Sergio Ocampo Díaz

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Western University in London, Ontario. 

I hold a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota.  

My research interests are macroeconomic theory and heterogeneous agent macroeconomics.  

I am co-PI in the SSHRC Insight Development Grant "Wealth Patterns and Taxation" joint with Rory McGee (CAD 63 thousand, 2022-2024).  I am also a project participant of the RCN-funded project "Make Taxation Fair"  (FRIPRO, NOK 11.8 million, 2021-2026). 

I am part of the Grupo de Economía Laboral (GEL) of the Red de Investigadores.

On the teaching tab you will find the syllabi of the courses I have taught, as well as additional materials for the math camp and stochastic calculus courses.

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Link to my CV

Contact: socampod (at)

Twitter: @socampdi

My Western University page:

My Ideas page:

Published or Forthcoming Papers

with Fatih Guvenen, Gueorgui Kambourov, Burhan Kuruscu and Daphne Chen  (Open access version, Old NBER working paper, Computational Appendix)

Coverage: Financial Times (Free Lunch, Article), The Economist (Article), Bloomberg (Noah Smith: 2016, 2019), St. Louis Fed (interview with Fatih Guvenen), Observatorio Fiscal (Online OpEd, in Spanish)

with Juan Herreño   (Slides, old CHPC working paper)

Extra: Previous version with additional productivity shifters (Draft, 2019)

with Baxter Robinson (GitHub repo, Published version)

The evolution of U.S. retail concentration   [AEJ-Macroeconomics, Conditionally Accepted] 

with Dominic Smith ( BLS Working Paper 526, NBER-SI Slides, Long Slides)

Robust contracts in common agency  [The RAND Journal of Economics, Forthcoming] 

with Keler Marku and Jean Baptiste Tondji

Work in Progress

The life cycle dynamics of wealth mobility with Richar Audoly, Rory McGee, and Gonzalo Paz Pardo

Long Slides, Slides, Shapley-Owen Decomposition

Fairness through markets with Paolo Piacquadio