Oh the things we have done!
It's not practical to put all of these things on our Home page, so we thought we would write this page, just so you know that it doesn't hurt to ask...
  • Care for people dealing with post-surgery issues.  Calls to Dr, pick up of medications, groceries, pet care etc.
  • Down-sizing help...   
  • Move-out cleaning:  the truck has pulled away and you know that you won't have the energy to clean as well.
  • Organize a closet or a kitchen or a shop...
  • Paperwork: have a filing system set up so you alway know where to find important papers.
  • Picture hanging:  experience in professional picture hanging, rewiring hangers, placement. 

  • Stock your freezer with meals, soups and baking.
  • Write letters, make phone calls, make and attend appointments.