Serena Crivellaro

Welcome to my disambiguation page. More information regarding my experiences and interests will be added over time. 

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Business Experience

Currently a Consultant at OC&C Strategy Consultants in London
Previously also at Monitor Group in London

Masters in Management from London Business School (2010)

Consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners in Boston

Linguistics Experience

MA in Linguistics from Cornell University (2008)
- Thesis titled "Investigating Prosodic Boundaries" chaired by Michael Wagner
- Thesis research conducted at the Cornell Phonetics Laboratory and with the gracious assistance of MIT's TedLab

BA in Linguistics from Yale University (2006) 
- Thesis titled "The Syntax of XIII ComunCimbrian: Contact-induced change in an Endangered Language" chaired by Dianne Jonas
- Research funded by the Rhea Plunkett Wagster Award, courtesy of the Yale Summer Traveling Fellowships Committee


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Contact Information

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