Selling Services Procedure

Selling Services should be approached in a methodical manner.

  1. Sales Managers use marketing materials & Customer Sales Books in formal personal sales calls to likely customers. Others use marketing materials in informal meetings with customer.
  2. Sales Managers document any sales calls that could impact business or others within ABC each week in a Sales Call Report form & store in ABC’s DCS with Sales Call Report keywords in the name (e.g., “Intel F12 / ABC Sales Call Report 091203”).
  3. Sales Managers enter new sales opportunities & status of existing opportunities each week in a Sales Forecast form & store in ABC’s DCS with Sales Forecast keywords in the name (e.g., “ABC Austin 2009 Q3 Sales Forecast”).
  4. Director of Sales rolls up Sales Manager forecasts in a Sales Forecast form & stores in ABC’s DCS with Sales Forecast keywords in the name (e.g., “ABC 2009 Q3 Sales Forecast”).
  5. Director of Sales will likely hold periodic sales meeting with co-workers (particularly Sales Managers) to discuss Call Reports, Sales Forecasts, Account Penetration Strategy, lead/contact sharing, & product training.
  6. For future reference by all ABC employees, Sales Managers will likely add new customer contacts to the ABC’s Contact Management System.
  7. Sales Managers provide Sales Proposals to customers & store in ABC’s DCS with Sales Proposal keywords in the name (e.g., “Intel F12 Chain Lubrication Sales Proposal 090114”).
  8. Directors ensure Service Contracts (SOW Agreements) are properly documented, recruited, reviewed, approved, costed, priced, negotiated, purchased, published in ABC’s DCS, rewarded, & set-up. Refer to the Contracting Services (Writing a SLA / SOW Agreement) Work Instruction.
  9. Upon receiving a Purchase Order (PO) from customer to ABC, an Administrative Assistant enters the order in ABC’s Order Processing System.
  10. Administrative Assistant enters ABC internal Orders in ABC’s Order Processing System. selling services
  11. Administrative Assistants create ABC Invoices, provide to customer, & track when Payment is received.
  12. For Service Contracts (SOW Agreements) with variable price, Site Managers provide Billing Matrix / Reconciliation Report, etc to Director of Finance and store in ABC’s DCS with Billing Matrix or Reconciliation Report keywords in the name (e.g., “Freescale Billing Matrix 090501” or “IBM Reconciliation Report 090501”).
  13. Director of Finance creates Invoices for Service Contracts (SOW Agreements), provides to customer, & tracks when Payment is received.


  • ABC = Fake name of company used in our procedures.
  • DCS = Document Control System for users to write, approve, publish, find, & read controlled documents.
  • PO = Purchase Order
  • SOW = Scope Of Work
  • SLA = Service-Level Agreement negotiated between a service provider and customer (not a third party) recording a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, gauarantees, and warranties. Each area of service scope should have the 'level of service' defined. It should specify the levels of availability, serviceability, performance, operation, or other attributes of the service such as billing.