Guided Imagery for Relaxation Meditation & Healing

Free sound files for a calmer and happier state of mind

* new audio on sleep & a 5 minute quick relax to be posted early july - email your request

Guided Imagery can help with anxiety, panic, depression, chronic pain and many other challenges of the human condition - click the links on the right for more info.


There is an abundance of free audio and scripts on the net - do not pay for them unless you are well off and well satisified.

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A way to relax your mind and body and engage your own positive inner voice.

 The recorded voice on this 20 minute track guides you through relaxation and steps down to a garden where you can access an "inner voice" that is really your own subconscious.

There is a light music bed underneath the voice and a  "binaural beat"  that enhances a relaxed 'alpha wave' state of mind. 

 click here for a 20 minute guided meditation

windows/pc users who can't download the file may find it accessible at  thanks to Eric

If you can't download or hear the file, please email me and I'll email you the 7.3 Megabyte file.  If your email can't handle the file, I can email it to a friend of yours to burn onto CD.


Feel free to copy and share any audio on this site, just let people know where it came from.

* all sound files are more effective with headphones

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