Sertan Kutal Gokce received his B.Sc. degree from Middle East Technical University  in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2008. During his undergrad studies, he visited Drexel University, Dr. Baris Taskin's lab for his internship in 2007. Later, he joined the Optical Microsystems Laboratory at Koç University for his M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. During his master studies, he worked with Dr. Hakan Urey on High-frequency Electrostatic MEMS Scanners for high-resolution displays and endoscopic imaging. He spent 6 months in CMI  of EPFL during his master studies in 2009. He performed microfabrication of Electrostatic MEMS Scanners during this visit. After finishing his master studies in 2010, he moved to UT Austin to pursue his PhD. He is currently a PhD candidate at Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.  He has

Address: ETC 7.113, Mechanical Engineering

Department C2200,University of Texas at Austin,

Austin, TX, 78712

e-mail:  kutal at utexas.edu