S.E.R.P - search engine result position is critical

for online business and web masters seeking top search engine positioning. Big search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask use advanced algorithms to find matching keywords and phrases, Exactly how there algorithms work is a highly guarded secret. In recent years webmasters seeking good s,e.r.p. have encountered numerous problems keeping their top serp returns. No longer can a website stay in the number one search return position with out constant SEO (search engine optimization). Paid advertising is taking more priority over proper coding and HTML work. Title tags, H1 headings, and use of Alt tags for photos still do help in SERP positioning. Having a fast loading page is also good for a better user experience. There are many tools paid and free that advertise SEO effectiveness. Some work and others are nothing but an online scam.

Back links to your website or blog are highly effective

SEO. As always content is king. If users find your site then give them something useful or a reason to return. Be very careful if you buy links. Some websites are punished for buying too many non topic related links. If a website links to your content, then it should be relative to the topic.

Below are websites that crawl your site and return SERP results for your pages. Listed in no particular order. Many can be found online. Remember using a free s.e.r.p. service can give varied results.

Tool-bars with a built in SERP program can also be found in Google Chrome Extensions and add on's for Firefox. These are popular with web masters who monitor their sites closely.

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Guide for good SERP


What is my serp

Another factor in SERP is how your website or blog is visible to viewers. There is many types of browsers and most display your content a little differently. Compatibility issues with different programs can cause a site not to function at all on certain web browsers. It is a good idea to test your URL at a site like Browser Shot. They will test a limited amout of browsers for free. Simply enter your website address and wait for the returns. This will give you an idea how your site appears on most browsers.

Joining social media sites also helps with online exposure. Twitter, Facebook, Mash able and others have exploded with users in recent years. Although privacy issues abound, people want to share their stuff online. You Tube is good for ranking keywords fast. Since they are owned by Google, their videos rank well for key words. Even uploading a short video about your content can greatly help your online exposure. With billions of view-able pages on the internet, you need all the help you can get with your SERP search returns. Having a big budget for advertising will gain you good exposure also. Usually paid advertising will show first in a search engine. Huge corporations that run servers worth millions of dollars need to make money. They are tired of the guy from India hacking their way to top search engine positioning. Highly skilled web masters can still rank first in a certain niche but the days of garbage websites ranking because of many back-links is ending. Google is tackling the problem with algorithm updates called Panda, Panda ll, and Penguin. Some web sites have been hard hit. Traffic has dropped right off. The system is not perfect but their engineers are constantly tweaking and trying to fix known issues.

Create a Google Plus Profile.; Join communities with similar interests.

Social media can add to online success.

Sharing a post with images or videos is popular.

Free tools.

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