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 New Arrivals                                                  Candle favors                                        Placecard holders      

Fruit Candle                                           Daisy bouquet candle                             Flip flop Placecard holder        

Asia Theme Tea Pot                               Calla lily bouquet candle                         Flip flop Placecard holder      

Heart sharped frame with rose edge        Little cute centerpiece with metal holder    Flip flop Placecard holder  

A beautiful frame with Daisy edge             "coffee life"Candle               Calla lily placecard holder and photo frame   

Heart frame                                                             Chinese style                                            Silver plated placeholder and frame     

Asia Theme Tea Pot                              Square candle with beautiful flower      A beautiful frame with Daisy edge

Tin pot                                                   Columnar candle plus glass candle holder

L-O-V-E Frame                                       "Sweet love"chocolate candle

Incense cones Rose                                Calla lily tealight candle in showed box(set of 4)

Columniform pot                                      Fruit Candle                                 

Little cartoon candle pot                          Frosted cup with dolphin mark  

Tin pail                                                   Daisy candle with metal candle holder

Little windmill                                         Daisy columnar candle with six cup candle

Cartoon Décor favor                                Floating rose candle

                                                             Better to be good than just good-looking

                                                             Love heart candle

                                                                                "Forever love"long stem candle with a glass holder 

                                                                                "Love is more thicker than forget" hearted candle


 Handware favors                                            Poly favors                                              Photo Frame favors

"Combination"                                          “Family love”                             Heart sharped frame with rose edge

Silver plated placeholder and frame            "I REMEMBER"poly frame             A beautiful frame with Daisy edge

Asia Theme Tea Pot                               Beach memory in a photo frame       Heart frame

Luminous mini-lantern                            Beach memory                                “The best in my life” glass frame

Heart sharped frame with rose edge         Flip flop Placecard holder                 L-O-V-E Frame

A beautiful frame with Daisy edge            Flip flop Placecard holder                 Silver plated placeholder and frame

Heart frame                                            Flip flop Placecard holder                 “Family love” 

Asia Theme Tea Pot                                                                                    "I REMEMBER"poly frame

Tin pot                                                                                                        Beach memory in a photo frame

L-O-V-E Frame                                                                                           Beach memory

Incense cones Rose                                                                         Calla lily placecard holder and photo frame 

Columniform pot                                                                                        “The best in my life” glass frame

Little cartoon candle pot                                                                           “All your remember”glass frame

Tin pail                                                                                                      “All your remember”glass frame

Little windmill  

Cartoon Décor favor


 Gel Candle favors                                        Handcraft Glass favors                                    Bride shower favors

"Coffee Life" Gel candle   1                        Luxurious goblet                                          Best for BRIDEL FAVOR

"Coffee Life" Gel candle   2                      Smash snow flower cup                    Rose soap petals in clear heart box

"Coffee Life" Gel candle   3                      Calla lily placecard holder and photo frame       Scented pentagon soap

"Taste the happiness" Gel candle   1       “The best in my life” glass frame  Long stem rose soap in clear gift box

"Taste the happiness" Gel candle   2       “All your remember”glass frame                   "MAGIC" SOAP 

"Taste the happiness" Gel candle   2       “All your remember”glass frame              Petal soap in the crystal bag

"Taste the happiness" Gel candle   2       “beach meomry”glass coaster                 “Hello Cat” Soap

Flower Gel candle 1                               “The best in my life” glass frame                  "2 Become 1" Love soap

Flower Gel candle 1                                 Calla lily placecard holder and photo frame        "Fall in love" soap

"Taste the happiness" Gel candle 5        “LOVE”glass coaster                           Lovely dog in the crystal soap 

Flower Gel Candle in Goblet                      Photo frame glass coaster                Rose soap petals in the heart box

Flower Gel candle in the vase                    Frosted Galss coaster  

 "Coffee Life" Gel candle 4                                   "Reunion" Glass coaster 

                                                                                  Coffee backgroud glass coaster

                                                                                  Ice cream cup or centerpiece 

                                                                                  Champagne cup

                                                                                  Noblest goblet

                                                                                  Square decor glass cup

                                                                                  Champagne vessel

                                                                                   Frosted decor cup