We know how important it is to 'know someone who knows someone'.  So we have decided to include on our web-site links to other web-sites belonging to businesses we deal with and are happy with.  It may be the people, their products, or their services, and it may have nothing to do with what we do, but we want to be able to refer them to you through this web-site.
Heidi Bischoff is a senior stylist at Serenity Salon in Nanaimo.  They are located at 2127B Bowen Road.
Call 250-758-9985 for an appointment.

Okay, she's my daughter... but she's doing a great job with my hair and that says a lot!  I have very curly hair and have learned the hard way not to just let anyone cut it. Heidi's current schedule is Tues-Sat,  please call for an appointment!

SilverWings is a very special service provided by Sheena and her white doves.  I have been to a memorial service where her doves were released.  It was wonderful and a beautiful way to say goodbye to our friend and to honour his wife.  Go to

Glass Art Studio & Gallery, is a treasure nestled in the trees in North Qualicum Beach. If you like glass art,  you will love this Gallery.  Bill and Bonnie will be happy to show you the studio where they create their unique pieces.  For a preview visit their site www.cedarmoon.com 

The MonElissa Studio and Retreat Suite is located in Bowser and is home to artist, Elissa Anthony.  My favourite paintings are her seascapes... but then there are her trees, and flowers...  Her suite is lovely, fully furnished and ready for guests to relax and be inspired.  Elissa's web-site can be found at www.monelissastudio.com

Arlene McLeod - Artist.  I was reading an art show brochure and saw the name Arlene McLeod.  I wondered if she could be my childhood friend?  Sure enough, she was. We had not seen each other for over 30 years!  I told her that I couldn't remember her ever being in any of my art classes.  She hadn't been, she has only been 'playing with paint for 15 years'.  Her contemporary works are delightful, most contain her favourite colour green (we went through a stage of wearing a lot of green in grade 8). My favourites are Hot Cookies and Garden Party which is featured here.  You can enjoy Arlene's site at www.arlenemcleod.com

Qualicum Bay Design
Sheena McCorquodale

Comfy Cat Boarding Kennel
Sheena McCorquodale