Controlling Nonconforming Product or FOI's Procedure

Controlling Nonconforming Product (or FOI's) is basically a final stage filter to stop bad output before its too late (or at least from happening again).

  1. As stated in the “Providing Services” procedure, Technicians & Engineers label & segregate nonconformances. The label includes date, customer, PO, part description, and a brief description of the nonconformance.
  2. As stated in the “Monitoring, Auditing, & Measuring Quality” procedure, Site Managers maintain a KPI Log, Trend Charts, & CAP Summary & store it in ABC’s DCS. Nonconforming product and FOI are two of the most critical KPI’s.
  3. As stated in the “Monitoring, Auditing, & Measuring Quality” procedure, the CAP Summary should often be supported by a separate CAP document that tracks all tasks for determining & correcting the root cause. The plan should consider short-term tasks to correct the immediate problem & long-term tasks to prevent recurrence. See the documents called Problem Solving & Escalating Problems for tips & techniques. Determine the following disposition to the nonconforming product or FOI:
    • Rework (repair) or Regrade
    • Scrap
    • Concession
    • Deviation Permit
  4. Also consider further remedial response by ABC or its Supplier:
    • Reprocess other material
    • Refund money
    • Pay to replace
  5. As stated in the “Continually Improving” procedure, Site Managers chair Customer Performance Review Meetings each month with each customer to do the following. Nonconforming product & FOI are discussed in this meeting as part of these agenda items:
    • Review KPI Status Report.
    • Discuss the plan, status, due date, & result of Quality Issues (especially nonconforming products & FOI’s) concerning that customer.


  • ABC = Fake name of company used in our procedures.
  • CAP = Corrective Action Plan
  • DCS = Document Control System for users to write, approve, publish, find, & read controlled documents.
  • FOI = Failed On Install
  • KPI = Key Performance Indicator
  • Nonconformance = A product is nonconforming when it fails to meet specified acceptance criteria or when discrepancies are noted which should be reported to the customer. A part may become nonconforming because of ABC processing, Copper contamination of a Non-Copper part, wear from the customer's use, damage in shipping, loss, etc.