Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon

Left click to Look, Use or Take.
Right click on any item in inventory that indicates you can Examine it to get a closer look.
Move the cursor to the upper right of your screen to access the game menu.
When you get the Map, you can use it to jump from one location to another.
There are several puzzles in this game that will auto-solve if you leave the computer for 45 minutes and don't move the cursor.
A patch is available at that fixes a problem with the pipe puzzle and adds an Easy Mode to Options.

Before you begin, open the paper booklet you got with the game and read Wendy's letter to Billy.
*You have one green coin in your inventory when you start the game.  You will need all 28 to finish it.
Room 19   After you watch the intro and listen to Billy's phone call, go to the dresser and take the remote from the drawer.
Examine the remote. Turn it over and see it has no battery.  Look at the smoke alarm over the door.
Click on the button at the bottom of the smoke alarm. Take the battery.
Put the battery in the remote and turn it back over.
Back out of the close-up and look around.  Talk about a dump!  At least there's a TV in the back of the room.
Go to the bathroom. Check the trashcan and take the matchbook. Examine the matchbook and see a phone number.
Take the bolt cutters from the tub and look at the ring.   It's Wendy's engagement ring.
In the front room, use the phone on the dresser to call the number on the matchbook.
Bruce tells you to go downstairs and check your messages if you want to see your girlfriend.  
Downstairs  Look at the message box and take the VHS tape. Snoop around. The office door is locked.
Check the banged up cabinet next to the office. There's something inside. Feel around for it. Yeesh! You've been bitten!
But you have a screwdriver. Go back to Room 19.
Look at the TV.  Evidently it overheats because the top is scorched and someone's put an ice bucket on it.
Looks like you'll need ice if you're going to play that tape. Take the bucket.
Out on the landing you suddenly feel dizzy and start to hallucinate.  The snake's poison is affecting you. 
Put the ice bucket in the ice machine and push the button. From the looks of this place, you should have known.  There's no power. 
Look at the panel dangling by one screw. Use the screwdriver on the screw. Do the ice machine puzzle to turn on the power.
All the red buttons have to be lit.
Remember that the power unit is in the center.  
   Click on the image for a larger view. 

Once the power is on, back out and push the flashing green button to get ice.
Hotel room  Put the bucket of ice on the TV. Examine the remote and push the red power button. Now the TV is on.
Insert the VHS tape in the slot. Watch the tape.
Wendy's in more trouble than you thought.
Go downstairs  The office door is unlocked now. Talk to the manager. You don't get much out of him.
Look at the table under the monitors and take the car keys.
Look at the top of the file cabinet on the left. Click on the passport. It's Wendy's.
A trip list inside mentions Marvin's Towing Service, her flash attachment and her netbook. 
Go outside  A car is parked in the Courtyard but you can't take it yet.
Go right. You're in front of a closed shop. You can go up or down the main street to your left. Go down.
Go up-screen and past the tattoo shop.  A crow will fly off a garbage can.  Click on the garbage can to get Coin #2.
Tattoo Shop  Look at the table and take the Map. You'll be able to jump from one location to another using the map now.
Look at the notice in the window that says this is a Wireless Zone.
Look at the Tattoo Machine. You need a card to use it.
In the back room, talk to Kiki about everything.
Leave the tattoo shop and head right past the telephone pole.
Pawnshop  There's a crow sitting on the trashcan next to the pawnshop. Click on the trashcan to get Coin #3. Go inside.
Look at the glass case. Wendy's netbook is in there but the case is locked. Take the magnifying glass on top.
Look at the bamboo blowpipe by the wheelchair. Look in the dark corner. You'll get Coin #4.
Right click on the map in inventory and go back to the Courtyard. Go through the Tunnel just past the hotel and enter the doorway.
Apartment Building  There's a man on the stairs who won't let you pass. What to do?
Look at the window AC unit. Plug it in. Uh, oh. Well, that got rid of him. Go upstairs.
The door on the left is locked. The door on the right leads to a dark room with a very unfriendly dog inside. 
A chain on the door keeps it from opening all the way.
Fortunately for you.
Leave the building and go right.
Junkyard  Check the cans by the gate and get the empty box of Puppy Treats. Examine the box and see that a free dog whistle came with it.
Inside the gate, a crow flies away from the car by the office. Look at the car and get Coin #5.
Junkyard Office  There's a dog bowl on the floor.  It belongs to Amigo.  Take the pieces of kibble and the empty cup.
Use the empty cup on the water cooler.  Take the filled cup.
Look at the trashcan.
Take the battery from the floor between the filing cabinet and the cooler.
Look at the computer.  Remember the name on the dog bowl?  Maybe that's the password...but you can't type it in.  The venom in the snakebite is affecting you.
Leave the junkyard and go down-screen to the Wharf.
Wharf   Go into the garage.  Look at the locker on the left and get the gas can.
Look at the dark corner and get Coin #6.  Look in the locker to the right. 
Go downscreen.
Pier   Notice a gas pump off to the right.  Go toward the door.
Another crow, this time on a barrel. Click on the barrel for Coin #7.
Enter the door and look at the sink.  Take the bottle of anti-venom from the shelf. 
Take the fish from the bait box.
Cut the chain on the locker to the left and take the three vials of blood.
Look at the switch next to the locker and turn the gas valve on.
Go out to the pier and drink the anti-venom by right clicking on it in inventory. You'll feel much better.
Look at the gas pump. The power's on now so fill the gas can and go back to the junkyard.
Junkyard Office  Type the password into the computer.
Click on Documents and read both reports and the Key List.  (Close out of files by clicking on the x in the upper right corner.) 
Click on Photos and look at Jerry's car.
Check the Lock Crack Pro file.  You'll need the serial number of a lock to use it.  Look at the FAQ. 
Wasn't there a locked door somewhere that needs opening?
Close out and look at the keys hanging over the computer. Take Jerry's key (F).
Junkyard  Look at the car across from the gate. The battery is missing. Put the battery you took from the office in it.
Now that you've got light, look in the clogged radiator. There's something in there.
Add water from the cup you filled and take the dog whistle that floats to the top.
Move down-screen into the lower part of the junkyard. That red car looks like Jerry's. Use his key on the trunk.
Take the lock picks from the box. Leave the junkyard and move West.
Apartment Building  Go upstairs to the locked door. Use the magnifying glass on the keyhole.
Write down the Serial Number: W-KDFJ2292 (This may be a game variable.)
Go up the hall. Use the dog whistle below the chain on the door to control the dog in the shadows.
Use the bolt cutters on the chain. Go in and look at the dresser.
Listen to the phone message. Read the sales receipt for Wendy's netbook. Take the dollar. Look at the bed.
Junkyard  Enter the serial number of the lock in Lock Crack Pro to learn how to position the tumblers with the lock picks.
This may change with each game but there are only three possible positions for each tumbler: high, medium and low.
Apartment Building  Pick the lock. When you've set the tumblers correctly, the door will open. 
Look at the bed. Look again at the dead woman.
Take the necklace on the wall next to the newspaper clippings of missing girls.
Go through the inner door.
Get the small key hanging on a nail. Take the journal from the bowl.
Look in the box by the door for Coin #8.
Examine the journal in closeup and open it with the small key.
Set the three rings on the necklace according to the instructions in the journal.
Outside  There's a man by an oil drum fire. Talk to Otto about everything. He's hungry so give him the fish.
He says you can take whatever you want from his stash. Take the tattoo gift card.
Go back through the Tunnel.
Hotel  Check the message box for Room 19 to get a note and a photo from Kiki.
Leave and go right from the Courtyard.
House on Main Street   Press the buzzer. When someone answers, say that Otto sent you.
Take the ring on the keychain from the box on the table inside. Look at the portrait on the wall.
Go through the inner door and talk with Tesla.
She tells you about Sashia, the vampire/snake/witch, and about her missing daughter.
Unlock the front door with the key on the keychain to go out.
Pawnshop  Look behind the counter. It seems as if there are more dead people than live ones in this town.
Take the pawnshop key from the body. Use the key to open the glass case.
Take the netbook and box of darts. (You'll see one dart in inventory.)
Take the bamboo blowgun.
Try to use the netbook but there's no signal.
Tattoo Shop  This is a wireless zone so the netbook will work here.
Click on the netbook's Map Finder and get the address of The Blue Iguana.
Read everything and take a look at the Voice Recorder. 
Listen to the fragments of Bruce's conversation that Wendy recorded.
Go back to the main street and this time go upscreen.
Warehouse   You hear a door close when you enter the warehouse yard. 
Enter the warehouse.
Click on the barrel in the front area to get Coin #9
Move to the back and use the necklace on the door.  Be sure you've already set the rings on the necklace according to the instructions in the journal
you found in the apartment building or you won't get in.
Enter the Chamber on the left and talk to Darj about everything.
He tells you to come back when you've got the mark upon you.
Tattoo Shop   Use the tattoo gift card on the Tattoo Machine.
Choose the tattoo that best matches the image on the photo Kiki sent you in the note you took from Room 19's message box.
Put your hand in the machine.
Warehouse Chamber  Darj will tell you that you need 'the sight to see the colors in this dark place".  You'll know what he means later.
His gift to you is on the table. 
Drink from the bottle on the table.
Go out and up-screen.
Back Hall  Click on the chest to play Raven's Hunt.  Directions are in the game and you can click on the large reset button to choose Hard or Easy.
When you accumulate 2,000 points, the chest will open.
A bottle of anti-venom is automatically added to your inventory. 
Enter the Hall behind the chest.
Go up-screen and into the doorway on the left.
Click on the chest.  "What you want" isn't here but click on the chest again and get Coin #10.
Sewer   Move the sewer grate and go down the ladder.  Go forward (downscreen).
Enter the lighted area and click on a second ladder.  Everything goes dark, you can't see anything. 
Click on whatever that is up ahead...another chest.  Oh, great.  Bitten again!  It's a good thing you've got that anti-venom
The lights come on. 
Go forward (downscreen) again and to the right through the Sewer Passage.  Click on the barrel for Coin #11
Look at the phone box.  You should be able to do something with it but it won't open.
Go back to the lighted area and up the ladder.  Outside, head for the cemetery gate.
Cemetery   There's a chained crypt just inside the gate.  Use the boltcutters on the chain.
It's too dark to see anything.  Use the matches on the crypt.
Gear Puzzle   You'll need the booklet that came with the game and your game disk to solve the gear puzzle. 
Once it sinks in that the letter/number combination in the center is a constant and cannot be changed, it's a piece of cake.
Look at the strange symbol at the bottom right of the puzzle and find it in the game booklet.  It will be in the center of a circle with random numbers around the edge. 
Put your disk on the symbol in the booklet and line up the letter you see in the center of the on-screen puzzle with the number that should be beside it.
Say the combination in the middle of the game puzzle is 4X.  With your disk on the symbol in the booklet, line up the X with the 4
This is your key to the numbers that belong beside the other letters in the game, numbers which can be changed by rotating the wheels. 
If the letter on the top right window in the game is Y, for instance, look for the number beside Y in your booklet (with X still against 4). 
Enter it in the game by turning the wheel.  Do the same thing for the letter on the left window.  Press the grey button when you have everything set.
When the first light comes on, find the symbol that appears next at the bottom right of the game in your booklet and repeat the procedure. 
Once all 3 lights are on, you're done.
Another crypt opens somewhere.
Go downscreen along the path.
Second Crypt   Take the crowbar from the stone coffin.  Get Wendy's flash attachment from the vase-table. 
Go out and enter the building next to the crypt.
Laboratory   Look at the lab table.  You can take the dropper and leave the 3 vials of blood here now or wait until later.
Leave and go back to the crypt by the gate and take the path to the right.
Third Crypt   Use the crowbar on the stone coffin.  You can see a notebook inside but there's a snake guarding it. 
Putting your hand inside wouldn't be the smartest thing you've ever done. 
Look around the crypt.  Look at the vase by the archway nearest the door.  A snake slithers out.
Take the egg she leaves behind.  Put the egg in the coffin next to the skeleton's pelvis.  The snake slithers over to it and you can safely reach in to take the notebook.
Examine the notebook to learn about how to defeat Sashia.  You need a 4th vial of shadowspawn blood.  Bruce is your best bet for finding it.  Time for a ride.
Courtyard   Use the car keys you took from the manager's office on the car.  It's out of gas.  No problem.  You have a full gas can in inventory. 
Since you saw the address of Bruce's bar, The Blue Iguana, in Wendy's map finder, you can go there now.  Get in the car.
The Blue Iguana   Go inside and take the paper on the floor.  Examine it and see it's a napkin with the bar's phone number on it. 
The bartender wants you to leave, he's ready to close.  Look at the book on the bar and see the combination of the office safe.  (Careless, isn't he?) 
Write the combination down.  Put the dollar you found earlier in the tip jar to get change.  It's no use trying to go through the door to the office with the bartender watching you. 
You need to distract him. 
Go outside.
Voice Recorder   Open Wendy's netbook.   All you have on the voice recorder are random words from one of Bruce's phone calls. 
Maybe you can use them to create a message that will get rid of the bartender. 
Edit what Bruce says to:  "Stop what you are doing and report to me".
Each visual burst of sound is a word.  You can move these 'sound bursts' to rearrange them. 
To get one out of the way, move it to the Edit area on the right and replace it with the word you want where it was. 
Play the message as many times as necessary while you edit.  Billy will let you know when you've got it right. 
Go to the phone booth in front of the bar.
Phone Booth   Put the change you got from the bar in the phone.  Use the bar napkin with The Blue Iguana's number on it on the phone. 
When the bartender answers, right click on Wendy's netbook to open it and play the edited voice recording.
The Blue Iguana   Go through the door on the right.  Notice the caged bird.  Look at the desk.  Listen to the message from Marvin. 
Read the sales receipt for the shadowspawn blood.  Whew, Bruce paid through the nose for the stuff.  He really wants to get rid of Sashia.
Look at the small jar.  Being a reckless soul, push the red button.
Open the door to Bruce's office.  On second thought, you'd better shut that bird up first.  Give it the pieces of kibble you took from Amigo's bowl.  Open the door.
Bruce's Office   Listen to Bruce and the bartender talking.  Beside you, a painting slid back from the safe it was covering.  (That red button came in handy.) 
Enter the combination from the book on the bar to open the safe.
Take the 4th vial.  Time to make tracks.  You need to get back to the graveyard.
Laboratory   Look at the lab table.  Make sure all 4 vials of shadowspawn blood are in the test tube holder. 
If you haven't already done so, get the dropper from the table.
Right click on the notebook and read the directions for preparing the blood.  Use the matches to light the cold beaker.
Use the dropper to add blood from each vial to the beaker.
Vial 4 - 1 unit
Vial 3 - 2 units
Vial 7 - 1 unit
Vial 2 - 3 units
Each time you click on the dropper's bulb you draw up another unit of blood. To remove the dropper, go back to the table top.
If you get the dropper in the wrong tube, just back out of closeup and try again.  The test tube's number will show at the top of the screen.
Once you're done and the blood is bubbling, dip the dart in it. 
In inventory, load the poisoned dart into the bamboo blowgun.  (Might as well do it now.)  And leave.
Outside the lab, go downscreen on a new path.  When you enter the gate, a new location is added to your map.
House  The door is locked.  Look at the mailbox and take the letter.  Examine it and take the credit card.  Look at the window and see if you can open it with the card. 
Not such a good idea, you don't want to set off the alarm.  Go back to the gate and around the left side of the house.  Look at the window where you see a light showing. 
Talk to the prisoner.  He thinks he can shut down the alarm if he has something to send a high-voltage charge through the wires to short out the electronics.
In inventory, use the screwdriver on Wendy's flash attachment.  Remove the capacitor and offer it to the prisoner.  No good, it needs charging.  Where can you do that?
Sewer   Go back down to the phone box in the sewer.  Use the crowbar on it.  Watch as Wendy attaches her netbook to the phone line to record Bruce's call. 
Use the capacitor on the phone box.  Return to the house and give the capacitor to the prisoner.
House   The alarm is off now.  Use the credit card on the window to lift the latch.  "The oldest trick in the book." 
In the entry hall, look at the large vase for Coin #12.
Go right through the dining room into the study.
Study   Look at the desk.  Listen to the message on the answering machine.  Pick up the old key and use it on the desk drawer.  Turn the key.
Take the light switch knob and the paper with numbers
Look at the bookshelf. 
Take a closer look at the book on the upper shelf and see blueprints for a strange reactor.
Go back to the entry and down the hall right of the front door.  A door on the left leads downstairs.  The light switch is missing a knob which you just happen to have.
Turn on the light and go downstairs.  Wouldn't you know?   The cell doors are locked.  Where are the keys?
Tower   Go right of the house to reach the tower.  Go in and look at the control panel.  You don't know what to do with it yet. 
Go back outside and down to the basement. 
Read the poem on the wall of the empty cell for a clue to finding the dungeon keys.  Read the note on the table. 
You can't use the elevator to reach the mine so you need another way.  Look at the computer control panel.  "Track path required."
Return to the house.
Study   Remember the poem mentioned a statue and a tiny button.  "...second from right is a good place to touch." 
Look at the bookshelf and touch the second decorative knob on the edge of the lower shelf.  The bust of a girl slides up.  
Use the paper with numbers on the safe.  Take the dungeon keys.
Go downstairs and unlock the prisoner's cell.
Cell  Talk to Vargo about everything.  Read his note on the back wall for a clue to setting the track coordinates.  He won't leave yet.
Tower   Setting the track coordinates. 
Turn the dial to =.   Write down the number beside it.  
Turn the dial to A.  Subtract this number from the first one.
Turn the dial to C.  Subtract that number from the total of = minus A.
Turn the dial to B.  Enter the total of = minus A minus C.
Example:  The number beside = is 832.
                  The number beside A is 292.  Subtract 292 from 832.  The result is 540.
                  The number beside C is 322.  Subtract 322 from 540.  The result is 218.
                  Enter 218 beside B.
A light will come on.  Repeat the procedure twice more.  Your track coordinates are set.
Basement   Look at the control panel and press the green button.  The mine cars will start running.  Catch one and climb aboard for the ride.
Leave the mine car and go right through the tunnel.  A new location is added to the map.
You can go North or East.  Go North until you see a rockfall and a body half-buried underneath it.  It looks like Marvin won't be fixing the generator.
Take the box of pipes beside him and return to the main mine area.   From there, go East.
Track Junction   Look at the switchbox with a green light glowing above it.  You need some way to open it.  Go East again.
Shack    Look at the barrel outside the shack.  Take the torn pieces of paper
Examine them and put them together for a plan of the generator cooling system
It's in pretty poor shape but it might help.
Open the door.  It's too dark to see anything.  Use the matches on the lantern above the doorway. 
Go in and get the socket tool and the pickaxe.
Leave and follow the Mineshaft North. 
Elevator   Look at the control box.  A fuse is missing.
Go back to the track junction and open the switchbox with the socket tool.  Take the fuse.
Return to the elevator and put the fuse in the control box.  Move the lever below the fuses.  Nothing happens.  There's still no power getting to it.
Go up through the Shaft to the right of the control box and see that the generator isn't working. 
You're going to have to fix the cooling system.  Examine the plan of the cooling system to get started.
Look at the generator.  Put the box of pipes on it.  Working left to right, connect all 28 pipes in the correct order.
When you've got power, go back downscreen to the elevator.  Use the lever under the fuses to bring the elevator up.  Take a ride down.
Lower Mine Shaft   Look at the control box by the elevator and take the handle.  Walk right and look at the metal sheets.  Click on them and take the rope.
Exit the mine. 
The contrast between the rocks and dirt of the lifeless mine and the lush, dark jungle is startling.  Go left.
Temple Entrance   Look at the red symbols on the stones and write them down. 
Look at the statue of a woman holding a bowl.  Take the bowl.
Go through the center doorway to see another sequence of red symbols.  Press them in the order you saw on the stones outside.  A wall slides back.
Water Pit   A shallow, round bucket is hanging over a well.  A stone column beside the well has a rectangle on its face with a hole above it.
Look at the rectangle.  It's a door of some sort...and it's stuck.  Maybe the handle you found in the mine will help.  Put it in the hole.
A lot of good that did.  Now the handle is stuck, too.
Use the bowl you took from the statue on the small door.  It opens onto a Light Puzzle.
Light Puzzle   Repeat the sequence in which the lights flash to open the serpent's eye.
In the first sequence, you see three lights flash.  Say it's 1, 4 and 7.  Touch 1, 4 and 7. 
A light will be added to each sequence after that. 
In this example, if the next sequence starts with the second light, the new sequence will be 2,1,4,7. 
Every new sequence only adds one new number to the start of the previous sequence.
(Thanks, Uncle Reg of Gameboomers!)
If you want a breather, wait to tap the last light in a sequence because as soon as you click on it the next sequence will start.
Get one part wrong and red lights will flash to let you know you goofed.  The puzzle will start over again.
When the eye is fully open, use the handle you put in the hole.  The door closes over the puzzle.
The shallow bucket goes down into the well and comes up again, filled, not with water, but with oil.  Use the bowl on the bucket to get a bowl of oil.
Exit the Temple and go downscreen (forward) in the jungle.
Cliff   Walk to the edge of the cliff.  Look at the mine entrance below.  You have to figure a way to get down there.
Back away from the cliff's edge and notice the rock to the left of the edge.
In inventory, combine the rope and the pickaxe.  Use them on the rock.  You're all set.
Go back to the cliff's edge and climb down.
Mine Below the Cliff   Go inside and look at the stone serpent's head.  It has an empty eye socket.
Leave the cave and go downscreen.
The Fortress   Lightning flashes and thunder rolls ominously as you approach a ruined fortress looming ahead of you in the jungle.
Mount the steps.
Look at the chest in the middle of the Entry Hall.  Sixteen green coins are added to your hoard.  You now have 28.
Enter the hall to the left.  Uh, oh.  This might have been a mistake. 
There are 3 ways out and no matter which one you try to take, an ugly guy with glowing red eyes blocks your way.
Evidently, the big mistake was taking those coins from the chest.  They belong to the Servants and the Servants aren't happy with you.
You'd better think of something quick.
In inventory, use the bolt cutters to cut one of the coins.  That did it.  You're alone again.
Go left twice.
Antechamber to the Head Room    Read the poem on the low stone plinth and pay careful attention to what it says.
Take the anti-venom.
There's a doorway to the right.
Head Room  Three stone heads covered in cobwebs are in front of you on a stone base.  Lovely things. 
Now's the time to think about that poem.
"A gift of 27 for a hole to open...."  You've got 27 green coins.
"Three heads sit silent...."  And each one has a slot in its forehead.  To drop coins in, maybe?
"Mind to left wants half a day's hours...."  Easy enough to figure that means 12 coins.
"Head to right wants count on one hand...."  Five there.
"Eyes in middle needs twice of the right...."  Ten in this one.
"Raising their gaze, revealing their sight...."  They're going to show you something.
Drop the coins in the slots.  Back out of the closeup.
The stone pedestal rises, revealing an opening.  Look at it.  Billy puts his tattooed hand inside.
"Upon the back wall a symbol is projected...."  You see the tattooed symbol on the wall.
"With colors revealed but never suspected."  Note the colors, not visible before, and how they are placed.
Go back through the antechamber into the hall and up screen to the next one.
Machine Room  This is the reality of those blueprints you saw in the study.  A strange reactor is converting the life force of the kidnapped girls for Sashia's use.
Look at the pod.  Look closer.  This is insane!    Like a luminescent snake, a green cloud writhes through the room and out again.
Go back out to the hall and right.  You're in the Entry Hall again.  Go upscreen twice.  Tall doors ahead of you are locked. 
Look at the small table downscreen.
Stones Puzzle   Move the colored stones so their colors are placed as they were in the projected tattoo in the Head Room.
Both red to the left, both pink to the right, three blue to the bottom and the two green, one above the other, on top.
When you're done, the tall doors open.  Go through them and watch Billy confront Sashia.
You're back outside the Ceremony Room after a rather undignified exit.  Dust off and go back inside.
Sashia is getting tired of Billy and she's not amused.  Billy finds himself hanging in mid-air, barely able to breathe. 
The ring on the keychain falls to the floor.
Talk to Sashia again when she lets him drop. 
Use the blowgun loaded with a poisoned dart on her and he answers her final question.
Sashia is dead but you still don't know where Wendy is.  You have to find her.
Look at Sashia's head and take the amulet eye.  Go past what remains of Sashia into her Chambers.
Look at the book.  Read about feeding the serpents. 
Use the anti-venom on the blank righthand page to reveal what couldn't be seen before.  Write it down.
Go back through the Ceremony Hall and out by the door on the left, downscreen to the Entry Hall and right to exit the Fortress.
Find Wendy   From the fortress, go across to the mine below the cliff.  Look at the stone serpent's head.
Put the amulet eye in the empty eye socket.  A wall slides back.
Go inside and see Wendy lying on a stone slab rising from the middle of a deep pit.  You have to find a way to reach her.
Cross to the lighted stairway and go upscreen.  You're closer but not close enough.
Go into the lighted doorway.
Room with Three Snakes   Look at the stone serpents and remember what Sashia's book said.
"Feed 3 serpents from nature's oil."  Take the bowl of oil from inventory.
"Each mouth is picky the amount to order for gears to move and link." 
Use the bowl of oil on the snake with the letter I by it 2 times.  Click on the round button.  The snakes will turn and V will come to the front.
Feed this one 5 times.  Click on the round button.  They revolve again and X is facing you.  Feed it once.
Now watch what happens as Wendy wakes.

Last Half of Darkness:  Society of the Serpent Moon is William R. Fisher's first foray into third person games after mastering the first person horror genre with Tomb of Zojir
I had a blast playing Serpent Moon and really look forward to the next installment of Last Half of Darkness.  
You can find all Bill's great games at