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Father's Letters from Siberian Prison

This is an edited collection of  letters from prison written by Ferenc Roth a Hungarian citizen who went to Russia in 1931 to work on contract, building a lumber mill in Bobruysk, Belarus.  In 1938 he was arrested by Stalin's regime and sent to Siberia.  He spent 12 years there,  waiting for release and clearing of his name.  During this time he continuously wrote letters to his family describing his ordeals and expressing hopes for a imminent return home.  These precious  letters are all that remained of him, because he never returned from Siberian prison. 

Vladimir Rott, his son who never saw his father after the age of 3 years old, has translated these letters and edited them for publication in 2007.  These letters were published in Russian, then Hungarian and English.

Father's Letters from Siberian Prison is a part of this larger biography of Vladimir Rott, Joy from Sadness (Garadna - Miskolc - Bobruysk - Tomsk - Toglyatti - Toronto). Currently available in Russian, English & Hungarian languages. 


In Defiance of Fate      
(Garadna - Miskolc - Bobruysk - Tomsk - Toglyatti - Toronto)
Book I - Joy from Sadness

He wrote this book in memory of his parents.  It takes the reader to a Hungarian village, then follows the author's school years, his life as a child under the German occupation of Bobruysk (Belarus), his years as a student in Tomsk and an engineer in Siberia, and his work on the enormous construction of LADA-VAZ, the Volga automobile plant in Togliatti.  The author also shares his experience of surviving, adapting to a new life, and raising his children in Canada.
       "I am not a writer, but I have to tell the story of events and people whose memory, I believe, must not disappear," - Rott writes in the introduction. Not being a writer, but endowed with great love of life and phenomenal memory, he has written a remarkable book that is a living testament to the epoch.

Available Now in English, Russian, and Hungarian 

In Defiance of Fate 

(Garadna - Miskolc - Bobruysk - Tomsk - Toglyatti - Toronto) 

Book II - Joy of Discoveries  

This is Book Two of Vladimir Rott’s memoirs, Joy of Discoveries. In it, he describes his fight to secure his family’s emigration from the Soviet Union, his first years in Canada, the lives and accomplishments of his children and grandchildren – as well as his meetings with his American relatives, the creation of a family tree, and the building of a family memorial in the village of Garadna (Hungary).

Vladimir Rott is an extraordinary man with a unique passion for life, kindness, and humor. He has a gift for attracting people, and they remain his friends for life. He was greatly aided in his work by a unique archive that preserved many letters, documents and diaries which he kept from his school years.

Without being a professional writer, Vladimir Rott has written a wonderful book that stands as a living testament to an era.

Mysovaya Station 

I often wondered what would have happened if my father Ferenc Roth from Hungary, and Iya’s grandfather Shlomo Guterman from Poland a century ago had gone West, overseas to America, instead of seeking their fortunes in the opposite direction of the Globe, in the Russia?