Director of QMS Job Description

Director of QMS Job Description covers essential duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of the Director of Quality Management Systems.

Reporting To:

Reporting To This Position:
Quality Management Systems personnel.

This person directs the execution & performance of the company's QMS activities. This includes establishing the QMS & leading company to ISO certification. He provides clear guidance for this area & the company overall by ensuring clear policies, procedures, instructions, forms, & objectives are provided. He coordinates objectives & strategies with other directors so that high level objectives are met. Monitors the training and growth of people reporting to him. He formally reports activities to his boss on a frequent basis.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute strategy that is aligned with the overall strategy.
  • Responsible for managing this area through directing managers & directors to complete agreed upon objectives.
  • Coordinate with Directors to assure that his area is supporting their initiatives.
  • Ensure that processes needed for the QMS are established, implemented, maintained, & audited.
  • Ensure the promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization.
  • Lead company to ISO certification.
  • Report to top management on the performance of the QMS & any need for improvement.
  • Ensures clear, concise, & accurate policies, procedures, instructions, forms, & objectives are provided & maintained. Guide managers & directors in the correct implementation of the QMS.
  • Monitor and report on Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). Provide this information on a timely basis to his boss so that clear future strategy can be mapped and achieved.
  • Direct Quality performance as the company expands with the clear objective of "one standard for all" (i.e. West Coast and East Coast should operate to the same rules and standards).

Finish a 4 year management school, and complete 5 years maintenance work, and 10 years maintenance & quality management experience.

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