Edinburgh Cloud Workshop (2014)

Cloud computing: Technology transition for business transformation (Sep 30 - Oct 1, 2014)

At the end of the project a workshop was held in Edinburgh, jointly organised by the Services to the Cloud project and the IT as a Utility Network (part of the UK's Digital Economy programme). The aim of the workshop was to explore how cloud computing is maturing as a technology for building a business, through sharing the experiences of cloud providers, service providers and end users.

The event, which was attended by about thirty people, was arranged as a series of invited talks, and discussion sessions to allow attendees as much time as possible to interact and share experiences of working in and with cloud computing. The programme of talks and discussions was as follows:

 September 30
Marc Werfs
U of St AndrewsLessons from migrating to the cloud
David Golightly
U of Nottingham
Cloud manufacturing: Concepts, users and requirements
Cameron Leask
Escrivo Internet Consulting
Real-world cloud migration
Aled Sage
Using cloud without losing control: Automated deployment and runtime management
Horacio Gonzalez-Velez
National College of Ireland
Cloud-based geographic information systems with off-the-shelf components
Lee Gillam
U of Surrey
Understanding a large, cloud adopting enterprise
Stephen Winter
U of Westminster
CloudSME: Developing a one-stop simulation shop for SMEs
Gordon Baxter &
Steve Brewer
U of St Andrews &
U of Southampton
Discussion: Starting and growing a business in the cloud
October 1
Stuart Grant
Growing up and staying lean in the cloud
Grant Campbell
Brodies LLP
Data security and the cloud
Mark Cairns
Coach Logic
The sky's the limit... The story of Coach Logic
Ian Sommerville
U of St Andrews
Cloud product pricing
Lee Gillam (Chair)
Ian Sommerville
Owen Rogers
Neil Campbell
Lee Parry
U of Surrey
U of St Andrews
451 Group
Fife Council
Panel discussion/Q&A: Cloud present and future
Steve Brewer &
Gordon Baxter
U of Southampton &
U of St Andrews
Concluding discussion

With the agreement of those present we have made the following resources available for downloading:
Feedback from the event was very positive, and the IT as a Utility Network are planning to run similar events in 2015 and 2016 to build on the momentum created by the Edinburgh workshop.