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Movie Title :Boondock Saints, The

Two Irish brothers accidentally killed mafia thugs. They turned themselves in and were released as heroes. They then see it as a calling by God and started knocking off mafia gang members one by one. Willem Dafoe plays the detective trying to figure out the killings, but the closer he was to catching the Irish brothers, the more he thinks the brothers are doing the right thing.

Year : 1999

Genres : Action Crime Drama Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 7.70

Brothers. Killers. Saints. And shepherds we shall be, for thee, my lord, for thee. Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will Be Done. Before The MacManus Brothers Get To Heaven, They're Gonna Raise A Little Hell The MacManus Brothers aren't angels, they're just sent from heaven to make life a hell for all sinners They're on a Mission From God

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Actors : Willem Dafoe=Paul Smecker Sean Patrick Flanery=Connor MacManus Norman Reedus=Murphy MacManus David Della Rocco=Rocco Billy Connolly=Il Duce David Ferry=Detective Dolly Brian Mahoney=Detective Duffy Bob Marley=Detective Greenly Richard Fitzpatrick=The Chief William Young=Monsignor Robert Pemberton=Macklepenny Bill Craig=McGerkin Dot Jones=Rosengurtle Baumgartener (as Dorothy-Marie Jones) Scott Griffith=Ivan Checkov Layton Morrison=Vladdy James Binkley=Officer Newman Matthew Chaffee=Officer Chaffey Robert Eaton=Officer Langley (as Robert Vernon Eaton) Kym Kristalie=Beat-up Woman Gerard Parkes=Doc

Directors : Troy Duffy

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