Biography of Vladimir Rott


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Vladimir Rott, in 1967

Vladimir Rott, a canadian engineer, was born in 1935 in the Soviet Union, in a family of immigrants from Hungary.  In 1974, he defected during a trip to Toronto.

He wrote this book in memory of his parents.  It takes the reader to a Hungarian village, then follows the author's school years, his life as a child under the German occupation of Bobruyssk (Belarus), his years as a student in Tomsk and an engineer in Siberia, and his work on the enormous construction of LADA-VAZ, the Volga automobile plant in Togliatti.  The author also shares his experience of surviving, adapting to a new life, and raising his children in Canada.

"I am not a writer, but I have to tell the story of events and people whose memory, I believe, must not disappear," - Rott writes in the introduction. Not being a writer, but endowed with great love of life and phenomenal memory, he has written a remarkable book that is a living testament to the epoch.