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As The Servants of Mary Center, we want to share our Servite Charism, and Spirituality rooted in Marian Inspiration, Fraternal Relationships, and Compassionate Service, with all who God brings to our gate.
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February 2012

Petit Goave Haiti

In the city of Petit-Goâve, Haiti at the Servants of Mary Center, there is a “little school” called the Child Jesus School. It is an elementary and vocational school for poor and needy children 10 years of age and older. These children would never be able to attend school or receive an education, mainly because their parents or relatives are not able to pay the monthly fees required by the schools in Petit-Goâve.

The Child Jesus School provides a basic education for the children, as well as providing school supplies, uniforms and a nourishing meal each day the children attend class. The children also receive religious formation and instructions to prepare them for the Sacraments as well as learning the basic prayers and, of course, songs of praise and thanksgiving to God.

There is a staff of 12 men and women, who care for the 67 students presently enrolled from  first to fourth grade. Because of the lack of space at the present time, many other needy children have, unfortunately, been turned away.

Thanks to the generous contributions received from Secular Servites and communities as well as friends and supporters, a playground and basketball court has been constructed for the children. What a joy this has been for the children! They can play in a safe and protected environment under the supervision and watchful care of the staff. The children and staff are very grateful to all the donors who have made the playground a reality for them.  Those who wish may make a donation for the purchase of the necessary sports and playground equipment.

Each day, before returning home at the end of the school day, the children sit together and enjoy a nourishing meal that is prepared and served on school grounds. For many of the children, this is their principal meal for the day. We are grateful for a Secular Servite who has been providing a monthly donation to help cover the cost of the purchase of the food.

After the children have concluded their elementary education, they are subsequently offered the opportunity to participate in a 3 year vocational, professional education in one of the following areas: cabinetmaking, carpentry, tailoring, mechanics, masonry, electricity, art, cooking and baking.

        Fr. Marc Claudy Magloire and Fr. Vidal M. Martínez,OSM are responsible for administering and overseeing all activities, programs, faculty, staff and needs of Child Jesus School.

     If anyone is interested in visiting Child Jesus School contact Fr. Vidal Martínez,OSM to discuss arrangements.

Fr. Vidal Martínez,OSM:osmsecular@aol.com, 773-354-9561. Fr. Vidal Martínez,OSM has been the Spiritual Advisor for the project in Haiti for some 30 years.