ISTAR Services

Scanning & Reconnaissance

Want to know what's going on in the outlying districts? Rumours of fleets amassing nearby got you intrigued?

ISTAR have developed a first class scanning service which allows us to recon an area and report back with detailed information and full colour images. We also specialise in System Gravitational Surveys (SGS) which gives pilots the information to enter a system without having to navigate clear of gravity wells, thereby keeping them out of detection range or, ultimately, enemy fire. 

So cities, planets and systems, nothing need remain a mystery any more. 


Delivery & Transport 

ISTAR use the most reliable and best equipped YT freighters in the Galaxy. We believe that by investing in our men and equipment, we can deliver the highest standard of service to our customers. We can also transport surface only cargo and personnel with our Cargo Skiff fleet. 

Delivery of items and NPCs is our bread and butter work, a prompt service with regualr updates of progress and above all else a reliable and discreet transport is what we do for each and every customer.

We also undertake the delivery of capital ships, we provide the skilled personnel to bring your treasured possessions to their destination with the minimal of fuss and worry.

NPC & Droid services

ISTAR are also in the manning business. We can supply NPCs and droids for many purposes and skills. Already an established trader in Centrepoint Marketplace, we have the man, woman or droid for your need! For further information, visit our online database.