Marketing Services Procedure

Marketing Services can be methodically broken down to basic steps but is very much an highly intuitive artform.

  1. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales work with customers, co-workers (particularly Sales Managers), and other members of the marketplace to determine market demands, where ABC may be able to compete effectively, & who the target customer should be. Need to focus on areas where ABC can add value.
  2. Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, & co-workers (particularly Sales Managers) develop, document, & maintain an Account Penetration Strategy for key customers (e.g., Intel, AMD, IBM, Ebara, TEL, GE, Samsung, Micron) & publish in ABC’s DCS with Account Penetration Strategy keywords in the name (e.g., “AMD Account Penetration Strategy”).
  3. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales create marketing materials (e.g., ABC line card, more detailed product brochures, etc). The marketing material should reflect performance on current & previous goods & services.
  4. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales publish the marketing materials on ABC website & in ABC’s DCS with marketing material keywords in the name (e.g., “ABC Factory Maintenance Marketing Material”).
  5. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales improve traffic to the ABC website by paying the web master to:
    • Optimize the content, meta data, alt tags, indexing, etc to help search engines find the website.
    • Register with all major search engines.
    • Buy "pay per click" ads on Yahoo and Google that are displayed at the top of the page and in the right sidebar.
  6. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales use newspapers, business directories, industry ads to advertise ABC business.
  7. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales use trade show booth (e.g., Semicon) to advertise ABC business.
  8. Director of Marketing & Director of Sales distribute marketing materials to co-workers (particularly Sales Managers, Directors, & Site Managers).
  9. Sales Managers use marketing materials in formal personal sales calls to likely customers. Others use marketing materials in informal meetings with customer.


  • ABC = Fake name of company used in our procedures.
  • DCS = Document Control System for users to write, approve, publish, find, & read controlled documents.