Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl will be held for the first time at the University of Central Florida on October 29, 2016.
UCF reflecting pond
UCF Reflection Pond (from UCF admissions website)

Some coaches have asked why the SEREB is being held earlier than normal in 2016. The reason is that it is not possible to hold the event on campus on a football game day. UCF has a football stadium and tailgating area very near the Global UCF building where the SEREB is to take place. For the 2016 season, the latest date available for the ethics bowl is October 29th. The SEREB is not really being held unusually early since in its early years, it was held at the end of October. 

About UCF and Some Information about Driving or Walking to Campus

The University of Central Florida is a major metropolitan research university with a student enrollment of over 63,000. It has regional campuses in several locations with the main campus in the northeast corner of Orlando.

The University's grounds are meticulously kept, and the organization of the campus is in concentric circles. The outer circle is constituted by Gemini Blvd, which goes all the way around the campus. Inner circles are not accessible by vehicle. In the center of campus are the John C. Hitt Library, the reflecting pond (in the picture above), and Millican Hall (the administration building).

UCF is big, beautiful, and busy everyday. Traffic during the week coming into campus is challenging. On the weekends, traffic is much lighter (except on football game days), and since the SEREB is being held on a non-football game day, you should find no traffic snarls at any time on campus on Saturday, October 29th.

While all three of the hotels that have reserved blocks of rooms for the SEREB are close to campus, and all within a reasonable walking distance to the main entrance on University Blvd, I recommend driving to campus if possible. There is no parking fee on Saturday. Please be sure NOT to park in any reserved spaces, spaces for service vehicles, or any specialized parking spaces reserved for the disabled UNLESS you have a valid parking pass issued by the state for that purpose. On the other hand, it is a nice walk and you will see lots of nice buildings and grounds on your trek through campus.

If you are walking to campus from your hotel, make sure you download a campus map from the SEREB Resources and Notes page above so that you don't get lost.

The Global UCF Building on Memory Mall:
All rounds of the competition for the 2016 Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl are held in this building. It is across Gemini Blvd from the CFE (UCF) Arena.

The final ranking of teams (top 5) at the SEREB on Saturday, 10/29/16, is the following:

Rollins College

Samford University

Barry University

Seton Hall University

University of North Florida

The final schedule is here.


UPDATE 09/11/16: The SEREB will use 12 cases only. Omit case #6, case #13 and case #14; include case #15. The cases to be used are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 15.

UPDATE 09/07/16: Cases are now available. Go to the SEREB Resources and Notes page or directly to APPE to download them.

Update: There are several people having problems with the APPE registration site. Here are some updates that I hope will make this process much easier.  

  1. Do this: Fill out the team form at http://appe.indiana.edu/index.php/download_file/view/3361/448/
  2. Then, if you don't have an individual or institutional membership, go to this link: https://appe.v2.aitapps-s.indiana.edu/APPE_eCommerce_V1_Online/SalesMembership
  3. Next, if you are paying by credit card, go here: https://appe.v2.aitapps-s.indiana.edu/APPE_eCommerce_V1_Online/SalesSpecialInterestGroup
  4. Finally, if you are paying by check, do this: If you prefer to pay by check or electronic transfer, please fill in the Regional Team Fee Form (in item 1 above) and email, fax or mail it to the APPE Offices (see contact information at the bottom of the page at http://appe.indiana.edu/ethics-bowl/2015-ieb-regional-list-and-information/.) They accept pdfs, scanned and faxed forms. Please, contact the APPE office for additional information regarding electronic transfer. Please, mail your checks with your form to the APPE office (see the APPE link immediately above in this paragraph).
  5. If you have already registered (or if you are registering now), please send me a copy of your registration receipt and registration form by e-mail to Nancy.Stanlick@ucf.edu or to sereb@ucf.edu.

The cost to register with APPE for the Southeast Regional Ethics Bowl is $200. The national fee is $100. Both of these are paid at the same time through the APPE registration. 

All official information regarding registration payments and fees are at the APPE site at http://appe.indiana.edu/ethics-bowl/2015-ieb-regional-list-and-information/ .

Update 09/01/16: Information regarding schools participating in more than one regional ethics bowl is in the Resources and Notes link above.

Update 09/01/16: Ethics Bowl Rule Changes for 2016-2017 are in the Resources and Notes link above.

Update 08/11/16: New information was posted today in the Resources and Notes link on restaurants in the local area for dinner Friday night and Saturday night for those who are staying Saturday night.

Update 07/18/16: Hotel information is available in the SEREB Resources and Notes link. You will also find directions to UCF, parking information, and lots more.

The APPE has completed the registration page for the SEREB. Remember that registration is different this year from previous years because the national organization is handling regional ethics bowl registrations.

If you need any information, send an e-mail to sereb@ucf.edu or directly to the SEREB organizer (Nancy.Stanlick@ucf.edu).