Our People

 Our people are mature, responsible individuals.  All of us are bondable - we have had Criminal Record Checks conducted by the RCMP, and they all came up clean (Yay!).  Depending on the service we as individuals provide, we have the necessary Food Safe Certificate and/or First Aid Certificates.  We come from various career backgrounds and life experiences of which you can read all about below. We take pride in our work and believe in the power of  'word of mouth' advertizing.  If you're happy you will tell someone, if you're not... you will probably tell lots of people.

I am Dini, mom to 2 daughters, and "Seanni" to 2 sweet little boys named Jack and Arlo.  I was born in Chemainus and have been an 'island girl' all of my life.  I enjoy being creative, writing, cooking, digging in the dirt and hanging out with family and friends.   
     My main career, for over 20 years, was in child care - I did everything from family child care, preschool, group day care, consulting, working with families with children with special needs, respite care.... and teaching.  It was wonderful.  I have also been involved in the food industry on and off for years doing prep cooking, serving and catering.  My needs for a creative outlet were met in teaching art to children and being involved with a couple of galleries in Qualicum Beach.  I learned many skills by being the general contractor for the building of my home. I have at times been an employee, but mostly been self-employed and enjoy the challenge of running my own business and using my skills to help others in theirs.  I am the owner of Seren and am excited about helping people take care of themselves and their homes. 


Marcella has lived in BC all of her adult life and has two grown children and a sweet little grand-daughter.  Marcella's career includes both Fine Arts (she was a resident artist at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Qualicum Beach and has owned her own business called "Lighten Up" for several years) and working as a Caregiver - mainly with the elderly.  She has extensive experience and we are very pleased that she has joined our team.  I have known Marcella for about 10 years and have seen her work with her clients... her reputation as a loving and skilled Caregiver is well deserved.  She is very creative, active in her community, and a few years ago,  spent a month working in Cambodia in a children's orphanage teaching them how to garden and raise their own food.   Marcella enjoys gardening, reading, travelling, and loves any activity that involves creating beautiful, functional things.  Fortunate are her clients who enjoy being on the receiving end of  her colourful vases and bouquets of flowers from her garden! 



Lawanna and her husband did house-sitting for several years for a local family before deciding to move here permanently from Manitoba a few years ago.  They now live in Parksville and love it.  The only reason to leave the island is to get together with family, especially if it involves visiting her 3 great-grandchildren!  Lawanna has an extensive background in administration and working with people and is excited to work with Seren Home Care & Support Services, and we are happy to have her!

Heidi was born and raised in Nanaimo and grew up surrounded by other children in her mom's daycare.  She spent several years living in Victoria when she got the travel bug and moved to New Jersey and then Spain where she worked as an au pair.  She returned to Victoria and immediately started planning her next trip, this time to Asia.  Heidi's many interests inlcude the fashion industry, which has given her opportunity to travel to California and work in Toronto.  She eventually returned to Nanaimo and now works at Serenity Salon as a Senior stylist.  

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around..." Leo Buscaglia