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All members are strongly encouraged to participate in Emergency Services and to do their best to ensure that our Squadron is well represented, especially when the SAR-Ex is being held at our home base.< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">


Our members are also encouraged to train for as many different positions as they can.  We have a shortage of Mission Base Staff and Flight Line personnel, and most of this training can be completed while you are at Mission Base awaiting deployment for other positions.  All Squadron personnel can and should be Mission Staff Assistants and Flight Line Marshallers, and there are several other positions that are available to both Seniors and Cadets. 


Since our Squadron is based at Wing Headquarters, in the event of an actual mission, we will likely be the first to respond.  We need to be trained and qualified for the Mission Base Staff and Flight Line positions so that we can set things up and get the ball rolling while we are waiting for the others to arrive from farther away.



Your individual SPECIALTY QUALIFICATION TRAINING WORKSHEET (SQTR) can be viewed and printed in e-Services, look in the lower left portion of your screen for "My Operations Qualifications/National Reports” and double click; go to the top of the page and click on "Emergency Services"; at the bottom of that page, click "YES"(you only need to click yes the first time); click on the tab "SQTR Worksheet"; click on "Click here to obtain your SQTR Worksheet"; print it out.


Please print a copy of any SQTR you wish to work on and bring it with you to the SAR-Ex!


If you have tasks that are complete but not entered into e-Services, please bring your SQTR to the next meeting so we can get that done ASAP.

To obtain your 101 card follow the same process as above, but click on the 101 card tabs.

You can not participate in a SAR-Ex if you do not have a 101 card in your posession!



 General Emergency Services- Required for ALL Emergency Services Participants


Please be sure that you have completed the General Emergency Services test CAPT116 part 1 here.

This must be done before you can get a 101 Card.


Reference and study material can be found here and CAPR 60-3 here


You should also complete CAPT117 parts 1, 2 & 3 here

The study material directly precedes each test part.


OPSEC training is also required and can be done here.

This only takes a few minutes, so please complete it as soon as possible.



Those who are working on Aircrew qualifications, please review your aircrew training materials here.

Remember that you must become Mission Scanner qualified

 before you can become a Mission Pilot


Those pilots needing Form 5/Form 91 rides (initial or recurrent) please contact the unit commander as soon as possible so we can try and arrange this before the next SAR-Ex


 Individual task guides are available here.



Those working on Ground Team or UDF qualifications should review their training material here and let the unit commander know what (how many) sorties they need for completion, before the next SAR-Ex.   Note that Ground Team sorties also count for UDF.


Individual task guides are available here.



To qualify for Mission Base Staff, you must complete the ICS 100 and ICS 200 courses online at the FEMA Independent Study website here. These courses take about 2-3 hours each and qualify for College or Continuing Education Credits when combined with the ICS 700 and ICS 800 Courses.  They are free and available to both Seniors and Cadets.  Simply fill out the information requested and follow the instructions for taking the course.  When you complete the course and pass the online test, you will receive an e-mail verification and a printable certificate of completion that can be entered into your service record.


Those working on Mission Base Staff and IC qualifications should review their CAP training material here and let the unit commander know what they need for completion, before the next SAR-Ex. 


Individual task guides are available here.



 Those who are working on Flight Line qualifications, please review your Flight Line training materials here and let the unit commander know before the next SAR-Ex


Individual task guides are available here.