Home & Yard Care...

Gardening Maintenance
Protect the investment you have made in your garden, we will get it back into shape for you and help you keep it that way. Please note: we are able to maintain your garden, we are not "landscapers".

While you are away...  

Thorough Home Security Checks: 
Will you be away from home for a few days or longer?  Seren will care for your home while you are gone.  Inspection of indoor and outdoor home security, plumbing and appliances will  be conducted.
Indoor and Outdoor Plant care:
Plants can make a house a home and also improve our air quality.  We will take care of your indoor and outdoor plants as you require.
Mail and Paper Pick up :
We will pick up your mail and papers, and keep, dispose or recycle as you wish.
Serious Stuff: 
It is important that you check with your insurance agent on the policy requirements for the care of your home while you are away.  Thermostat temperatures and frequency of home checks could affect your coverage.