. Daddy Bruce's Bar-B-Que (early 1970s?-2012); Uncle Joe’s Plantation Bar-b-que (years?); Nifty-Nix [car hops and Malts] (Late 50's - 60's)

Flower Pepper Restauratnt [Chinese] (2015 – current); Milo’s Restaurant [Pizza & Po-boys]- 2655 Broadway (2012?-2015?); Don’s, The (2010-2010) [NY Style Pizza & Heros]; Subway (years?);

Vacant– 1795 Folsom Street (2013-current); Folsom Street Coffee Co. (~2004 - 2012); Dunkin Donuts (years?);

? Somewhere on Broadway near the Hospital towards south end of block but not on corner (years?); The Gourmet (years?)

Senior Center - 909 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder (years?); Green Mountain Granary [building was razed to make way for senior center] (years?) 

Bitter Bar - 835 Walnut St. (2011 - today); Happy and the Bitter Bar [American/Asian] (2010?-2011); Happy Noodle (? - 2010); D'Napoli Ristorante (years?); Southern Exposure (years?) Oh Carolina [pit BBQ] (years?); Essential Ingredients [gourmet food store] (years?)

Hungry Toad [American pub] - 2543 Broadway. (? - today); Wrangler 2 (years? At least in 1977); Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant (years?);.

? -  Next to the University Inn which is at 1632 Broadway (at Broadway) (years?); Jay Benedict's (years?);

Jet's Espressoria - 2116 Pearl Street. (? - today); Café Luna (years?)

Chamber of Commerce - Folsom Avenue, at Pearl Street  (years); Klassy Corner Dairy Mart  (1950s Drive-in per article:

Lolita's Market & Deli - 800 Pearl St. (? - today);

New building - 2226 Pearl Street (years?); Mataam Fez [Moroccan] (~1979 - ~2008); Off Broadway Café [French bistro, Jazz] (1978-1979); Pebble in the Water [macrobiotic] (? – 1978);

Keira Ritter Design Co (?-current):  The Newsstand [Adult Bookstore] (years? Was here at least by the 1980s and closed maybe in mid-late 2000s?); McDuck’s - 1720 15th St (years?);

? – 1655 Walnut St. (years?); Michael’s [gourmet] (years);

Mustard's Last Stand [hot dogs] - 1719 Broadway. (? - today);

Nick-N-Willy's Take-N-Bake Pizza - 801 Pearl Street. (? - today);

? - 22nd or 23rd and Pearl (years?); The Off Broadway (Grill?), open for a few months in 79 or 80.

Papa John's - 2420 Arapahoe Ave. . (? - today);

AG Edwards? – 880 Walnut St. (years?); Pete’s Chapter 11 [steak house] (years?);  Brophy’s Salmon Run (years?); Pete’s Prime [steak house] -  (years?);

River and Woods - 2328 Pearl St. (2016 – current); Vacant (2013 – 2016); John's Restaurant [classic & contemporary, used to be listed at 2338 Pearl in 1977] (? - 2013) They are supposedly reopening somewhere else in the spring of 2014;

The Riverside - includes Per la Gente, which I think was the same as Food Restaurant (Food at the Riverside), Food Café…it’s all so confusing! Agora performance venue, and Fuse coworking space) – 1724 [1718?] Broadway. Was slated to be Broadwalk on the Creek with café, mini-theater for music, lectures? (opening 2012); Vacant and gutted? (2006 - 2012); Alexander’s and Levorio’s Creekside Café (?-2006); 32 Degrees and Rising (years?); Library Pub (2002 - ?); La Estrallita (? - 2001); First Wok (years?); Yocom’s Studio Restaurant and The Darkroom [downstairs] (1980-years including 1978); Haertling Architecture and Art Gallery (1975-?); Daniel Yocom’s Photography Studio (1932-1975?);  Built as a candy store (1914 – 1932?)

? – 21st or 22nd block of Water Street [Now Canyon. Boulder’s first (and maybe only) "soul food" restaurant.] (years?); Roger’s Kitchen (1950s);

Seeds Café – [In the Boulder Library] 1001 Arapahoe Avenue (2015 – current);

Sherpa's Adventurers Restaurant & Bar - 825 Walnut St. (? - today); Cafe Louie          (years?); Nancy’s (years?)

Snarf’s [sandwiches] - 2128 Pearl Street (2007 – current);

Building torn down (2007); Snarf's [sandwiches] - 2049 Pearl St. (1995-2007); Foul Play (years?); Ming’s Oriental Kitchen (years?); P&W (years?); A&W Rootbeer Stand (years? At least in 1952 and 1981);

South Mouth - 1650 Broadway St (opening 2012); VG Burgers [Vegetarian burgers]. (years?); Alexander's [Mexican] (?-today);

Spicy Pickle [sandwiches] - 2520 N Broadway. (? - today); Fresh Grains [soups, sandwiches] (years?)

Spruce Confections - 767 Pearl St. (? - today);

Sun Deli Pizza and Liquor - 2299 Pearl Street (?-today);

Sweet Cow – 2628 Broadway (2014-current); Ginger and Pickles [toy store] (years?):

? – 1796 Folsom St. (years?); Tao Tao Drive-Thru Liquor (years including 1978);

Taste of Philly- 1575 Folsom Street, downstairs. (Opening 2011 - today); Sumida's Restaurant [Japanese] (?-2010)

Village Coffee Shop - 1605 Folsom. (? - today);



Central Boulder

Folsom/Foothills Pkwy./Valmont (24th)/Arapahoe


28th Street Tavern - 2690 28th St. (years?) (years?); Billy D’s (years?)

? - 3005 Arapahoe Ave. (?); AAA Root Beer (1951 - ?); 3005 Arapahoe Ave (years?); Bar-None Drive-in Restaurant – [1950s Drive-in per article:] (1951 - ?);

Agave [Mexican] - 2845 28th Street (2010-today); La Mariposa Restaurant Taqueria (years?); Gondolier (1980-2001);

Charming Charlies [Jewelry] - 1685 29th St, Ste 1268  (?-today); Ai Sushi & Steak (?-2011);

Aloy Thai - 2720 Canyon Blvd. (2011 - today); Chy Thai Cuisine  (? – 2011); Twin Teriyaki (years?): Building torn down and rebuilt (years?); A place with “Rollers” (wraps)? (years?); Razzle’s [Wayne Dozier’s short-lived sliders restaurant] (1986-1987);


Trader Joes opening (opening in 2013); Applebee’s - 1906 28th St. (?-2012);

Asian Market - 2829 28th St. (years?) Used to have a full-fledged restaurant inside, then split the space, the sister ran the restaurant for a while, then it was sold to Jin Chan.

Vacant (2014 – current) - 1729 28th Street; Baker Street Pub & Grill - (? - 2014); Chili’s (early 2000s? - ?)

? - 1958 28th St (years?); Benito's [in front of where old putt Putt Putt was] (years? At least in 1977);

? – 24th & Pearl? (years); Belgian Bakery (years?);

Berry Best Smoothies & Juice Bar - 2525 Arapahoe Ave.; (years?); Tehanh Tehanh [Vietnamese & Chinese] (years?); My Pie [spelled like the math symbol TT] (years? Was around in 1977)

Big City Burrito - 2426 Arapahoe Ave.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse [pizza & pasta] – 1690 28th St. (Opening 2012); Playfair Toys (?-2011);

Black Pepper Pho - 2770 Pearl St. (2010- today); Noodles & Company (?-2009?)

Blackjack Pizza - 3023 Walnut St.

Boulder Chill - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today);

Boulder Loft [playroom and cafe for families with kids 6 months to 8 years by day, dance club for high school teens by night] - 1710 29th St. (2011-today); Vacant? (years?); Railyard Restaurant & Saloon (Bar Food, American, Burgers)

Childish Things and Yoga stores – 2071 30th St (years?); Boulder Express or Express Club [gay dance club] Building restructured and old address was 2075 30th or maybe 2850 29th St. where Busters was [Buster’s moved and turned into the Express] (years?)

Brewing Market - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today);

Burger King – 1770 28th Street, Boulder (? - today); Nutty Irishman Pub & Grill (years?); Gaylord’s (later Tyler's) Applewood Pit [Ribs etc. Had a drive-in and rollerskates for a while] (1955 - ?); Burger King (first listed in 1958 phone book);

The Buff [moved from 1725 28th when building slated for demolition]- 2600 Canyon Blvd. (2014 - current); Original Pancake House (? - 2021); Black-Eyed Pea Restaurants (years?);

Being torn down for hotel (since 2014);  Buff Restaurant [American/breakfast] - 1725 28th St. (? – 2012?); Was called Mark Faulkner's Golden Buff until he moved to Niwot and opened Rev Taylor’s and Paul Turley took over (at least 1972 - ?);

Building being torn down - 2079 30th St. Cafe Food [Sandwiches/soup]- [Was just called Food and was across street] (Opened late 1970s,   - 2014);

Boulder Eyes (years?): 2020 30th St. Food [moved across the street] (years?);

Ski shop? (years?)  Cafe Food [sandwiches/soup] – across the street from current location next to Christy Sports. (at least the 1980s - today);

Café Rio (Opening end of 2015?-current) – On Arapahoe, just to the east of Home Goods.

California Pizza Kitchen. (?-today);

Office building - 3100 Arapahoe Avenue  (years?); Cancun Family Mexican Restaurant (years?); Silver Palace [Chinese] (years?) First Wok (early 80s?) Ristorante Paolino’s [Italian] (around 1982 - ?);

Cantina Laredo - 1710 29th Street (?-Today);

Vacant - 3161 Walnut. (2014-current) Casa Alvarez (? - 2014); Bananas (1978 - year?); Armadillo (years?)

Caspian Market & Deli [Mediterranean] - 2607 Pearl St (? – today);

Cheese Course, The [cheese shop, bistro] – 2525 Arpaphoe, C1 (Opening 2014):

Chez Thuy Restaurant [Vietnamese] - 2655 28th St. (? - today); Mr. Steak (years?)

Vacant lot - 2555 28th Street (years?); China Buffet (years?); Senor Miguel’s (years?);

?  - 2700 Canyon Blvd (another said 28th & Canyon).  (years?); Chicken Unlimited (years? At least 1977);

?  - 2331 28th (years?); Chicken Broaster (1960s);

Chipotle [burittos] (?-Today);

29th Street Mall (see separate restaurant listings) – Between 28th & 30th and Arapahoe and Pearl Street. Crossroads Mall (1963 - 2004) 

1)  Foodcourt (1983-2004): Chinese Combo King, Falafal Man, some Japanese joint, Beau Jo's Pizza, Shishkabob, Sbarro. mini-bar run by a guy named Skip who also was a bartender at the Dark Horse.

2)  Individual spaces in Crossroads (1963-1983 remodel/addition of food court and a few more recent):  Woolworth's Diner (years?) toward the north end, west side with an outside entrance near where JC Penney's was (Became Wallgreens perfume/make up section?); Furr's Cafeteria (years? – until they moved north) East side on the far north end; Orange Julius (years?) had an island type stand, between them all; Round the Corner (years?) 1757 29th St., Further south, toward the arcade by Montgomery Ward and Consumer Survey office, near the west entrance off of 28th, had outdoor entrance and telephones on the tables?; Ruby Tuesday (years?); Gronk’s Picnic Baket & Donut Shop (years?)

Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. Unit C6; (Opening spring 2011 – today);

Vacant - 1695 29th St. #1249 (2014-current); Daphne’s Greek Café (?-2014);

Deli Zone - 2900 Valmont Road. (? - today);

Dot's Diner [breakfast] - 2716 28th St. (? - today); Don's [Cheese and Sausage] Mart (~1985 – 1977/1978);

Doug’s Day Diner - 2400 Arapahoe Avenue (2015 – current); Vacant - (2012-2015); Tossa [fast-casual Italian] (2011-2012);

Einstein Brother Bagels - 1693 28th St. . (? - today);

? - 1664 30th Street (years?); El Taco Loco (years?)

Tapestry Salon? (years?) - 2425 Canyon Boulevard (years?): Empanadas Plus Two (years?)

Petco - 2460 Arapahoe Avenue (years?); European Cafe Boulder [French] (1989-2005);

? - Somewhere on Arapahoe between Folsom and 28th (years?); Essential Ingredients [gourmet food store/French bakery] Started where Happy is now, then moved into a shopping center.

Fate Brewing Co- 1600 38th Street (2013-current); Vacant (2011-2012); Playa Azul - (? - 2011); Jose Muldoon’s (years?);

Firehouse Subs.- 1695 29th St # 1252 (?-Today);

Five Guys Burgers and Fries - 1855 29th St. (opening 2013-current);

Flatiron Coffee - 2721 Arapahoe (years?); Peaberry's Coffee (years); Also see The Lamp Post as address is complex;

Fresh Thymes Eatery [community supported restaurant]- 2500 30th St. (opening Spring 2013 – current) Elephant Hut  [Thai] (? - 2013); Lulu’s Kitchen (years?)

Garbanzo [Mediterranean]– 1905 29th St. (2011-?);

? – In the Crossroads Shopping Center across from Furr's Cafeteria. (current);  Gaylord's Deli [An additional one to Table Mesa’s] (Mid 1960s. There for about 1 1/2 – 2 years);

Golden Buff (see Buff)

Golden Sun - 1635 28th Street. (? - today); Ping’s Favorite (years?); Viet Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine (years?);

Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard - 2050 26th St. (? - today);

King Soopers? – 30th & Arapahoe (years?); Grandma's or something like that.  [3.2 bar in old dark red farmhouse. (Early 70's);

Haoway Chinese Cafe - 1678 30th St. (? - today); Lobster House (years?); World Fare [or Faire?] (1987-88?);

? – 30th and Arapaho? (years?); Hardee’s (years?);

Harpo's Sports Bar & Grill - 2860 Arapahoe Ave. (2004 - today); The House [sports bar] (around 1999?); Aloha Grill, The [strip club] (open for 5 days before authorities shut it down-year?); Barrell House Sports Bar (years?); Hooter’s (years?); Azar’s Big Boy (early 1960s – early 80s?)

1900 29th Street [although I suspect it had a different address before the 2th St. Mall] (years?); Heron’s Café [“fern bar” in May D&F with entrances from inside and outside?] (1980s?);

IHOP-International House of Pancakes - 1675 28thSt. (? - today); Taco Cabana (1994-?); Wrangler Barbecue Place (Around 1989?-years?) Peaches (year? - 1989); Sebastian’s [Pictures of Old Masters on the walls with faces replaced by Sebastian (a sort of cartoon character or Wayne Dozier, owner.] (around 1988-year?); The Viking [owned by Don Monette of Flagstaff or Wayne Dozier?] (years?); Charcoal Chef (years? 1960s?);

Vacant - 1855 29th St. (2011-today); Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks.(~2008-2011).

Il Pastaio - 3075 B Arapahoe Ave. (? - today);

FirstBank - 1650 30th Street? (years?); Jack in the Box [it was at 30th and Arapahoe where there is a now a bank, guessing this bank] (years?);

Jai Ho [Indian] (2011-today) 1915 28th St. Maharaja (? - 2011); Jin Chan (years?)

Jamba Juice - 3053 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today); Pizza Hut (1970);

Jason’s Deli – 1933 28th Street (opening 2013 – current);

Jin Chan - 2835 28th Street (2009-today)

Juan’s Burritos To Go - 1685 38th Street (years?)

JW's Steakhouse - 2660 Canyon Blvd. (? - today); Bennigan’s [in a different building, but same address?] (years?)

Kathmandu- 1964 28th Street. (2015-current); Golden Lotus (? - today); Shakey’s (1965 - At least in 1977);

KFC [was called Kentucky Fried Chicken] - 3210 Arapahoe Avenue. (At least since 1977 - today);

? - 3055 Arapahoe (years?); Keith Johnson's Chicken-n-Biscuits (1953 - ?).

Torn down? – 2685 Arapahoe (1970s?-current); Lamplighter Restaurant and the Lamp Post (at least late 1960s – 1970s?); There’s conflicting information about the address for these two sides of the same restaurant. The affordable Lamplighter lounge was on the left, and the fancy Lamp Post on the right. Maybe the original address 2685 – which was between Folsom and 28th [found in the Carnagie Library of Boulder History] was torn down and replaced with several other addresses (2721 and 2525)? Note: Until 1967 (when the IBM plant opened), the City of Boulder was dry, but Boulder County was "wet." But one block on Arapahoe (where these were located) was a "county island," and so alcohol could be served there. Also, someone remembers the Lamp Post being on N. Broadway near the hospital before moving to Arapahoe, but someone else said they don’t remember that, but do remember The Gourmet there, can anyone confirm a N. Bway location? The Lamplighter was the bar in the Southeast "room" of the Lampost Resturant which had a dinning room (SW room), coffee shop (South room) with service counter and booths, and a banquet room in the back (NE room) with a stage where The Benzy Creek (sp?) and Freddi-Henchi played. There was speak-easy peek hole in the front door, too.

Larkburger - 2525 Arapahoe Rd. (? - today); The Small Wonder Cafe (was somewhere in this strip mall, but not sure where, before moving to Jax location).

Latin Café [pupusas, lunch only] – 2825 Wilderness Place, Ste 500 (2011-today);

Ultimate Electronics -1955 28th Street (years?); Soundtrack (years?); LA Diner (Last American Diner) [rollerskating servers] (? – 1996); Oasis Diner (1979-81?); King's Food Host  [carhop, cheese Frenchies];

Gymboree - 2525 Arapahoe Ave # H7 (years?); Arcade (years?); Also see the Lamplighter as address is complex (years?)

Le Peep Restaurant - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today);

Mad Greens [salads] - 1805 29th Street, Suite 1144. (? - today);

McDonald's- 1800 28th Street. (1985 - today);

Modmarket [sandwiches/flatbreads]- 1600 28th Street. (? - today);

Moe's Bagels - 3075 Arapahoe Rd. . (? - today);

Motomaki [build-your-own sushi rolls] -1600 28th Street. (2014-current);

Vacant – 1629 28th St. (2013-current); Naked Pizza (2011-2013);

Native Foods Café - 1675 29th Street. (Opening 2012 - today); Rumbi Island Grill (?-2012);

Nekter Juice Bar- 2660 Pearl Street, Boulder. Spicy Pickle (? - 2014);

Noodles & Co. - 1600 28th Street. (? - today);

Vacant - 2685 Pearl Street. Olive Garden (? - 2014);

Best Buy - 1740 30th St. (?-today); Olympic Dance Hall and Salloon (Bowling Alley too) (years?); Uncle Grumpy's (years?); Honey Bucket [building was torn down] (years?);

Vacant – 1750 30th #84 (2012-current); Oriental Food Market (? - 2012)

Oscar Blues [brewery/restaurant ]– 31?? Pearl [in the old train depot] (opening 2012?, signed letter of intent 5/14/12); 

Apartment building - 2850 29th St. (years?); Oscar’s Pub  (? – 2013 torn down); Ray’s Pub (years?); Lackey's Pub (years?); Rich’s Tavern [gay bar] (years?); The Captain? (years?); Broken Drum (years?); Buster’s (years?)

Panda Express - 2100 28th Street. (? - today);

Panera Bread - 1855 29th Street. (? - today);

Peet's Coffee & Tea - 1695 29th Street, Suite 1260. (? - today);

Pei Wei Asian Diner - Twenty Ninth Street Retail District. (? - today);

PizzaRev - 1650 28th St, #1228 (opening 2015 – current); Massage Envy (?-2015);

Pizzeria Da Lupo (Dec. 2010) - 2525 Arapahoe Ave (a retail store)

Pot Belly Sandwich Shop -  1685 29th St. (opening 2016); Bruxie [gourmet waffle sandwiches] (opening summer 2014? Never opened?); Smiling Moose Deli – (2011 – 2014)

Protien Bar [nutritious wraps, salads, soups, smoothies]- 1855 29th St. (2014-current);

Purl-Knit Cafe - AKA Bliss Ice Cream – 2425 Canyon Blvd. (years?); Bobas Pearl Tea & Coffee (years?); Café Bravo [sandwiches, burritos] (years?)

Vacant? (years?); Purple Martini - 1710 29th St. (? - today);

Qdoba - 1625 28th St. (? - today); Winchell’s [donuts] (years?);

Elements Therapeutic Massage? 2321 30th St. (dates?); Quiznos – 2311(same spot, different address?) 30th Street. (? - today); Ray’s Pub (years?)

Building to be torn down for Google complex - 2111 30th St. Ras Kassas Ethiopian Restaurant - (? - 2015); Masalas International Creekside Café (years?); Tyler's Applewood Pit [moved here from 28th] (1970s);

Red Robin Burger Works - 2700 Arapahoe Ave (2012-current); Talbots (?-2012);

Vacant- 2580 Arapahoe Ave. (2012-current); Red Robin Gourmet Burgers [closed to open Red Robin Burger Works in the building in front]; The Moot House (years?);                                                                                    

Rincon Argentino - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. #A05 (2012 - current);

Vacant (2013-current) - 1710 29th Street, Suite 1076; Ristorante L (2012-current); Laudisio Italian Restaurant (? - 2012);

Roadhouse – Train Depot at 30th & Arapahoe, Boulder Junction (2015- current); Vacant but owned by city in wait for redevelopment (2008-current); Jaycees Lodge when it was west of 30th in Whole Foods parking lot which was the old Pow-Wow Rodeo Grounds (1973 – 2008); Bus depot and travel agency (1957-1973); Train depot, located at north side of Water Street (now Canyon Boulevard) at 14th Street. (built 1890-1957)

Performance Bicycle - 2450 Arapahoe Ave (?-current); The Royal Gorge (in the late seventies);

Boulder Drums (store) - 1840 30th St. (years?); Russian Kitchen and Deli (years?)

Salvaggio's Italian Deli - 2609 Pearl St. (? - today);

San Francisco Soup Company – 1600 28th St (2011-current);

Sanitas Brewing – 1860 38th St. (opening 2012); Post office annex (years?)

Boulder Running Company - 2775 Pearl St # 103 (years?); Schlotzsky's Deli (years?)

Seattle's Best Coffee - 1750 29th St., Ste 1052. (? - today);

Smashburger - 1650 28th St. . (? - today);

Spooners [frozen yogurt] - 1805 29th Street, Suite 1138. (? - today);

Starbucks Coffee - 1600 28th Street. (? - today);

Starbucks Coffee - 3033 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today); Jody’s Subs (years? At least in 1977); The Red Coach  (years?) [Had a little interior window scene of the desert with a stuffed iguana wired to a fence, Bill Vielehr and Frank Brown were the owners.]; Taco Kid (1970); Ricardo's Mexican Food (years?);

Vacant - 1750 29th St  (2013 – current); StarLite Diner and Lounge, [1950s-style diner] (2012 - 2013); Vacant (~2008-2012); Ruby’s Diner (~ 2008).

Sunflower Farmer’s Market - 2525 Arapahoe Avenue (years?); BACKSIDE: Full Moon Grill [Italian] (years?); Burger Bar of Boulder (years?); FRONT SIDE:  Blue Plate Kitchen [upscale comfort food] (years?). Stick Oven Kitchen [eclectic] (years?); Carrelli’s (years?); The Library [somewhere near here? was it here?] (years?)

Taco Bell - 1700 28th Street (? - today); Ichiban Teriyaki (years?); Weebees Heros (years?)

Tasuki Sushi Bistro - 1575 Folsom Street, upstairs (2013? – current); NaRaYa [Thai & Sushi] (2010-today); Siamese Plate Restaurant - (? - 2010);

? - 2430 Arapahoe Avenue (years?); TCBY Yogurt (years?)

Thai Kitchen - 2855 28th Street. (opening 2013 - today); Jimmy and Drew's 28th Street Deli [NY deli] (?-2013);

Tibet Kitchen - 2359 Arapahoe Rd. (? - today); Tastefully Toasted (years?); Wings of the West (1990s?); Subway (years? At least in 1977);

Tiffins [Home-style Indian vegetarian] - 2416 Arapahoe Avenue (2011-today);

Tokyo Joe's - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today);

Vacant – 3060 Pearl St. TrooVi Eatery & Juice Bar (2015 – 2016); Vacant or torn down old buildings.

Turley's Kitchen (was just called Turley’s until sometime in 2013) - 2805 Pearl Street. (? - today); TGI Fridays (years?); Rafferty's (years?)

Twisted Pine Ale House (at Twisted Pine Brewing Company) - 3201 Walnut Street. (? - today); Capstones Brew Bar (years?)

Unknown - next to the theater just east of McGuckin's (years?); Volume II [elegantly casual] (1984 - ?);

Wahoo's Fish Taco - 2790 Pearl St. (? - today);

Walnut Cafe - 3073 Walnut. (? - today);

Wendy's - 1965 28th Street, Boulder (? - today);

Whole Foods Market - 2905 Pearl Street. (? - today);

Vitamin Cottage - 2355 30th Street (years?); Wrangler 2 Barbeque and Steak [original building torn down, had octagonal roof] (years?); Sea Galley (years?)

ViNa-Pho & Grill - 1630 30th St.  (opening 2010-?); Mantra Fine Indian Cuisine (? - today); Bali to Bombay (years?); Sawaddee (years?)

Torn Down (2015 – current) Volta [Italian, Mediterranean] - 2480 Canyon Blvd. (2013-2015); Alba Ristorante [Italian] (? – 2013); Was an oak furniture store. (years?);

Walgreens - 2900 28th St. (2010-today); Wok & Roll Teriyaki [Building torn down] (? – 2008?);

Wonderpress [organic juice bar] - 2595 Canyon Blvd (temporary location, will move to 23rd & Pearl in old autobody shop). Juiced Organic Produce Market and Juicery and Boulder Boucherie (year – 2014?); Office building (years?); Boulder Salad Co. (years?)

Yellowbelly [Fried chicken and more] - 2525 Arapahoe Ave Space 25 (opening 2013/2014); Vacant (2013-2013); Extreme Pita & Pureblendz (2011-today);

Zolo Grill - 2525 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today); Swenson’s Ice Cream (years?)

Vacant - 1695 29th Street (2013-current); Zpizza (2011-2013);


The Hill



13th Street Deli Zone - 1091 13th Street (years?)

1310 College Ave Food Court - 1310 College Ave. [there are several restaurant spots at this address, not sure which ones older restaurants were in]

Aroma (? - today); Patty JS Pizza (years?); Quinn’s Billiards (years?); Chuck’s Grill (years? At least in 1977);

Boulder Salad (2012?-today);   

Good Monster [Part of Thai Avenue? Cinnamon Rolls] (?-today);       

Gurkas on the Hill (?-today);   

Jumbo Thai Express (?-today);

Orange Julius (the first one on Boulder) (in the early 70s);

Shaggy’s Famous Poutine (?-today);   

Shishkabob Supreme (?-today);

Thai Avenue Rice & Noodles #220. (? - today);

      Woodruff  #230. (? - today);

      Some that have been there in the past: Bento/Zanmai on the Hill; Cleveland Pizza; Bubba Chino’s, Memo’s (before it was a food court?);

Abo's Pizza - 1124 13th St.   (1977-today); Teresa’s Pizza Colore (years?) Album’s Bistro (years?); Gramazio’s (years?); Woods (years?)

? – 1110 13th Street (years?); Abos - Pizza On the Hill (years?); Jabberwocky [coffee/muffins] (years?);

Abo’s Commissary   - 1251 Pleasant Street (years?)

Alfalfa's Market  - 1651 Broadway (2011 - today);  Whole Foods Market (mid 1990s - 2011); Alfalfa's Market (early 1980s – mid 1990s?)

Alferd Packer Grill – UMC on Campus. This is the only campus restaurant I’m going to include…because it’s infamous!

Alpine Modern Café 904 College (2015 – current); Second Kitchen, The [co-op] (2013-2014?); Delilah’s Pretty Good Grocery (year – 2013?);

Amante Coffee - 2850 Baseline Road, Unit ? (2013-current); Vacant (torn down?) – (2011 – today): Noodles & Co. (? - 2011);

Beau Jo's Pizza - 2690 Baseline Rd (years?); Fiasco's Mexican Grill (years?); Modena (after Al Fresco); Al Fresco (not sure when this was but think after Two Bitts?); Two Bitts (Years?) Long John Silvers (years? At least in 1977); Pizza Oven [This was also listed at 2620 Baseline per Karen](years?-at least during late 1950s-60s)

Boss Lady Pizza - 1129 13th St. (2012? – current); Which Wich (? - today);

Bova's Pantry & Ice Cream - 1325 Broadway (?-today); Mad Mushroom Pizza – AKA Cosmos Pizza (years?); Santiagos V Mexican Restaurant (years?)

Country Store, The [deli and market]– 919 Broadway (at least 1949 – the 1990s?); Broadway Market (years?); Page’s Food Market (years?);

Project Pie – 1155 13th St.  (2014? – current); Boxed (per rumor in Yelloscene 3/13) [California-based pizza company]  - 1155 13th St. (2012-2014?); Pickled Lemon; [Udi’s Middle Eastern] (2011-2012); Cafe Play  [Coffee Shop, Ice Cream, Chili] (?-today);

Buchanan's Coffee Pub - 1301 Pennsylvania Ave. (?-today); The Spoke [bicycle shop] (1970s); Leaning Tower of Pizza (years?);

? - Across from the Fox  (years?); Buff Room [only the old-timers will know this one?] (years?);

Cafe Aion (opening April 2010) - 1235 Pennsylvania. (? - today); Burnt Toast Restaurant [American, Breakfast, Brunch] (years?); Funky butts (years? at least in 1977); It may have been a high med ski/climbing shop at one point (years?); Blue Danube Restaurant [fine European dining] (Mid 60's until ???).  

Cafe Mexicali - 2850 Baseline Road, Unit A-1. (2013-current); Vacant (torn down?) – (2011 – today): Noodles & Co. (? - 2011);

Cheba Hut Toasted Subs - 1313 College Ave. (?-today);

? - NE corner of College and 13th (years?); Dairy Queen (years?); Three Flags (years?);

? – Next to Boulder High (years?); Doc's (years?)

The Corner – 1100 13th Street (years?); Del Taco (again?) (? – 2012); 13th Street Café (years?); Dairy Queen (years?); Three Flags (years?); Del Taco (years?); Charcoal Chef  (years? 1960s?); Owens Café (years?);  

D.P. Dough [Calzones] - 1622 Broadway St. (?-today);

Deli Zone  - 1322 College Ave. (?-today); Prufrock's Cafe & Bakery (years?);

Domino's Pizza - 1255 Euclid Ave # Umc207 (? - today);

Domino's Pizza - 1622 North Broadway Street (? - today);

Dot's Diner On The Hill  – 1333 North Broadway (?-today); Mother’s Café (years?); Magnolia Thunderpussy (years?); Bob's Shack (years); Lil's Drift In (years):

Vacant – 1101 13th St. (2013-current); Espresso Roma (?-2013);

Baseline Liquor Store –2750 Baseline Road (years?); Falbo Bros. Pizzeria

Fast Eddie’s (hot dogs etc.) - 1325 Broadway #201 (2015?-current); NoEntiendo (2013-2015?); K's China (? - 2013);

Fat Shack Boulder - 1110 13th St, (2014? – current)

Fatty J's - 1301 Broadway St. (? - today); La Iguana Taqueria (years?); Abo’s Pizza Show (years? At least in 1977);

Fox Theater – 1135 13th St. (years?); Tulagi [before it moved next door] (1948-?); Anchorage (?-?); Rialto [Theater] (?-?);

Freshii [salads, wraps, bowls]- 1335 Broadway. Rib House, The [barbecue] (2012-2015?); La’au’s Taco Shop [Hawaiian tacos] (? - 2012); Cafe Babu (years?); Bleu Star Vintage (years?)

Vacant – 1116 13th St. (2014? – current) Geisty’s Dogg House (2012?-2014?); Fat Cat Noodle House (?-2012?);

? - downstairs on the hill next to (west of) Jones drug (years?); Some 3.2 nightclub (years?); Giuseppe's [pizza, old silent movies] (early 70s)

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream – 1350 College Ave. (?-today);

Global Chili Co – 1622 Broadway (?-today);

Goose, The - 1301 North Broadway St. [other things at this address too, see Fatty J’s] (? - today);

Half Fast Subs – 1215 13th St. (?-today); Yellow Sub (years?); Planet Sub (years?)

No restaurant now? (in the Fox Theater) - 1135 13th Street (years?); Hapa On the Hill Sushi Grill (years?)

Downstairs on the Hill, west of Jones Drug: The Huddle, mid-late 60s 3.2 bar with live music such as Black Pearl

Illegal Pete's [Mexican] – 1320 College Ave. (?-today);

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich – 125 13th St. (?-today);

? – Somewhere on The Hill (years?); Josh and John's Ice Cream store (1980s);

? – At 14th and College, across from Colorado Bookstore in a building that isn’t there any more? (years?); Juicy Lucy’s [“hippy restaurant”] (early 19770s);

Jus' Burritos - 1116 13th Street. (? - today);

Khow Thai Cafe - 1600 Broadway. (2002 - today); Siam Cafe & Sushi (years?); Annam Café (years?); Gondolier [this was their first location] (1960 - at least 1977);

Kim’s Express Food To Go [Vietnamese, Chinese] – 1325 Broadway (?-today); Boulder Subway (not the chain) (years?); Dancing Crane (maybe in the 80s but could have been late 70s.);

Root of the Hill [smoke shop] – 1360 College Ave. (years?); Pogos on the Hill/Ground Zero (1980-early 1990s); Kollege Klub on the Hill (years? At least in 1977); Middle Earth (years?); Toad’s Hole before that? (years?);

Lollicup Boulder [Smoothies, Chinese, Tea] - 1142 13th St. (?-today);     

Vacant? - 1124 13th St. (?-today); Lulu's Kitchen [Barbecue, Southern, Chili] (years?);  

Reopening as a Latin restaurant- 1149 13th St. (2014-current) Mamacita's Restaurant (?-2014); Dino's Restaunt on the Hill (years? At least in 1977);

? - 1224 Pennsylvania Avenue (years?); Masalaa Indian Restaurant (years); Mexicali Grill (years?)

McDonald's- 2920 Baseline Road. (? - today);

Mr. Pita - 1110 13th St. (? - today);

? -  1370 College Ave.,  (years?); Jones General Store & Camera/Jones Drug (?-today); Naoki's [Awesome Yakisoba] in Jones drug building (early-mid 1980s);

NoNameBar – 1325 Broadway (2015?-today); (this may be in the NoEntiendo spot?)

Qboda Mexican Grill - 1119 13th. (?-today);

Papa Romano's - 1110 13th St. (? - today);

? – 1050 28th St. (years?) Pizza Factory (years? At least in 1977 – 2 locations);

? – 1230 Arapahoe. (years?) Pizza Factory (years? At least in 1977 – 2 locations);

Vacant - On the Hill next to 1129 13th St. (2014? – current);  Red Mango (2012 – 2012?);

? – Somewhere on the Hill - middle of the block on the east side (little market now?) (years?); Round the Corner (years? At least 1966): Stella's? (years?)

Rush [Smoothies, Vegetarian, Organic, Coffee Shop] - 1207 13th (?-today); Xoom Juice (years?)

Saba Felafel – 1153 13th St. (opening 2011 – today);

Salvaggio's Italian Deli - 1107 13th St. (? - today);

Santiago's Mexican Restaurant - 1325 Broadway. (? - today);

? – On the Hill somewhere (current?); Schramm’s (years?); Gaylords on the Hill (late 50s, early 60s); Golden Cue [Pool hall, Eddie Spaghetti] (years?);

? – Somewhere on The Hill on 13th (years?); “Shine” Owens’ Sandwich Shop (1950s);

Shooters - 1801 13th Street. (? - today);

Sink Restaurant and Bar, The [Sandwiches, Salads, Burgers, Pizza] - 1165 13th St. (1989-today); Herbie’s Deli (1959 [or maybe 1974?]-1989); The Sink (1949-1959); Somers’ Sunken Garden (1923-1949); Prasad [natural/maybe vegan] upstairs – entry on the north side (years?);

Torn Down and built Condos - 1087 14th St. (2012?-today); -  Snarf's [Sandwiches, Soups, Salads]  (?-2012?); Falafel King (years?); Hand to Mouth (years? At least in 1977);

Span-Ish - 1143 13th St. (2015-current); Five Guys Burgers and Fries (2013?-2015);

Starbucks - 1402 Broadway (?-today); Peaberry Coffee (years?)

Subway - 1311 Broadway. (? - today);

? – 1321 Broadway (years?); Subway (? At least in 1977- today);

Subway Sandwiches & Salads - 1669 Euclid Ave. (?-today);

? – Address? It was on the Hill (as opposed on The Hill) on 13th. (years?) Sunflower Cafe (years?) Don't remember if it was south of The Sink or further down toward Bova's Pantry, They had broad spectrum florescent lights to make the hanging plants happy that shifted the colors of food toward the blue.

Sushi Hana – 1220 Pennsylvania Ave. (opening 2012-Current) Hapa On The Hill Sushi Grill (?-2012); Johnny McGuires Deli (years?)

Terra Thai - 1121 Broadway (2015 - current); What’s Up Dog  (? – 2014?); First Wok (years?); Teriaki Café (years?); Fullmen Chineses (years?); Redstone Catering & Café (years?); Chris's Kettle [Lou’s Kettle?] (years? At least in 1977 and 1984?)

Torn Down and built Condos - 1083 14th St. (2012?-today); Thunderbird Burgers & BBQ (years?):Young's Place Asian Cuisine (years?)

? (years?); Tulagi [music club] (1951- at leat 1985?);

Tra Ling's Oriental Cafe - 1305 Broadway. (? - today);

University Hill Market & Deli - 1134 13th St. (years?); Stella's Deli (years?); Spud Nut (mid 60's for a few years, at least ‘66 & ‘67);

Waffle Brothers- 1326 College Ave. (2012-today); Crepes to Go Go  (? – 2012?); ROLY Poly Rolled Sandwiches (years?)

You and Mee Noodle House - 1311 Broadway. (? - today);

YoYo’s Frozen Yogurt – 1335 Broadway (unit next to Rib House) (2012-current);

?  (years?); - Address? Zip’s [Ice cream] (lasted about 2 yrs) Four doors north of Bovas pantry on Broadway. Facing Broadway, south of the Standard gas station (later a Mexican place.)

Vacant - 1352 College Ave (2012-current); Zanita’s [Mexican] (2012 – 2012); Jones Drug (a really long time till 2011?).


East Campus



Anthony’s Gardens  [see Millenium Harvest House]

Vacant - 2900 Baseline Rd, Unit 3 (2015-current); Basil Flats (2015 - 2015); Drake’s Haus [new building where Noodle’s & Co was[ (2013 – 2014);

Torn down - 800 28th Street in the Outlook Motel. Blues & Greens (? - 2015);  Buffalo Grill & Sports Bar (years?); Jay's (Pizza, Subs, Sandwiches) (?-today); Olivers [when it was the Holiday Inn] (?);

Roadway Inn and Suites (The Broker) - 555 30th St (years?); No restaurant/bar now I believe.

1)    The Broker or Boulder Broker Inn Restaurant (years?);

2)    Bently’s Bar (years?); Jubilation [I think this is when it was a disco] (years?); Oliver's? [this was in the Holiday Inn, maybe both places?] (years?);

3)    Wilderness Room at the Sheraton Boulder Inn (years?);

Scarred for Life Tattoos? - 1546 28th Street (years?); Boulder Pizza Exchange (years?)

Best Western Boulder Inn –  [no restaurant] 770 28th Street (years?); Brandy's Lounge  (years?); Boulder Inn Bar & Restaurant (years? At least in 1977); Lost Knight Lounge [not sure if here or 800 28th, but somewhere near here. (1974 – 1976?); Perkins (years?); Royal Inn and the Jolly King Restaurant (1970 - ?);

Brewing Market - 2610 Baseline Rd. (? - today);

Carelli's of Boulder - 645 30th St. (? - today);

Coaches Corner [See Millenium Harvest House]

Sprouts Market – 2950 Baseline Road (2009 – today); 24 Hour Fitness (years?); The Coast (years?); Wheels Skating (years?);

Cosmo’s Pizza - 659 30th St (years?)                              

Dairy Queen - 685 30th St. (? - today);

Dark Horse - 2922 Baseline Rd. (? At least since 1977 - today); Devils Thumb (years?); Zodiac Cabaret [Al Fike’s] (years?); Edison Electric Company (years?);

Denny's Restaurant - 2905 Baseline Rd. (? At least since 1977 - today);

? – 4800 Baseline (years?); Blockbuster (years?); Marbles [Fancy ] (1980s);

Millenium Harvest House (Was Clarion, Hilton) - 1345 28th Street (years?) Several restaurant/bars. Main restaurant: Thyme On The Creek [American, Eclectic, Breakfast]; Bistro (years?); Backyard: Harvest House Gardens (years?); Anthony’s Gardens. [beer garden, FAC] (years?) Bar:  Coaches Corner (years?); Champs Sports Bar sports bar too?

Moes Original BBQ - 675 30th Street. (Opening Fall 2011); Suki Thai Noodle House (Around 2009 - 2011);

Naked Lunch - 3301 Arapahoe Ave. (2014 – current);

See new entries - 2850 Baseline Road - Building torn down and rebuilt (2012-2013); Noodles & Co. (2011-2012);

Housing Helpers - 2865 Baseline (years?); Pablo's Mexican Café (years?); Eddie’s Mexican Café (years?); Two Bitts (years?)

Papa John’s Pizza - 651 27th Way (years?); Blackjack Pizza (years?)

Pizza Hut - 659 30th Street, (? - today);

Pizzeria Basta - 3601 Arapahoe Ave. (2010? - today);

Vacant - 3601 Arapahoe Ave. (2014 – current); Poppy Cafe  (2012-2014); Vacant (2011-today); Gindi Café (2010? – 2011).

? – 665 30th (years?);  Roman Village Pizza [[By Williams Village, behind Carelli’s facing the Broker. I believe the arches are still there which may be why it’s confused with Roman Arches, which was indeed a different restaurant from Roman Arches which was at 5564 Arpapaho.] (years?);

Silvermine Subs - 1100 28th Street #200 (years?); something else? (years?); Sambos [Pancake House] (years?)

Sip [beer, wine, coffee] - 2810 E. College Ave. (?-current)

Sunrise Market & Deli - 900 28th Street. (? - today);

Taco Bell - 3210 Arapahoe Avenue (? - today);

Mile High Imperial Hookah - 2720 Baseline Road, Boulder (2016? – current); Wendy's (? – 2016?); Don’s Cheese and Sausage (1979-1985, at same time as 1580 Basline location); Mister Taco (years? At least in 1977); The Golden Point (late 1950s?);



North Boulder

The mountains/Foothills Pkwy./Lee Hill (Dakota Ridge Subdivision)/Valmont


3 Margaritas - 3117 28th Street (August 2011-2010); Sol Azteca (? – 2010); Coco's Family Restaurant [I see Coco’s Famous Hamburgers at 3390 28th, not sure if same thing?] (years?);

Audrey Jane’s Pizza Garage - 2675 13th St. (2014? – current); KT's BBQ Outback - [2014-They moved their storefront to the other side of that space on Broadway, next to Vic’s, at 2660 Broadway and dropped “Outback” from the name] (? - today);  

Blooming Beets– 3303 30th St., (2014-current); Boom Yogurt Bar (2011-2014);

Breadworks Cafe - 2644 Broadway. (? - today);

? (Was a ceramics studio/shop?) – Maybe 2999 Broadway (glass front brown building at SW corner of Delwood (years?); Brown’s Candy Store (maybe around 1960s);

? - 3163 28th Street (years?); Burger Chef [This restaurant is listed at 2420 Baseline in an old directory per Karen] (years?);

Bustop [Gentleman’s Nightclub]- 4871 N. Broadway (years?); The Embers? (years?); Arts Bar and Grill + The Harmony Supper Club? (years?); Foothill's [building burned down] (years?);

Buddha Cafe - 2719 Iris Ave. (? - today); Limbo Cubano Restaurant (years?); Jazzy’s Crab Shack (years?)

Abo's Pizza - North Boulder - 2761 Iris Ave

Amante Coffee - 4580 N Broadway

Arugula Bar e Ristorante - 2785 Iris Ave (years?) Includes Amaro Drinkery Italia – which was going to be separate bar, but is now private room in between Arugula and Tangerine (2011 – today); Mista Italian Kitchen (years?); Laudisio Ristorante Italiano (years?); a la Carte (1982 - ?); Article (years?);

Bacco Trattoria & Mozzarella Bar - 1200 Yarmouth Avenue (2010-today); Organic Orbit (? – 2009)

Harmon Autoglass – 2710 28th (years?); The Bank Lounge [ the original location – building torn down?] (years? At least in 1977)

China Gourmet - 3970 N. Broadway. (? - today);

? 3390 28th Street (years?); Coco’s Famous Hamburgers [also see Coco’s Family Restaurant?] (years? At least in 1977);

? – in same shopping center as Marie’s on Broadway near Alpine (years?); Colony Market (years?);

? – 4403 [I also see 4401] Broadway St (?-today); Colorado Coal Company (years? At least in 1977);

Cork, The (Boulder Cork) - 3295 30th St. (1969 - today); Cork & Cleaver [old name?] (at least 1970 - 1981); At some point it was also called Teran’s Cork (found on matches);

Office building – 2517 Broadway (years?); Corn Mother [Natural/Vegi, It was in a little house?] (years including 1977 & 1978);

Curry & Kabob- 3050 28th Street (opening in 2012-today) 8 Island Hawaiian BBQ (?-2012);

Dagabi Cucina - 3970 N. Broadway. (? - today);

Dairy Queen - 3265 28th St. (? - today);

D’Angelo’s Italian Deli- 3325 28th St. Unit 5. (2012 – current); Five Spice (? - 2012);

Deli Zone - 2900  Valmont (years?); Happy Joe’s [Pizza] (years? 1975? And at least in 1977):

Dunkin’ Donuts - 3235 28th St. (2014-current); A&W Restaurant (2013 - today); Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant [KFC] (1970 - at least in 1977)

El Valle Fruteria [Meat, vegi, bakery] - 4483 N. Broadway (2013? – current); Candy’s [Vintage Clothing] (Opened sometime after 1977?); Wo Fats Chinese (years?);

Somewhere in North Broadway shopping center, next to Ideal? (years?); German’s Donut & Sandwich Shop (years?)

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream - 3133 28th Street. (? - today);

Himilayas II - 2850 Iris Avenue (2012-current); Sherpa’s Kitchen (2011?-2012); Kathmandu (?-2011?);

Ideal Market [deli] - 1275 Alpine (before 1963- ?)

? – Southeast corner of 28th and Valmont (years?); Jack in the Box (years?); Griff's Burger Bar (years? At least in the mid 60s);

? 1175 North (years?); Jody’s Subs II (years? At least 1977);

Julia’s Kitchen [GF, Vegan, Organic] -  3980 Broadway – North unit #104 (?-current); NoBo Pizza (was called O Pizza)-  (? - today);

KFC- 3235 28th Street. (? - today);

Korea House - 2750 Glenwood Dr. (? - today);

KT's BBQ - 2660 Broadway (2014? – current); vacant (2013-current) Marie's Cafe (? - 2013); [Karen found it at 2630 Broadway, but not sure if same or moved.]

La Choza - 4457 Broadway Street (2011? – today); Julia’s Kitchen & Café [GF, Vegan, Organic]  (? – 2011?); Zudaka Healthy Latin Food - 4457 Broadway Street (2010 – 2011);  Pupusas Sabor Hispano - 4457 Broadway Street (years?); Firehouse Pizza & Subs (years?)

Vacant – 2880 Diagonal Hwy. (years?); Lazy Dog Sports Bar & Grill (years?); Furrs Cafeteria (Years? - at least during 1984);

? – Somewhere near the Busstop (current); Le Provençal (In the early 1970s) Bustop) called.

Logan's Espresso Cafe - 3980 N Broadway St #101 – South unit (?-current); Rocky Mountain Joe’s North (1982 - ?)

Lucky's Bakehouse and Creamery - 3960 Broadway (2102-current); Liquor Store (? – 2012);

Lucky’s Café - 3980 Broadway St – East unit (?-current).

Lucky's Market - 3980 Broadway. (? - today); North Boulder Market (years?)

Moe's Bagels - 2650 N. Broadway. (? - today);

Moe’s Bagels – 3267 28th St. (opening early 2011-?)

Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Professional Kitchen - 3117 28th Street (2013-current); Moe’s Bagels (2011-2013); Thunderbird Burgers (years?); Togo's Eatery (years?); Belgian Bakery (years?);

Murphy's Bar & Grill - 2731 Iris Ave. (? - today); Telegraph Hill (years?) [what was it before when they had those great burgers with pumpernickel buns?]

My Ramen and Izakaya - 3280 28th Street (2015 – current); Pho Basil (2012-2015); Vacant (2010-2012); Kyoto Teriaki (2008? – 2010)

Noodles & Co. 1245 Alpine Drive. (? - today); Dairy Queen [originally walk up window service. When plaza remodeled became sit down.] (1970's - '80's);

North End at 4580 – 4580 N. Broadway [Was called Restaurant 4580] (? – current);

Outback Saloon - 3141 28th St. (? - today); The Bank Saloon (years?)

Papa Murphy's - 3325 28th Street (? - today);

Pekoe Sip House - 1225 Alpine Ave. (? - today);

Pekoe Sip House – 2500 30th (Steelyards). (? - today);

Pizza Hut - 3175 28th Street, (? - today);

? - 3960 N. Broadway (years?); Pressto Sandwiches (years?)

Proto's Pizza - 4670 Broadway, Ste. C110. (? - today);

Pub at Rockies Brewing Company - 2880 Wilderness Place. (? - today); Wilderness Pub (old name)

Pupusas Sabor Hispano - 4550 N. Broadway (2010 – today).

Quizno’s - 3040 28th Street (years?); Chapala III (years?); Baskin Robbins (years?);

Vacant - 2966 Valmont Rd. (2016-current); Rancho Grande (2012 - 2016); Tortilleria y Taqueria El Rey (? - 2012);

Red Rocks Coffee House - 3325 28th St. Unit 9. (? - today);

? – next to the Busstop (current?); Silver Dollar Saloon. [I also have one where Quinn’s was on the Pearl St. Mall. Hopefuly, they are both correct.] (years?);

Sancho’s - 2850 Iris Avenue. (2014-current); 100% Mexicano (2010-2014); Cafe D' Amor (2010-2010); Cheers Chinese Cuisine (years?); Everest Delights Café (years?):

Scott’s on Alpine - 1265 Alpine Ave. (opening 2015/2016); Ella Fine Diner (2014-2015); Radda Trattoria (? - 2014); Masa Grill, The (years?); Boulder Market Grill (years?); Euler’s Café (years?); Shorty’s Subs and Soups? (years?)

Spruce Confections - 4684 Broadway St (years?);

? - 3053 28th St. (years?); Taco Bell drive-in (1970-?);

Taco Bell - 3255 28th Street (? - today);

Taco Del Mar - 3325 28th Street, Unit 1. (? - today);

Tangerine [Breakfast Bistro]- (2001-current; 2779 Iris. Radex Bistro (? - 2010); Full Belly Bistro (old name) (years?); Was part of Laudisio’s before that (years?)

Vacant 3033 28th Street. (2016-current) Thai Shi House [was also called Eggloo Delights and Sushi Thai Happiness, but they finally settled on one name] (2010 - 2016); Siamese Plate on-the-go (?-2010); Arby’s Drive-In Restaurant [Roast Beef] (years? At leaest in 1970-1977);

? - 3960 N. Broadway? (on 28th, on the corner of the strip mall where the Bookworm is) ToGo's [sandwich shop]. (years?)

Upslope Brewing Company - 1501 Lee Hill Rd, #20. (? - today);

Unknown – unknown address (years?); Utah Moon – bar/music on North Broadway south of the Bustop (1982 - ?);

Verde - 3070 28th Street.; (opening Sept 2014-current); Tienda Mexicana carniceria (2011 - 2014); Tangier Moroccan Cuisine (? - 2011);  Pasta Bozza (years?); Subway Sandwiches (years?)

Vic's Again - 3305 30th Street. (? - today);

Vic's Coffee - 2680 Broadway. (? - today);

Vic's Coffee - 1886 30th Street. (? - today); Java Hut (years?)

Wapos - 4929 N. Broadway. (2012-today); Si Senor – (2010-2012); Terrace Maya - (? - today);

? - Broadway near the hospital (years?); The Yarrow Stalk [veggie restaurant] (years?);

Zenza [late night venue, food, entertainment]- 4479 North Broadway St. (2014 – current); North Boulder Cafe (NBC) and Thai Kitchen off hours (? - 2014); North Broadway Coffee Shop (years?);



South Boulder

The mountains/Cherryvale/Baseline/Greenbriar


Abo's Pizza - South Boulder - 637 S Broadway Street. (? - today);

Arby's - 2420 Baseline Rd (years?); Burger Chef (years?);

?  - 637 G-2 S. Broadway (years?); Bagel Mesa (years?)

Boulder Ice Cream Shoppe - 637 South Broadway St. (? - today);

Boulder Greens - 1135 Broadway, Suite 102. (? - today);

? - Somehwere in Table Mesa Shopping Center in the north corner where the passage was through to the other side and Round the Corner. (years?); Braum's Ice Cream Shop

Liberty Hardware – 691 S. Broadway (years?); Cables (years?); LaPaz [Mexican] (years?)f

Caffe Sole [Jazz Club and New American bistro] - 637 S. Broadway. (~2008? - today); Brillig Works Bakery & Café (? - ~2008?);

? – In Basemar somewhere (years?); Cheese Company, The (years? At least between 1973-1977);

Chautauqua Dining Hall - 900 Baseline Rd. (July 4, 1898- today);

Also, before it was Showbiz, it was a TG&Y store. Very similar to a Ben Franklin, however I'm not sure if it was ever a Ben Franklin, but I do know it was a TG&Y. Shopped there LOTS through the 1970s.

? – somewhere in Table Mesa Shopping Center (years?); Daylight Donuts [personalized coffee cups on pegs] (years?);

? – In Basemar somewhere (years?); Don’s Donuts [Next to the cheese shop. Sign read DONUTS. The owner's name was actually Dominick.]

Egg & I - 2574 Baseline Road. (? - today); May have split this space and been part of 2570 at one time and housed Le Francais Bakery & Café – which was definitely located at 2570.

Art Cleaners [dry cleaning]– 2570 Baseline Rd. (years?); Le Francais Bakery & Café (years?);  Gerards [first cappucino and croissants in Boulder] (years?); May have split this space and been part of 2574 at one time?

Eggcredible Cafe - 5397 S. Boulder Road. (? - today);

Einstein Brother Bagels - 2400 Baseline Road. (? - today); Starbucks (years?)

? – Somwhere in BaseMar shopping center. (years?); Guy’s Ice Cream Parlor (years?);

? - 2530 Baseline Rd. (2010 - current); Herbs Quality Meats (1977-2010)

? – Basemar shopping center SE corner of Broadway and Baseline (years?); IHOP [blue roofed landmark for early airplane pilots] Was standalone building. (years?)

Kim & Jake’s Cakes - 641 S. Broadway (2010-today);

Maywah Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant - 2500 Baseline Rd. (? - today);

? – 2598 Baseline Road [in Basemar Shopping Center] (years?); Mr. Tomatoes [pizza] (years?);

Murphy's Bar & Grill - 657 S Broadway. (? - today); Sobo American Bistro (years?)

NCAR Cafeteria [open to public breakfast and lunch]- 1850 Table Mesa Dr, (early 1960s? – current);

Nepal Cuisine - 4720 Table Mesa Drive. (? - today); Rudi's Word Cuisine (years?)

? – Somewhere near Basemar (years?); - The Oven [pizza place] (years?)

Quiznos - 601 South Broadway Street. (? - today);

? – Backside of the Basemar shopping center, accessed from 27th Way. Church of Religious Science (years?); Characters (years?); Pandora’s Box (1976+/- years?); My Sweet Lass (years?); Skunk Creek Inn (at least <1967 - >1973?);

Papa Murphy's - 659 South Broadway. (? - today);

Que’s Espresso - 4770 Table Mesa Drive (2013 – current) I think Vic’s just changed it’s name; Vic’s (years?); McDonald's (years?);

? – Next to McDonalds near Tantra apts (years?); Roman Village Pizza (2nd location) [Huge cavernous pizza place where there were caves, fountains and places to crawl around and hide.

Neptune Mountaineering - 633 S Broadway (?-current); Showbiz Pizza Place (1985 - ?); (someone thought a Chuck E Cheeses and a Ben Franklin 5&10 may have been here at one point, but not sure). 

South Side Walnut Cafe - 673 S. Broadway. (? - today);

Southern Sun Pub & Brewery - 627 South Broadway. (? - today);

Taco Bell - 2450 Baseline Road (? - today); IHOP [back then called International House of Pancakes] (years? At least from early 1970s-1977);

Taj Restaurant - 2630 Baseline Rd. (? - today); T.J.s (years?); ? Dionysos Theatre Restaurant (years? At least in 1977); My Place (sometime between1972-1982?)

Tandoori Grill - 619 S. Broadway. (? - today); Round the Corner (years?);

Tsing Tao Chinese Restaurant - 607-A South Broadway. (? - today);

Under the Sun Eatery and Taphouse - 627 South Broadway [under Mountain Sun] (2012-current);  Giovanni's Pizza (2010?-2012); Ajuua Mexican Restaurant (?-2010?)

Whole Foods Market - 2584 Baseline Road. (? - today); Wild Oats Market (years?)



East Boulder

Foothills Pkwy/63rd St/Independence Rd./Baseline


? – Somewhere in baseline shopping center (years?); The Acropolis [moved from downtown to here] (years?);

? - 5564 Arapahoe Ave. (?-today), Arapahoe Ranch and Lone Star Saloon – (1980-years); Roman Arches [this was indeed a separate restaurant from Roman Village] (years? At least in 1977);

Vacant (2015 – current) Avery Brewing Company - 5763 Arapahoe Ave (? – 2015);

Big Daddy Bagels - 4800 Baseline Road

Blackbelly Market [Hosea Rosenberg’s]– 1606 Conestoga St., Ste. 3 (opening Aug 2014);  vacant (2013-2014); Minglewood [upscale business lunches and happy hours] (2011-2013);

Boulder Community Hospital’s Cafeteria - 4747 Arapahoe Avenue (2003-today)

Boulder Dinner Theatre - 5501 Arapahoe Ave. (? At least since 1977 - today);

BRU Handbuilt Ales and Eats - 5290 Arapahoe Ave, Suite 1. (2013-current); Rock N Soul Cafe (? – 2012?);

Building gone? – 670 Mohawk (years); Burger Hut (at least in 1978, years?);

? - 2965F Peak Ave. (years?) Dante’s Pizza [Add says “1 block north of Crossroads off 30th” – not sure that street’s there anymore] (years? At least in 1977);         

Deli at Flatiron Park –2100 Central Ave. (years?); Daddy Boy's Delicatessen (years?); Cafe Central (maybe late ‘70s through mid ‘80s?);

Deli Zone - 4800 Baseline Road. (? - today);

Vacant - 1606 Conestoga St., Ste. 2 (2015 – current); Dizzy Donuts (2012-2015); Ralphie’s [breakfast, burgers, bbq] (2011-2012);

Efrains II Mexican Restaurant - 1630 N. 63rd. (? - today); The Sandwich Factory (mid ‘80s?);

Erhard's European Bakery - 4800 Baseline Rd Ste A-109. (? - today);

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream - 4760 Baseline Rd. (? - today);

Gondolier - 4800 Baseline Rd, A-104. (planned opening late Nov. 2013); Vacant (2009-?); Wok & Roll Teriyaki (? - today); Cici’s Pizza (years?)

Office building - 4760 Baseline (years?); Healthy Habits (years?)

Heifer and the Hen - 5290 Arapahoe Ave, Suite ? [ice cream. Next to and related to Bru] (2016-current);

Boulder Valley Credit Union– 5505 Arapahoe Rd. (?-Today); The Hungry Farmer (1970s through early 1980s); The Settlement (years?); Roxwood Park Motel (until the 1960s) Jackson’s Resort (In the late 19th century);

J&L Distilling Company - 4843 Pearl St.  (2013-current);

J Wells Brewery - 2516 49th st #5 (2013 – current);

Storage company? (years?) – A little blue house at Arapahoe and 63rd Street. KT’s Barbeque (years?)

? – Somewhere at the Diagonal and 47th, but not the Hi-Lo (years?); Lamplighter [Alice's Restaurant] (in 1970);

Laughing Goat Coffee House (Baby Goat) - 2907 55th St. (2013-current);

Lee Yuan Chinese Cuisine - 4800 Baseline Rd. (? - today); Lee Yuan's Burger Hut [Burgers by day, Chinese by night. Was in a separate building then.] (~1977 - ?); Tastee Freeze (years?);

? – 55th And Arapaho (years?); My Place (years?)

Mt. Everest Cuisine - 4800 Baseline Rd. (2015-current); Gurkhas Curry Kitchen (2012-2015); Namaste Nepal Restaurant (? - 2012);  Narayan's Nepal Restaurant. (years?);

Vacant - 4800 Baseline Rd. (2014? – current); Nick-N-Willy's Take-N-Bake (? – 2014?);

OZO Coffee Company - 5340 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today); Lick Skillet Cafe (years?)

Office building (?-Today); Peggy's Hi-Lo - was at 47th and the Diagonal. (years?)

Pica’s Mexican Taqueria - 5360 Arapahoe Ave. (2010-today); Sam's Chinese Kitchen  (? - 2010); Celia's Chinese Kitchen (years?)

Quiznos - 1606 Conestoga St. Ste. A (? - today); La Hacienda (years?); Prairie Pies (or something like that?) (years?);

Royal Clay Oven (Also called India’s Clay Oven) - 5290 Arapahoe Ave. (2010 – 2012?); Royal Peacock Restaurant and Absinthe Lounge (? - 2010); Shakey's Pizza (years?); Subway Sandwiches (years?); Michael's Soups and Sandwiches (1984-1989);

Savory Cuisines’ “Savory Burgers & Pies” [Take-out window and delivery service] - 5741 Arapahoe Ave #1A (?-current);

Snarf's - 5340 Arapahoe Ave. (2002 - today); Gallagher's [Deli maybe associated with gas] (years?).

Boulder Nordic Sport - 3600 Arapahoe Ave (2001-today); Lighting Plus (?-2011); Twinburger Drive-Ateria (may have been 3240 Arpaphoe?) (1956-?); The Wizard Magic Shop (1973-1974 per owner Sam Kent);

Revolution Cleaners - 3320 Arapahoe Avenue (years?);Vallarta House (years?)

Upslope Brewery - 1898 S. Flatiron Court [taproom and a shared work-café with Ozo Coffee] (2013 - current);

Vicki's Parkway Restaurant - 4700 Pearl Street. (? - today);

Wendy's - 5350 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder (? - today);

White Labs [Beer yeast tasting room] – 1898 S. Flatiron Court, Ste. 210, above Upslope (2016-current);

? - Baseline Rd. just east of Rt. 36 exit (years?); Zukini's (years?)




51st/95th/Rt. 52/Independence Rd


Asher Brewing Co. - 4699 Nautilus Court, Suite 104

Avery Brewery - 4910 Nautilus Ct. (2015 – current);

Blackjack Pizza – 6545 Gunpark Drive #230 (2012-today)

Closed or maybe rebuilding?– 5320 Spine Road (2014-current); Burger King (? - 2014);

Cafe Blue - 5280 Spine Road.#103 (? - today); Mia Trattoria (years?); Pepperoni Kitchen (years?);

Celestial Cafe (at Celestial Seasonings Tea Company) - 4600 Sleepytime Drive. (? - today);

Deli Zone- 5365 Spine Road (opening 2015 – current); Quiznos (? – 2014);

Domino's Pizza - Ste E, 6205 Lookout Road (? - today);

Finkel & Garf - 5455 Spine Rd (2014 – current);

Gunbarrel Brewing Co. – unknown (to open in 2015);

Gunbarrel Deli - 6545 Gunpark Dr. (years?); Some guy named Pinot owned it before?

? – 6568 Lookout Rd. (years?); Gunbarrel Luncheonette & Ice Cream (years? At least since 1972 or 1974);

Gurkhas Restaurant - 6565 Gunpark Drive. (? - today); Rangoli (years?); House of Chang (years?); Caddyshacks [original location] (years?)

Vacant (gas station closed around 2/14) - 3365 Diagonal Highway (Parked at the Sinclair Station); La Choza [Mexican - Taco Truck] (? – 2014, they are looking for a new location to park, possibly 47th & Pearl).

Page Two - 6565 Gunpark Drive, Ste. 110. (? - today);

Vacant? (dates?)  Quiznos - 6525 Gunpark Drive. (? - today);

Torn down– 6712 Lookout Road (?-today); Caddy Shack (years?); Mockingbird Restaurant, The (years?); Rogue’s Gallery (years including 1977 & 1978); Gunbarrel Inn, Blackie's, Lookout Inn (1981 - ?); Started as The Hofbrau House (1973 - ?).

Vacant - 6525 Gunpark Dr. (2012 - current - In process of being sold Aug 2011); Serrano's Southwestern Grill  Taos Junction (years?);

Snarfs – 6562 Lookout Rd. (opening 2014 – current); Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt (2011-2014); Madison's Cheese Press [in with Aspen Leaf Frozen Yogurt] (2013-2014); Dairy Queen (? - 2011);

Subway – 5280 Spine Road #102 (years?); El Taco Loco (98-99 - ?)

Todd’s Espresso Cafe – 6560 Lookout Road (2010-today); Blackjack Pizza (years?); Angelos Pizza & Subs (years?);

Vindication (was called Kettle & Stone Brewing Co. for maybe the first year?) 6880 Winchester Circle (2013-current);

Yurihana [Sushi bar and pan Asian] - 6525 Gunpark Drive, Suite 330 (years?); Akiyama Sushi (?-around 2010)



The Hinterlands

Everything else (including some considered in Boulder by most even though it might not be in the city)


The Alps Boulder Canyon Inn - 38619 Boulder Canyon Drive (years?); Moose Lodge (1960 - 1990); Art's Bar and Grill (years?); A bordello (years?); The Alps Resort [restaurant and luxurious accommodations for those traveling on the "World Famous Switzerland Trail Railroad"] (1905 when the property was remodeled – around 1930s?); Topeka Colonies and later the Hadley Cottages [Stage stop for mining districts] (built prior to 1870).

Demolished - On right at turn into Eldorado Springs Rd. near the old Mesa Swim Club, [Chimes Inc and the Terrace Swimming Co. occupied parcel 2090 on hwy 93 4 miles south of Boulder. Ras Kassas was kitty corner to it.] (years?); Chimes [owned by Don Monette] (at least during 1967); Embers (years?);

Eldorado Corner Market (demolished 2012 and being rebuilt?) - 1805 Foothills Highway (years?)

Flagstaff House Restaurant [America. Special occasion], 1138 Flagstaff Dr. (1954-today) [Cool 360° spinning tour of the restaurant:]

Greenbriar - 8735 N. Foothills Hwy. (1967- today);

KT's Hickory Pit BBQ - 7464 Arapahoe Ave. (? - today); Southern Exposure (years?); Calypso Grill (years?); Roadhouse at Jacob's Corner (years?).

? - 8618 Thunderhead Drive (years?): Legacy Grill (years?) NOT SURE IF THIS IS A RESTAURANT?

Open Space – Mesa on west side of Colo. 93 south of Eldorado Springs – (1972-today); The Hornbook (1970-1972-burned down); The Matterhorn [Don Monette, of Flatstaff House, cooked here] (1958-1960-burned down: Rebuilt 1965-1970);

Parking lot and trail head - 1820 S. Foothills Hwy. at Eldorado Springs Rd and Hwy. 93.  (current);  Office building  (years?); Ras Kassas Ethiopian Restaurant (years?); John Barlycorn [1173 S. Foothills Hwy. but looks like the same spot] (years? At least 1977);

Rocky Flats Lounge - 1229 CO-93 [yes, it’s in Boulder!] (1959 – current); payroll office for the Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant (1952 – 1952).

Wedgewood (event center) –38472 Boulder Canyon Dr. (2013 – current); Red Lion Restaurant –38472 Boulder Canyon Dr. (1870 - 2013); At one point, called Chris Mueller’s Blanchard’s Red Lion Inn per matchbook.



On The Move

Food trucks became a hot item in Boulder in 2010-2011, although taco trucks and roach coaches have been around for ages. This list includes mobile food vendors that are either based out of Boulder or roams Boulder heavily to serve the public (as opposed to mostly hired to cater events). They don’t have a regular location (like the hot dog cart on the mall). Because there is no location, I’ll try to include something that makes each memorable.


501 Roadhouse [American – Food Truck] – 4800 28th Street (Parked at Gateway Fun Park; although can go to other locations (2010-today);

Blackbelly [By Hosea Rosenberg] – (Opening August 2014? with restaurant on east Arapahoe)

Bon Apetit [French inspired] – French pastries and meals as well as other goodies. (2013 – today)

Comida [fresh artisinal Mexican] – Bright pink truck named Tina. Killer fish tacos. Well-loved and involved in local food truck politics. (2010/11-today)

Heirloom [upscale local] – “From farm to truck”. Bright green truck, pork belly, lamb sliders are a few of the items on the menu. (May 2011-today)

Oskar Blues Bone Wagon [barbeque] – The truck of Oskar Blues restaurant. (2012? – today)

Quiero Arepas – [Venezuelan arepas] – Venezuelan Food, corn based flat “bread” that we make from scratch, it is formed into a patty that is grilled, baked, split open and stuffed with a variety of ingredients. (2011? – today)

Roasting Box, The [world barbecue] – They set up a box-type grill in the parking lot and grill right there. (2011-today)

RollinGreens [global cuisine] – Huge mobile kitchen trailer pulled by truck. (2011-today)

Seb’s Woodfired Cuisine [Organic cuisine prepared by a French chef in a portable wood-fired oven] May be more of a caterer, but wants to be a street truck. (2010-today)

Sweet Cow [ice cream] – The mobile version of  the restaurant in Louisville. (2012? – today)

Tasterie [mobile patisserie] – Started as all sweets, added some sandwiches. White truck named Madeline with green and purple words all over it. (2010/11-today)

Top-of-the-Hill Grill West [Barbeque] – White truck with red and yellow writing/logo. A spin off of the famed barbecue restaurant in Brattleboro, Vermont, opened by the brother of the restaurant owner. They mount a drum barbeque on a platform outside the back of the truck and grill on site. (2010/11-today)



Fruta Juice [Exotic fruit smoothies] – Bright yellow truck. They make smoothies from fruit purees imported from Columbia including tamarillo, lulo, tamarind and passion fruit. (2010/11 – 2012)

Mountain High Ice Cream Truck [fresh fruit smoothies, banana splits, sundaes] Parked at Ball Brothers, IBM, Storage Tek, etc. at their break times, the Meadows Club (1980 – 1985)

Saltbox [Artisan comfort food] – (Opening August 2011) – run by two brothers, one cooked at Black Cat/Gold Lake, the other at Frasca/Kevin Taylor.

StrEat Chefs [Upscale international street food] – Owned by partners including Hosea Rosenberg who won Top Chef Season 5 in 2009. The first gourmet food truck to make it’s mark in Boulder when they opened in 2010 and well loved  until they quit business a year later. Silver Airstream named Rosie.  (2010 – March 2011)

Walnut A-gogo [Diner food] – The mobile version of The Walnut Café. Truck, named Dinah, was red, white and black with checks and photos of people eating in a diner through “windows”. (2010-July 2011)


Not sure where these were/are, if they were real,
or are the correct names


American Café? (Nick's) breakfasts.

Beach Street (the original) – [was this a restaurant, maybe it was just a store?]

Bennets (I might have the name wrong) was in the little strip mall with the Doozy Duds   Laundromat (1325 Broadway) on the corner of University and Broadway at least around 1965-67.

Bistro Tacos

Blue Moon was a bar, dance place out in the North Boulder Industrial District

Boulder County Sheltered Workshop Iris Cafe (was this just a cafeteria in the mental health center?) -

Boulder Wave (Gil has this on a site, but maybe he meant the Coast?

Burger Queen was in the same area as McD's and Burger Chef - that main road.

Brick  Oven - ? (1960s?);

Carelli’s has been in two places before it was on Baseline & 30th. When I used to go to the United Artist Theater, I’d drop in for Pizza.

Chicken Delight – 28th and Arapahoe.

Dog’n’ Suds – 1950s Drive-in per article:

Downtowner (years?); ? – Somewhere on the Pearl St. Mall (years?); Tyler's Covered Wagon (years?); Does anyone know what block this was on and/or if they were both in the same spot? Tyler's was right around there close to Fred's

Eustachios sandwich shop - East Arapahoe on the south side of the road in a strip mall, maybe just east of 30th, or close to 38th.

Family Table, The - Same block on Broadway as Nick the Greeks Music Store. (years?);  (years?): Little Kitchen, The [The first homemade, organic, vegi.] on Broadway between Pearl and Walnut (I think)  (1969-70?);  WHERE WAS NICK THE GREEK’S MUSIC STORE?

Fred's Candy - Was a few stores down from Aristocrat Steak House, just north of the alley.

The Gandy Dancer restaurant and lounge in a railroad boxcar. 1972 - 1973. "Gandy dancer" is a slang term from the late nineteenth century. Railroad crews used specialized hand tools, known as gandies, to lever tracks into position.

Golden Corral

Golden Horseshoe Cafe -

H&J Drive Inn Café - – 1950s Drive-in per article:

The Indian Peaks

John Barleycorn's -

Josh and John's Ice Cream had an original location on Pearl, perhaps were Two Spoons is now located?

Lucky’ Inn

Mac and Ray’s  

Manuel's Sweet Shop on 28th across from engineering school. They were candy shop- and ice cream sundae shop

Morgal Bismark – After it was on 1400 Pearl, it moved to 12th, north of the mall, to make way for the blue inn (both the morgul bismarck and the blue inn were owned by michael (cannot remember last name) and mindy whose maiden name was kearny). Where was it?

Parachute (was this part of the Monkey Bar?) -

Poppa Joes at Basemar?

The Pearl. - Small portions, very expensive.

Pete’s was a Greek breakfast place on Broadway on the Hill. Maybe my buddies just called it after the owner, Pete.

Praise the Lard

Pat’s Drive In

Foosball parler (years:?); Pizza Mill – Small building on Arapahoe, just west of Boulder High (1960s);

Pop Shoppe on Valmont between 28th and 31st

Pow Wow grounds – I heard they didn’t have food or drinks. Can anyone support or refute that?

Raven vegetarian restaurant - 

Saigon? There was a pretty good vietnamese restaurant on Broadway across the street from the shopping center housing Vic's and Breadworks today Maybe called The Saigon? would have been the 2600 block of Broadway with an odd-numbered address.  Perhaps in the space that Berardi & Son's occupied.

Serendipity? (or was it Serenity or were they two different restaurants?) – still not sure where it was. Someone thinks this is really the Sobriety. Can anyone confirm there was a Serendiptiy or Serenity?

Schlotzsky's – there was one in Table Mesa Shopping Center. Does anyone know what’s in that space now?

Silver Dollar Saloon – downstairs? (was this before Quinn’s or maybe Sundown Salloon?)

Steak and Ale, 30th by Bank of Boulder, near the Cork? Was this what the Cork was called before it was the Cork & Cleaver, was it a different restaurant, or was it in a totally different building?

Taylor’s was between the Fox Theater and Waxtrax on 13th on the Hill

Taste of Heaven was a great bakery on 20th  and Pearl, next to the pottery painting place.

Tasty Asian -  was also a little burger shack on the Hill in the lot next to the convenience store.

True Confections -

Wave Rave (both stores) – [was this a restaurant? Mabye it was what Gill talked about above what I thought might have been the Coast?]

Winchell's Donuts - ? Some people think it was Winchell’s before or after Dunkins on Folsom? ANYONE ELSE CHIME IN ON THIS ONE?

Woolworth counter. (At least up to 1977/8?). Was Walgreens after that.

Korean Grill - There was some Korean place I used to love getting bibimbop from up on the hill in the 80s/90s?…on Broadway, I believe. Behind Jones Drug.

Tsiao? Chinese restaurant that was in the McGuckins shopping center before it was remodeled. Owned by a Boulder Asian-American family, their daughter went to CU in early 70s. Can't remember the name. Something with Tsiao? I think that's close to her last name.

Some lousy all-you-can-eat pizza place – near Rudi’s World Café (or similar) on Table Mesa.


Owned by Larry Call and Ed Borra, I think. The Broken Drum did move to East Walnut St. for a while after it was sold and the old location was demolished for "progress."
9/15/14: There is a mention of Frank Borra (his mom owned the Village, and they owned the rolling skating rink north of Walnut...then became partner with Ed Novak in The Broker) and Mr. Call...I don't know if Call actually owned a restaurant with Borra, may have just worked there.   He also was associated with the Berardi group of restaurants, maybe all the way from Jigg's Place at 95th and South Boulder Road to the one on North Broadway and their places in downtown Denver.

Al D. - I actually worked at the dark horse when it was the Zodiac Cabernet (Caberet) ran by Al Fink (Fikes?). I remember BB King playing there on New Years before I moved on to

Chuck had a breakfast place west of the McGuckins on Folsom up till about 15 years ago. Can't remember the name of that one though. (From Buck Owens, of the Gaylord Restaurant family (Applewood Pit etc.)

So, did anyone tell you about the ex-downstairs restaurant location at the New Orleans

        Building site?  That was where the Fox Theater was until it burnt down in 1960 (or 1961).