Downsizing and Moving       
 Preparing and Planning Your Move
Once the decision to move has been made, preparing and planning must be done to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.  Is your home a rental or will it be put up for sale?  Where will your next home be?
Seren can help you get moving by preparing your home for sale, and assist you with all of the details of planning your move.
Sorting and Downsizing
Moving from one home to another gives us the opportunity to go through everything we own.  What do you want or need to keep, and what to sell, pass on to family or friends, donate to charity or throw out.  Seren can assist you with sorting, downsizing and disposal of unwanted items.    

Coordination of Services
The coordination of services can be overwhelming.  Seren can contact charities for pick-up,  coordinate movers and assist with utility appointments.

Change of Address and Utilities
With your permission, we will assist you in all change of addresses and utilities. 

It's pretty simple: you decide whether you want to purchase packing boxes or re-use store boxes.  (The money saved on new boxes could be spent on a good bottle of wine... but that's only a suggestion.)  We can pick them up for you.  We will carefully pack  your possessions, and label the boxes for easy access once you move.

Unpacking and Set-Up of Your New Home
Getting settled quickly is important for kids right through to people in their golden years.  Seren can help by getting those boxes unpacked, things organized, put away, help with set-up and placement of furnishings and  
even hang pictures so you can get back to the more important things in life.  We can even take care of recycling the boxes and packing  materials for you. (And if you used previously used boxes, you can smile when we recycle them.)

Cleaning and Minor Repairs
Isn't it amazing (and sometimes embarrassing) how much fluff and dirt you find when you move out of your home!  Well, we can take care of the cleaning of all of that and do minor repairs in preparation for the new owners or tennants.