Workshop Organizers

(in alphabetical order)

Michael Linschulte

University of Paderborn

Michael Linschulte is a PhD student and research assistant at University of Paderborn where he studied Business Computing Systems before. His research interests include analysis and testing of web applications as well as web services by means of model-based testing. Further, he is interested in test automation, software reliability and fault tolerance. Visit Michael Linschulte's web page for publications.
Tugkan Tuglular

Izmir Institute of Technology

Tugkan completed his PhD in information security policies at Ege University(Turkey) in 1999. During his PhD, he worked as a research associate at Purdue University (USA) in the COAST Laboratory (currently CERIAS) for 16 months. After a brief period as a teaching associate at Ege University, he became assistant professor at the Izmir Institute of Technology (Turkey) in 2000. He was the CIO of the Izmir Institute of Technology from 2003 until 2007. He has in­terest and experience in information/network security and specifically in model-based testing and test auto­mation of security software. Visit Tugkan Tuglular's web page for publications.