Rather than simply providing an out-of-context Safety chapter/document, safety information is woven throughout the fabric of the quality documents so that users see what they need to see where they need to see it. The bulk of safety items is covered in the Managing Human Resources Procedure, the Managing Infrastructure and Work Environment Resources Procedure, and the Monitoring, Auditing, & Measuring Service Quality Procedure:

  • ERT Training & Certification
  • Safety Manager Job Description
  • Ergonomics Program
  • Handling Safety Incidents
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Safety Rules
  • Discussing Safety In Staff Meetings
  • Safety Audit Reports
  • MSDS's (Material Safety Data Sheets)
  • Evacuation Maps
  • Hazardous Spill Control
  • Responding to Medical Emergency
  • Reviewing safety When Starting New or Modified Systems
  • Purchasing & Storing Hazardous Materials
  • Disposing of Hazardous Waste
  • SMBWA (Safety Management By Walking Around)
  • Safety Incidents KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • OSHA 300 Log
  • Waste Stream Log