"Environments and populations are dynamic and constantly changing, 
we must keep them both capable of further natural change" Rosemary Grant

Our Research Program:
to understand how environmental variations affect and explain the changing structure and persistence of ecological communities

New Events
- The group will be presenting new findings at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting in Portland (August 2017)     
- Serguei will be part of the the program committee of the Conference on Complex Systems 2017 (Cancún, México) 
- Serguei will give a talk in late May at the Ecology and Evolution Department, Chicago University.
- Serguei gave a talk in early January at the Ecology Institute, UNAM (México)

How we do it?
combining computational and mathematical methods with field data
following an approach based on feasibility analysis, convex geometry, probability, and network science

Why we do it?
to estimate future changes in ecological networks and understand their past
to find strategies to monitor and manage the sustainability of ecological systems