Hello everyone! I'm Mr. Lloyd and I teach biology here at Pine View. I love teaching and I'm proud to be a Panther.

Robert Collier said that "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." I couldn't agree more. Coming to this website to study for quizzes and tests is a small thing, but done consistently over time, I am confident that the time you spend here will benefit you on your journey to college and career success.

About Me
I studied biology at BYU and graduated in 2011. My wife majored in geology. We LOVE science! We often go to national parks where I teach her about animal and plant life and she teaches me about rock formations and geologic history.
In my spare time I enjoy playing the piano (especially Chopin), cooking, and playing video games. Despite going to BYU, I'm a huge fan of Utah football. I also love to read--especially anything by Brandon Sanderson.

My Teaching Philosophy
I believe that if you don't struggle, you don't improve. It's tempting to just move on when material is difficult to understand, but students who have the self-discipline to struggle with tough concepts, whether they feel like it or not, are those who flourish academically and build self-respect.

My goal as a teacher is simple: to prepare students for college. I am a huge believer in the benefits of college attendance. I take my responsibility to help students gain college-level study skills and reasoning abilities very seriously. 

That said, I believe teaching and learning should be fun! If you are bored in class or have any suggestions/concerns, TELL ME so I know where I need to refine my craft. I genuinely value student feedback. My email is james.lloyd@jordandistrict.org