Support Services

Meal Preparation
 Seren will be happy to come into your home to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for you or your family or even organize and cook for a special celebration. Dini has training in nutrition and is comfortable working
with special diets.  She also has experience in cooking some ethnic foods and would love to recreate your favourite recipes for you.  Services include planning menus, shopping for groceries, preparing food, serving meals and clean-up.  Dini  has her Food Safe Certificate. 

For seniors, people of various abilities and busy people.  If keeping your house clean and tidy is a challenge, let  Seren give you a hand.  We can do anything from regular or occaisional cleaning of your home to walls, some windows and appliances. Do you need help with your laundry and changing of linens?  Maybe you need help sorting and organizing the contents of a closet. Whatever you need help with, just ask and we will do our best to meet your  needs.

For yourself or your loved ones.  People just can't be everywhere at once.  Maybe your family member lives out of town, and your would like to ensure that their needs for companionship are met.  Home visits, coordination of visits with friends, and companionship on outings or for travel are services that Seren can provide.

Shopping & Errands
Keeping up with shopping and errands can be a challenge.  Whether you need an assistant in doing these chores or would like us to do them for you, it's your choice!  Let's get that chore list done.

Transportation to Appointments
 & Social Functions
For people with places to go, things to do and people to see!  It may be a doctor appointment, a community event or club activity, airport service or simply a visit with a friend or family member.... we can help you live life to the fullest by taking care of your transportation needs.