The Serenity Solar Canoe

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Silence is the key !

Silently gliding across the water brings my "five senses" alive...  touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing all come together and allow me to experience the beauty of nature. Once I experienced this feeling of solitude I was hooked....
I found I could approach wildlife and they looked right at me with no fear. It was like I was a duck or a giant water spider and I could get so very close to deer and other animals on the shore without them treating me as a threat and running away. It's a wonderful experience.....

Then add independence to the mix and realize the boat is  "self sufficient"   The solar system creates the power and another incredible feeling comes into play. The thought of solar sailing for as long as I want to, as far as I want to. I can go for days or weeks and yes even months if I desire. Pack up some foods and camping gear and just go. The sun charges the batteries as fast as I use that electricity to run the motor. 100% solar powered !

The Mountains around lake Kachess are just amazing.

  New !  Solar wings adding 200 watts by adding 2 slide out super light weight Grape Flex 100 watt solar panels. The 2  pictures below are the slide out solar panels in the closed and open positions.
See left tool bar under Wings for pictures and more info.

Shallow draft of just a few inches makes landing almost anywhere easy.

Nice secluded camping spots every where. I rarely found good camping on lakes when I would drive there. Now I have so many to pick from and there all free. It doesn't get any better then this !

Ah YES.... Below is the Mothership.... She is part of my inspiration to build "Solar Wings" on my small humble craft :-) 

PlanetSolar: the largest solar-powered boat in the world ...

YouTube Video

The goal, 100 percent solar powered boat. Easy to build, no special skills or tools require. 90 percent of the canoe space still available for gear and passengers. Shade for hot sunny days. A mobile solar generator for RV, Worksite or Emergency power.  90 Percent of materials available from Home Depot and most any hardware store. The other 10 percent materials easily found and purchased on 

I recommend "Grape Solar" products. Great costumer services, Good prices and a good warranty.
after all what good is a warranty that is based in china ?  I like to purchase on and the more the USA made products the better....

    Final requirement is the whole boat project using all new materials has a final cost of under $2000 (The new wings with two 100 watt solar panels are a extra optional add on and not included in this price)

                                       Success....... I named her "SERENITY"
                    Check video's on the left menu bar....

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I was not sure if I could reach my goal of a totally 100 percent powered solar canoe till I took "Serenity Two"  down part of the Columbia River on a 5 day 100 mile trip. I had many improvements I had made to try and many improvements running through my mind to make but on the 3rd day on this stretch of the calm river I felt totally at peace from the outside world.  Silently gliding through the water of the Mighty Columbia River. I found the boat slowing and speeding up as the clouds covered the sun and then the sun came back shining on my solar panels speeding the boat backup.

The next two pictures below is a design of out riggers from the Philippines. In the Philippines the out riggers are bamboo and extend pretty wide for good stability on ocean waters. But I used PVC thin wall filled with closed cell foam for extra safety in case I got a leak. Most pump boats are just pulled up on the beach of villages all over the 7000 islands so no problems with width. I how ever need to trailer my boat so I made them slide in and out. 8 feet when slid in to be legal on all highways and 12 feet wide when slid out for stability on the water.  top picture is them out and the next picture slid in.

YouTube Video

More video's on the left tool bar....

Don't get me wrong. With the batteries in this boat I could keep cruising for hours. Even in the total dark of night it will cruise along for a easy 4-5 hours. But when the full glory of the sun is high above me it increases the speed and it is cool. I was definitely feeling a connection with the Sun and Mother Nature. I felt totally independent from the outside world. I felt Peacefulness, Solitude, Tranquility and SERENITY !   I could keep going forever as long as the sun came out the next day and water was below me.  As us older guys would say that grew up in 70's and 80's, "Hey dude this is cool"    :-)  I don't need no loud motor and stinking gas !!! :-)

Sure a power boat would get me there faster but why? When its totally
silent, peaceful and your in a beautiful place why be in a hurry ?