(Don't worry, you don't have to read this tl;dr wall of text. Feel free to click the links to the left and check the rest of the site out. This entry doesn't have anything to do with that :p)

Hello and welcome to my web page! First of all I want to thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you see. This little home page is nothing more than a little information about me, which I hope some of you will still enjoy.

My name is Luci Emerson, my fursona's name is Mianame. I'm 22 years old and attending college for an art degree.

More importantly I want to talk about my costuming experience. While I have a fair share of foam heads and not so many finished ones, I do have extensive experience in sewing. For generations my family has been filled with seamstresses, including my mother who taught me everything I know. I have an extensive work space, tools(13 sewing machines among other things) and a mass amount of energy and excitement that I would love to put to work for you!

A common question I want to clear up:

-What is your name/your fursona's name/your business's name?-

A fair question! Luci is the name of my actual self while Mianame is my fursona, or alter ego as it were(see the picture to the left to see what she looks like). Servalsatyr is two things. One, it is the actual species of Mianame; a mix of a serval and a satyr. Two, it is the name of my business. Currently anyway. There's debate that I should call my business Lucifur(get it? My name's Luci, ha ha..ugh) and I might be undergoing a name change again. What do you think? I would love to hear all of your thoughts on the idea! Feel free to e-mail me at Mianame@gmail.com with your thoughts on it.