About us

ISTAR has been in development since early Combine Year 8, but opened for business more recently. Our services have been tested and developed all throughout that time and we are now the foremost in competent delivery of logistics and reconnaissance. 

The principle director of the company is Seren Acrux, is a well travelled, experienced and professional Klatoonian. He has previously been involved with the Antarian Rangers and more recently, the Knights of the Fountain. He has extensive expertise in transportation, reconnaissance, logistics, trading, mining and building, there is nothing he can't turn his hand to. 

ISTAR have chosen to utilise the most reliable and well respected freighters in the business and the YT 1210 has proved to be the most useful multi roll freighter available to the market. With far ranging scanners, fast and reliable engines and a large cargo hold, there is little our work horses can't do. 

Our long term aim is to cement our reputation as a reliable, courteous and discreet service provider and grow the range of services which we provide. All profits will be reinvested back into the company to ensure our fleet is modern and capable of undertaking all that is asked of it.