Sergey Tikhomirov

Associate Professor of Saint-Petersburg State University
Special program "Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science"
14th lane 29B, Vasilievsky Island,
St. Petersburg, 199178, Russia
Tel: +79213387396

Habilitation degree, University of Leipzig, 2016
Thesis: "Quantitative properties of infinite and finite pseudotrajectories". Chief of Committee: S. Luckhaus
Habilitation degree, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, 2016
Thesis: "Dynamical Systems with various shadowing properties". Chief of Committee: Ya. G. Sinai
Ph.D. degree in mathematics
, Saint-Petersburg State University, 2009
Thesis title: "Shadowing of pseudotrajectories in smooth flows". Advisor: Sergei Yurievich Pilyugin
Master degree in mathematics, Saint-Petersburg State University, 2000-2005

Cites in bibliographic databases: Mathscinet, Scholar

Research interests: Dynamical Systems.
  • Fluid Dynamics
    • Hele-Shaw and DLA
    • Porous media and Buckley-Leverett
  • Quantum Computing
  • Lattice Dynamical Systems
    • Pinning/depinning
  • Hysteresis (Project A4 of the DFG Collaborative Research Center 910 on Control of self-organizing nonlinear systems)
    • Free boundary problem
    • Pattern Formation
  • Shadowing, Hyperbolicity, Partial hyperbolicity
    • Skew products
    • Actions of nonabelian groups
    • Nonuniformly hyperbolic systems
  • Numerical Simulations

2018: Differential equations (дифференциальные уравнения) Link
2018: Dynamical Systems Link
2018: Dynamical Systems with Hysteresis (TUM) Link
2017: Differential equations (дифференциальные уравнения) Link
2017: Dynamical Systems (динамические системы) Link
2017: Geometry and topology (геометрия и топология) Link
2016: Differential equations (дифференциальные уравнения) Link
2016: Geometry and topology (геометрия и топология) Link
2016: Differentiable Dynamical Systems. Introduction to chaos. Link
2015: Differentiable Dynamical Systems I. Link
2015: Smooth dynamical systems. Link
2012, 2013: Differential equations I, II. Link I, Link II
2011: On shadowing properties of differentiable dynamics. Link
2009: Shadowing and structural stability. 


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Works in Progress
  • Tikhomirov S. (with Gurevich P.) Spatially discrete reaction-diffusion equations with discontinuous hysteresis [arXiv]
  • Tikhomitrov S. (with Scheel A.) Depinning asymptotics in ergodic media [arXiv]
  • Tikhomirov S. (with G. Monakov, A. Yakovlev) On displacement of viscous liquid in a system of parallel tubes [pdf]